Our Saviours, our Hope!

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Merry Christmas and best to you readers in the coming 2015, I had a great and blessed 2014 and I hope many of you did as well.

2014 has brought up some heartache, edge of the seat performances and some glorious players that honestly have saved us from several embarrassing performances; you all know very well who I am speaking about, Lloris our guardian angel and Eriksen, the last minute savior. If it wasn’t for these two, I think we will all be crying and praying to avoid relegation, we would be blasting Mr. Levy and Mauricio, We will be demanding for heads to be chopped, complete haul and to inject more money into the club~ of course I do think we could do without some players and more money~ but instead, we find our beloved Spurs a few points shy of top four finish.

Let’s look at Lloris, his heroics and reflexes show why he is a top class goalkeeper, not trying to bring De Gea or Neuer but to be honest we have one the world’s best if you ask me. Lloris has stepped in nicely as a captain, leads by example and gives us hope game in and out. He positions himself well on the pitch, I never have questioned him, except for that old game against Chelsea~ that’s in the past~ he always knows where to be, organizes his defense well and places them on the right spots on free kicks.

Today’s right hand against Man Utd to save that shot from young was a breathtaking moment, picture perfect, I felt my heart was going to come out, I jumped and celebrated as if we just had won the PL. he comes through when asked, he keeps us in games and by what I understand from other sources, he is very vocal during training and half times.

On the other hand we have Eriksen, who comes through at last minute, I get some nervous when we hit the 70th minute mark, I don’t know what to expect because either Spurs are on or off, we concede or equalize or get ahead… lately seems the last 20 minutes are ours for the taking and we come through, mostly thanks for a silly foul on the opponents end and Eriksen coming through~ I almost thought he had it today but De Gea was there to cover~ he saves us at the end no matter what, finds the space and puts the ball in the back of the net, Bentaleb and Mason have a great leader in front of them and I think this is going to help them continue to produce some great performances.

By no means I want to leave Kane and others to eat dirt, many have helped the team produce the results we’ve accomplished lately but these two deserve a lot of the credit.

My hopes are that the new year bring some help for Kane, clearly today showed why he needs a partner upfront, even though he created some goods chances, but help upfront is needed. Fazio and Vertonghen are coming around, in my eyes we may need a back up for Davies, he is our better left back than Rose and to be honest Ben deserves to start. On Right walker is our main man and if Dier gets back, he can fill nicely there. Lots to wish for but I feel we are finishing the first half on a good note and need to build on it for when we play Chelsea and make some smart transfers so we can continue to push for top four finish.

Happy New Years to all ~ COYS

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