Do Spurs Already Have The Answer To Their Problems?

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Firstly, I must say that no one man will ever have the ability to answer all the problems our club has. It will take more than one player or manager to fix everything, but I do believe we already have an answer to some of our many problems. No, it is not Harry Kane, though I believe he can be the answer to our striking problem for many years to come. It isn’t Hugo Lloris or Christian Eriksen, in fact it isn’t even a player. It happens to be our head coach Mauricio Pochettino. Please, let me explain.

Our squad is filled to the brim with great, youthful talent, and we need someone to develop those players and give them a chance. Poch may very well be that man. If you look at what he did at his previous job, I think you will see why he is exactly what we need. Now, Pochettino cannot be given all the credit for developing the many young stars he did at Southampton, their youth academy and scouts should be given much credit as well. They are the ones who gave us Gareth Bale, which shows their eye for great talent. While at the club Poch gave many youngsters a chance, and made some others into stars, like Schneiderlin and Lallana. He took them and their young squad to a high finish in just one year with the club. His time at Southampton proves he has a great eye for youth, and is never afraid to give a newbie a chance. Just take a look at Kane, Bentaleb, Mason, and Dier-wolf for proof.

Pochettino might not be the answer we were looking for, but he does have the ability to make our club great. We are in a desperate need of someone who can develop our up and coming stars. As a club, I do not think we have the ability or the resources to try and buy ourselves a way to the top four, or a title like Man City or Man U. We will need to develop players to reach that top tier of football clubs. Is Pochettino going to be the man to lead us to the Promised Land (Top 4)? I don’t know, but I do know he is going to need more talent to work with if we are going to make it there. I think that it is going to take time to reach what we hope for, and we must be patient. Knowing all this, we should be hopeful and excited for what lies ahead. COYS!

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  1. Pochettino's time at Southampton 'proves' nothing – if his defenders/apologists argue that he can't be blamed for Spurs' obvious and numerous deficiencies because he's 'only' been in the job for just over one season, they can't give him the credit for Southampton's successful youth policy when he was only at St Mary's for very little longer. Like AVB before him, he's got an undeserved reputation based on relative success at a club already on the up, and like AVB he's now financially made for life, regardless of what he does, or fails to do, at WHL. Another star Levy appointment!

    • Yeah because he didn’t earn enough money as an Argentine internationally-capped defender. The idiocy of football fans never ceases to amaze me, but I feel disheartened when they’re spurs fans like me. Whether you agree with Poch or not, surely you don’t want to see us lose just to prove a point, do you?

  2. I dont think he is a good tactician, because he has eliminated our speedy attacking wingers, and he should encourage our midfielders to get the bal,l and turn and run at defenders, instead of the boring back pass to just keep possession. Also when you need to make substitutions bring on the young ones who are not scared to try something new and possibly make the occasional mistake.

  3. I agree with the above comments. Pochettino is over rated just like AVB was. Harry was the one and only who could bring sucess to the Lane. Bring him back!!!!

    • I hate this back passing thrill the players get and lack of effort (shots). Townsend would have been so much better than Lamela who is waste of space and adds to our fouls committed tally. However we should stick by the team …. having said that lose heavily to Leicester, maybe Harry will be back?

  4. A 'great' team needs to find a balance between bring youth up through the ranks who have the DNA of the club in their blood and buying the finished product players who are developed and experienced.

    This season however, we're clearly on a budget and so are relying on our youth. We're being a bit unrealistic with our expectations of what the likes of Del Alli and Pritchard can achieve in their first season in the PL. If we want to reach the top 6 and have a good cup run, as many Spurs fans would consider the minimum for a satisfactory season, then we're going to need All of N'jie, Pritch and Alli to have the sort of barnstorming seasons that Kane had last year. What's more, Kane has to score at least 2/3rds of the goals he scored last year.

    This isn't realistically going to happen, however much we want it to. Kane is woefully undersupported and our situation with wingers, or lack of is woeful. Townsend is out of favour and so a lot is riding on Pritch and N'Jie to step up big time. Lamela won't, I think, he looks like the pressure to perform and live up to his unfair price tag scares the shit out of him. Hope I'm proved wrong. COYS

  5. Harry was prepared to quit Spurs for the England managers job Mr Levy decided to give him a little push before he jumped.. A court case and a strange " bank Account " changed the FAs mind and Harry was out of a job. So why bring him back.

  6. You are giving too much credit to MP for giving youth a chance. Remember his refusal to start with Kane in the Premier League even though he was so prolific in Europa. Tim Sherwood was the one who gave Mason and Bentaleb the chances. Look at Bentaleb, he's obviously off-form but MP chose him over Alli. MP tends to put his blind faith in a couple of players.

  7. Why can’t fans be patient and supportive. To call yourselves supporters you truly lack the support. Spurs are 2 games into the season and looked fantastic for the majority of both games. Give it some time and allow Poch to find who will play where and allow some players to find their confidence and Spurs will be set for a good run of form. I do have to agree that lamela has been given enough chances to succeed and he should probably stay on the bench until cup games. COYS

  8. Looking at our side for the first two games, it looks like all the regular starters from last year, with the exception of the necessary change with Toby, are getting first bite of the cherry to perform. If this is a possibilty, one wonders how long Poch is giving them before making 1 or 2 or more subtle changes which could quickly become pernament for the EPL games. While we criticise the lack of a striker when Kane left the ground, another way two overcome a team who have upped their game is to introduce sheer pace with fresh legs and now we have Clinton and Yedlin in the side, that should be a consideration. I also think Alli has maturity and confidence beyond his years, can stand up to pressure situations and should be a starter as soon as. His problem being so young will come later towards the end of a long season when fatigue will set in, which means he must be managed carefully. I agree that Trippier should start as soon as possible as well, because he (and Alli) are noted for driving forward and putting ample (and good) crossses into the box. Likewise Pritchard should be introduced as a sub initially as soon as.


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