Second season – or sensational season?

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Quite a few clubs have made an unexpected success of their first season in the Premier then collapsed to relegation in the second. Does the same problem hit managers? After saving us in his first season at the Lane, will Harry now do a Reading and take us down?

You could say, unlikely. You could be more positive and say, no way. The doom mongers will say he’ll be out by October and here we go again. But since Spurs fans are often accused of living in fantasy land, we might as well live up to that.

Why shouldn’t we replace the Arse in the top four? Harry is starting his second season but it feels as if Wenger is starting his twenty second, and man, is he in a rut. His mind set is fixed, he won’t spend big, and French/French speaking is always best. It doesn’t build a Premiership side, his players know that, and the camp is split several ways.

The contrast couldn’t be bigger. Harry likes to invest, he’ll take a chance on a player, with the big picture in mind. The good news is, he’s not the only one. The Chairman has made some moves that are at best ‘eccentric.’ But he can also be, in the best sense of the word, a ‘chancer’. Redknapp and Levy came together in an emergency situation but they could be the team that will make the difference. Chairman and manager have to be right together. They are and we certainly don’t need a ‘Director of Football’ getting in the way.

It’s a long road to August 31st and the end of the buying season, in many ways the one that will decide our season. We haven’t shown our hand at all, Will we make a ‘marquee’ Real Madrid type signing? Definitely not but we could get Van Nistelrooy who would make Robbie an even better player. A centre back hopefully, Distin from Portsmouth? Pav’s agent has made the classic ‘I was misunderstood’ statement, yes, yes, of course you were. What we don’t know for sure is if Harry rates him at all. Will big Tom stay or go, does he need to go if he’s ever going to make it? How big is the budget?

We don’t know. All we do know is it’s going to be a belter. Probably . . .

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