Tottenham will have a good season… says Liverpool manager

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As Manuel would say, from Fawlty Towers, “I know that!” Of course, Klopp is not saying that at his expense, he just needs us to beat the other top challengers and then for us to fall down at the last hurdle so that Liverpool can snatch it at the final whistle. But if we got that far then we are in striking distance for ourselves and sod Klopp. It is all psychological one-upmanship on the part of the German.

With Manchester City and United stalling, it is all up in the air (from this point in time, but too early to call), but if we win on Monday, then that result will throw the cat amongst the pigeons. But like any wounded animal (United) when cornered, they will come out fighting with their claws fully extended. But we’ve learned a lot about ourselves in the last couple of years, and with no purchases, we have a more of a settled squad. Our starting eleven is one of the best in the world and on our day we can take on anybody and win (Real Madrid, Dortmund, United, Arsenal, Chelsea etc.), but that isn’t our problem. It is the teams we don’t count on that can do the most damage. Just look at WBA, they beat us and went down. Plus we had too many draws against the bottom teams. Yes, the threat to us seems to come from the bottom end (West Ham, Cardiff, Huddersfield, Fulham territory, I wanted to add Arsenal, but West Ham couldn’t even get that right and lost to them, pushing them up the ladder… damn! At least the Hammers are cementing themselves in, presumably thinking that if they prop up the league, it makes them the strongest!). We are good at holding our own against the top teams but struggle against the lower ones. What is that all about? We’ve got to change that mentality this season.

As I predicted in an earlier article, Arsenal won’t make the top four spot, and I also included Chelsea in that prediction. But with United losing to Brighton and if they lose to us I can see United taking Chelsea’s place. Of course, it is early days, but speculation is the sport of the wishful thinkers. What was it that Maynard Keynes (Economist) said, “When the facts change, I change my mind.” So, there will be a lot of changing between now and May.

Manchester City is the rabbit that the greyhounds are chasing. They are not infallible. I feel confident, as I have done most seasons, but this time around I see a more solid base, a great manager, all wrapped up in a good squad. What more do we need, apart from the results, the luck of the green (or Irish) and anything else we can grasp. Actually, I think if we had all that then we’ve near enough won every trophy going. Writing that was the easy part. Now all I need is to transfer that enthusiasm and bluster to the team and, hey! Bob’s your Uncle and Fanny’s your aunt. Oh, and call me the Oracle!

Oh, my prediction for the United game! United 1 Spurs 3. If I get that right then just maybe I might rename myself the Oracle, if not, back to the drawing board and revisit my Uncle and aunt Bob and Fanny. I am not sure about Bob, but you can always rely on… anyway, until we meet again let us get behind the team. You know we can do it… we are the Spurs. COYS!

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