Only the sun can make the flower blossom 

Tottenham may have been called a lot of things down the years, ranging from the leagues greatest underachievers to just outright bottle jobs, but I ask you to now imagine us as more of a nourishing flower.

There’s no doubt the club is currently going through a period of rebuilding and remodeling, which is similar to a flower which has not yet or is not ready to blossom.

Just as a flower needs certain elements to grow, Tottenham are also yet to blossom into a club they strive to be, which will look to compete with the likes of United and Chelsea on a yearly basis.

Tottenham have spent the last two seasons, since Potch’s arrival, rebuilding the team and this summer they may have added the acquisition which can help this flower finally flourish.

On August 28th, Tottenham added the South Korean international Son Heung-Min to their ranks and since his arrival he has been a breath of fresh air to a club crying out for a striker to help with the Harry Kane burden.

Son has scored three in the five goals he has featured in so far, securing victory in each of the games he started and judging from what I have seen I am expecting a lot more from this recently turned 23 year old.

He has brought with him, not only a smile which is warming to see from a footballer, but also he has added that much needed flair and quality we have lacked since the departure of Bale. Now he is somewhat off the standard of the Welshman, but in terms of what our club has to offer, as well as many throughout Europe, he has the potential to become a club legend.

His style of play reminds me of another South Korean footballer who played in the premier league, who went by the name of Park Ji-Sung. He has the same tenacious attitude to hunt down the ball and keep running until his feet bleed but add in the ability to score goals and create chances through his skill and not just his running, it’s almost as if we have the Park 2.0.

I would definitely argue if Fergie was still in management he would have snapped this player up a lot sooner than we did and he is definitely a player we may have to fend interest from in future transfer windows.

Just as Lee Young-Pyo before him, Son has bought over the Korean invasion of fans and though this may be great Daniel Levy’s pocket, it’s also having an effect on everything around him. His presence and that of the fans he has brought with him, this sea of smiling happy faces, has become almost infectious and has started to bring the party atmosphere back to White Hart Lane, something we have missed in recent years.

This yearn to do better, because we expect better has taking the enjoyment from the stadium from times but after the 4-1 thrashing of City last weekend and 1-0 victory over Palace in the previous week, you can see the enjoyment and atmosphere returning and though some fans may lose some seats to tourism, I say long may the Son party continue. I do however draw the line at steak and dog pies being served at halftime.

He has certainly won over the fans with his performances so far and if he continues in the vein of form he is currently in, could he be the missing piece of to our jigsaw?

At the start of this article I compared Tottenham to a nourishing flower and just as the flower looks to the sun to grow, we now look to our own to do the same.

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