The Christmas period; up, up, down and then it ends on a good note

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Christmas period; up, up, down and then end on a good note.

It started on the 23rd December with a trip up to Liverpool and Goodison Park and ended with another way trip to Cardiff City (1st January).

The 23rd wasn’t a delightful day, weather-wise. It was persistently coming down, more so in Liverpool. I started my Journey at 8.30 am in the morning and got to Everton at 12pm. I managed to find a parking place near the stadium (15 minutes walk away), which cost £7 for all day parking.

I decided to hang around in the car for an hour because the rain was coming down in buckets. Then when it eased off, I made my way to Goodison Park. Got to the ground at about 2 pm, went in their shop and bought a programme and then to their Everton fun-fair day (for supporters). Got something to eat and drink and then watched a radio announcer call up two Spurs supporters and two Everton supporters, for a quiz. The Spurs supporters won it, and their prize was £25 to spend in the Everton shop. They – the Spurs supporters – didn’t want their winnings, so handed the £25 voucher to the little girl contestant and her father. They got a loud round of applause from the Everton crowd for their kind gesture. I then left the arena and found an Everton pub and bought myself a glass of wine.

Spied a few friends, chatted and then made my way into the stadium and witnessed a great performance and goal fest from our team (unexpected). We beat Everton 6-2, with Kane and Son getting two goals each. Alli and Eriksen got the other two. But it didn’t start off well as Walcott scored first and then overdid the war dance, to loud boos from our supporters. But 27 minutes later Son erased the smile of Walcott’s face, a smile that never returned for the rest of the match (that’ll teach the ex-Arsenal player). They did, however, get another token goal, but by then it was over, and Everton were humiliated at home.
A three and a half hour drive back home and to a good nights rest ( back again for Tranmere, in the FA Cup).

Then preparations for Christmas, gym, food shopping and then a trip to London (as I was staying there over Christmas, with my dog). Had a lot to drink and eat on Christmas Eve, opening the presents at midnight (a Polish/ European tradition), bed and then Christmas day, more food, drinks (various types) and eventually bed (again!). All that palaver for just one day, and it goes in a flash. Was it worth it?

Woke up on Boxing day morning (going to see Spurs is worth it!), breakfast and then left for Newbury Park (Hanna dropped me off), from there to Wembley. Met up with Martin, his dad, mum and Steve and then let into the Hospitality area at 12.30pm. Got our table, a bottle of wine between us all, food and then another bottle from Steve the Hospitality manager (thanks) and some more food. Two-thirty came, and we went to our seats.

What came next was another goal fest, which saw us beat Bournemouth 5-0 (goals from Kane, Eriksen, Moura and two from Son). We didn’t expect that so soon after the Everton game, but we were grateful for anything (more so, seeing as we needed to get our goal tally up). We left delighted, happy and in full spirits (and mince pies and Ice cream at half-time, as much/ or many as you wanted, no good for the waist-line though, but it is Boxing day!!!!).

From Wembley park to Liverpool street, then on to Newbury Park, where Hanna picked me up. After this match, I should have gone home, only for a little matter of visiting the new stadium the next day. So I stayed an extra day.

The 27th December; Hanna and I (as I was allowed to bring a guest) got a taxi to Newbury Park, Liverpool street and then to White Hart Lane.

Had a magnificent time at the new stadium (a previous article has been written on my visit to the new stadium, so I won’t bore you again).

When I got back to Goodmayes, had something to eat and then got home at 8.30pm. A couple of days later and Saturday was here. Yes, another goal tally we hoped for, and this time our opponents were Wolves, a team we had already beaten at their ground 3-2, so we were confident that we could do the double over them. But things never turn out as one expects.

That Saturday we were full of confidence, we had already scored 11 goals from two games. So, what will the goal count be this time? The first half we showed our superiority and left the pitch at half-time 1-0 up. That goal was scored by Kane, and what a magnificent goal it was. But the greatest plans can go up the shoot, down the pip and we end up covered in shite. Yes, Wolves pulled off a surprise turnaround and ended up beating us 3-1. We certainly didn’t expect that. We all marched back to the hospitality lounge feeling stunned and a little pissed. Let us not linger (it does get better, I promise… but then again, you already know that!!!!)

We managed to get to the dizzy heights of 2nd, only for City to overtake us because of their win and our misfortune.

The New Year was approaching, and we should have been on cloud 9, but because of that little setback, we were feeling down. New Year’s Eve I overdid the sherbert, mixed my drinks and so many wonders came from my eyes (or brain) and the apparition (or would the correct word be ‘Spirits’?) floated in front of me, and I must have flown with them for a while (the miracles of drink can give you many gifts, including levitation).

The next day came – and no after consequences – and I made my way – by car – to Lee Valley, Edmonton and got a Spurs coach to Cardiff (10.15 am). Only cost £10. Martin was there before me (we sat next to each other). Chatted with like-minded fans, then we were off. A few stops on the way (one was Membury service station) for something to eat/ drink/ slash and then off again to Cardiff. Arrived about 4ish. Stayed on the coach, chatting, until an hour before KO and then we all made our way to the stadium.

I predicted a 4-0 win, as I was hoping that the Wolves humiliation was just a blip and not things to come.

The first half we were all over them and scored 3 goals (Kane, Eriksen and Son) and then the second half suddenly appeared and we took our foot off the accelerator (I suppose we/ they wanted to preserve themselves for things to come; such as Tranmere (tricky) and then Chelsea in the Semi-Finals of the league up).

Yes, we were relieved, as all Spurs supporters were and could go home, to bed feeling a lot better than we did on the previous Saturday. When we thought the devil’s dungeon had opened up and we were going to be dragged down into the area occupied by West Ham, Arsenal, United and all the other dregs of the Premier League… but it wasn’t to be (thank God!). We put ourselves back into second position in the Premier League where we will be ready to challenge for the title. In the meantime, Liverpool takes a trip to Manchester to face City and try to create an even wider gap between City and us.

On the other hand, if City should win, then this will open up the title race, but will also mean that City will leapfrog us into second. But we will only be two points behind them and six points behind Liverpool. Let’s go for a City win. Let us open up the Title race and put us back in the mix.

So that is my Christmas period account. What comes next, we’ll have to wait and see. But I believe anything is possible; the League title or one or two trophies. We have the ability, but as Pochettino says, we just need the “consistency”. Get that, and anything is possible.

Happy New Year!

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