Why Roberto Soldado is failing at Tottenham

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It’s fair to say at this point that No.9 from Spain isn’t producing for the lilywhites, and it’s practically the direct opposite right now. But few really stop to ponder why Mr. Soldado isn’t contributing, they just sit back and accept it as yet another failed signing from the infamous Gareth Bale shopping spree.

It’s true that the former Valencia man does have talent, and he does have a certain prolific goal-scoring ability, but to be quite honest this man is turning 30 next year, we should not be expecting him to be pulling goals out of his hindquarters like his name is Ibrahimovic. I mean, Zlatan Ibrahimovic would probably the ONLY player one would expect to score 30+ goals in his first year in the Premier League.

Roberto Soldado isn’t failing in England just because of poor form, we also put way too many expectations on him last season. Now obviously, when we spend 26 million pounds on any player we all have a tendency to get excited, but Roberto Soldado wasn’t and still isn’t worth 26 million. And you can bet that this man absolutely knows it.

So now you have a 28 year old striker (who is past his prime by the way, no one can build on a 26 goal tally in England) who is going up against the toughest defences in the world knowing that he is an extreme squandering of Tottenham’s money.

The man is trying of course, but frankly, I think he’s terrified. Terrified of not only the massive pressure that is on him and the other 2013 signings, but also of us, he must think that we despise him, and some of us definitely do, but that’s not the solution to the Roberto Soldado problem, So let’s try this as an ailment for Soldado’s woes; Maybe instead of putting immense expectations on him and spewing hatred into his ears, we just let him be.

How about we just let him work, and maybe bit by bit, the talented striker inside that scored 59 goals at Valencia will begin to come out. So please don’t mind Soldado for the moment, focus on the other creative and talented players we have at Tottenham, and when Roberto Soldado figures it out, I have a feeling we will be greatly rewarded.

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