A Rose by any other name

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I for one, am not too disappointed to hear that Danny Rose, according to reports in the press does, in fact, want to leave and play for Man Utd.

If a player is unhappy at any club, in his case the reason is purely financial, he thinks he should be paid a lot more than he’s getting, and he may well have a point.

However, I do feel that he has stabbed Pochettino in the back, as it was him who vastly improved the left-back’s game, turning him into one of the best wing-backs in the Premier League. Until Poch arrived, Danny Rose was very average, and couldn’t even cross a ball. So if this is Rose’s character, let him go, he will only disrupt the dressing room, and talk to the media about how hard done by he is at Tottenham. 

Daniel Levy will get as much as they can for him, with Man Utd and possibly Chelsea interested too,  that should help to increase the price to around £50m? So Spurs can invest in a replacement, with money left over, as in the case of Kyle Walker’s replacement Serge Aurier.  

In his defence, I will say that during all the games he played in, he always gave 100%, and helped the team achieve good results over the last couple of seasons. So good luck to him, if and when he goes, but Spurs will go marching on regardless.

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  1. Agreed. Let him go. The Sun interview unvailed his immaturity and true character. Pass his file to Levy and let him do his thing… Although I would like to see him leave the PL so he's not in the faces of other Spurs jabbering on about how right he was to leave.


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