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Well, I would like to start with Kyle Walker. I don’t think Kyle Walker is a massive problem for us he has all the good attributes of a modern day full back. He’s quick, strong, has a great shot every so often proved that against Arsenal and he is a also pretty decent in the air. My concern with Kyle Walker is the diagonal ball over the top, he always looks like he can not anticipate this for some reason and we have conceded a few goals because of this I do feel Walker is improving though as he used to be a striker until he was 17/ 18 and has only really been a right-back for 4 to 5 years. I would stick with Walker with Naughton on as cover is not a bad problem to have if Naughton is happy to be a squad player.


Now, I thought last year one of the big mistakes AVB made was sending BAE to QPR.  We all know that you will not get on with everybody at your work place and AVB didn’t realise this. He showed this at Chelski as we’ll with trying to get rid of Terry and Lampard but BAE in my opinion has been the most consistent lb I have seen at spurs and I have had a season ticket since 1998 and have seen some as Paolo Tramezzani, Mauricio Tarrico, Lee Young-yo the right footed LB which let’s face it never works out and the Brazillian with his socks down he’s ankles Gilberto I think BAE is a good left back he may not be the long term solution but for a year or two I don’t think we could go wrong he’s decent in the air great left foot ok makes the odd mistake but who doesn’t but he loves the club and the big matches we have one he was usually playing.

Danny Rose, I think this lad is a good tackler but I don’t think he has the concentration levels needed I would sell him as he a decent player for a Sunderland or hull but not Spurs I like how Danny tackles but doesn’t do much else good runner but very poor delivery and doesn’t look like he really wants to get back and defend in any hurry so I would use BAE for a season or two and purchase Swansea’s Ben Davis as to be honest he is in our price range and has potential and could learn of BAE and we can’t afford the £20mil needed to spend on a left back.


Lamela is the one for me to be honest and he will come good remember our guy bale didn’t win a game for 25 then he exploded helped us beat Arsenalol and Chelsea in 3 days and into the champions league then another great 3 years then by bye for £86 million I feel Lamela could be our new hero down the Lane he has had an unlucky first season with injury and form but think the POCH will use him correctly and get him into form. Lennon seems happy to pick up he’s wages as have a good game one in ten we know what Lennon can do but it’s becoming more and more rarer if we could get £10 million for him I would take it and use Andros as cover for the LM and RM as he is just a poor mans Robben and very predictable from what I saw last season but does show heart but I fear has been found out I hope he proves me wrong and I would give him a season to prove me that


Now we used a lot of players in this position last year Eriksen who in my eye is world class and POCH will him with he’s tracking and defensive duties but he should be in the middle and and we should build our team around him. we use Gylfi Sigurdsson who a decent squad player but looks to be going to the Swans then Chadli who has small glimpses maybe should be given another season But my choice would be Yevhen Konoplyanka I have seen him play about four times now and he looks dangerous terrorising whoever is in his path and I think would hook up well with BAE

So, the team I would like to see next year would be and get these flanks firing again like we did with Harry would be:-


Walker  Caulker Vertonghen BAE

Dembele   Sandro

Lamela   Eriksen     Konoplyanka


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  1. Yes and I would love to win the Jackpot on the Lottery. Be real, BAE was rubbish for QPR, and head butted his team mate at the WC. Agree re: Rose although MP may improve his defensive qualities. I wouldn't have Caulker back, he cut the ties from THFC, so be it. Sandro needs to prove his fitness as does Kaboul. Both should go if their fitness is in doubt. We suffered last season from long term and recurring injuries from many players and don't have the large squad of quality players like Chelski and Man city. We need a decent LB, maybe Davies will prove to be that player, a back up GK,, cover at CB and LW/AM.

  2. I'm not too keen on Lukaku myself and would be happier with Hernandez, Bony or Remy. I think all three are better than Lukaku and about half the price.

    I agree about BAE, although Ben Davis seems to be going through. I'd like to see more usage of our youth, with the likes of Frediricks, Coulibay, Carroll etc.

    I would take Caulker back in a heart beat, however Toby Alderweireld is a great Centre half but also comfortable as a RB, which means we could offload both Dawson and Naughton.

    One thing I whole heartily agree on is Yevhen Konoplyanka.. He is pure class and would fit into our team perfectly. He's experience in Europe and reckon we could land him for 12-15mil.. Will we though? – Of course we won't. We'l overspend on some new "hot shot" and it will fall apart yet again.. Come on Levy/Baldini.. Lets get this right once and for all!!!!

  3. Like the line up and agree with the comments other than BAE (he's an absolute liability – and has underlined that this season in the championship…my best mate is a QPR season ticket holder and said he is even worse than he was at Spurs) – the fact he's been more consistent than some of our other recent left backs just shows how much of a problem position it is for us. Sign Davies and put him straight in; Zeki Fryers as back up.

    The other one I'm not sure on – like Marco above – is Lukaku. I'm starting to think he's more of a counter attacker than a player that is able to hold up the ball. Everton and West Brom were set up to his advantage; Belgium have not been in this World Cup and he's been poor. He'd also be expensive. So I'd personally go for Bony or Remy as well. Other than that, like the team – either Konoplyanka or Depay left wing for me.

  4. It isn't an issue just at Tottenham, I can't name anyone in world football who is any good in this hideously named Wing Back Role,

    Alves is supposed to be the darling of this position and if you watch him he seldom times a tackle well, his distribution is awful and his positional sense is dreadful, he can however shoot well and cross a ball, Glen Johnson is dog shit, Walker is Fucking useless for much the same reasons as Alves, and this month we all saw that Leighton Baines is a pile of shit too who ball watches and dives in.

    Call me old school but I haven't seen anyone remotely close to the levels of Gary Neville since he retired, what happened to the days of Paul Parker, Stuart Pearce, Kenny Sansom, etc.. as for Spurs bloody hell we used to produce Full Backs for fun.. now I am not being funny but what the hell did Phil Ifil do wrong ? one minute we appear to have a good young kid at the club and then we have toilet like now, very sad indeed for a club that has Nicholson, Ramsey, Perryman, Kinnear, Knowles, Hughton, and co in our history. I never thought I would say this but even Mitchell Thomas would look good in our side !!!! and as the big Black Lady who stood near me in the Paxton used to shout "Come On Mitchell" "you is Fucking useless Boi" .. she was not wrong !

  5. Lukaku is only good when given time and space where he can use his pace and power. However, when we play most sides, they tend to sit back and soak the pressure. Lukaku is terrible with his back to the goal and yesterday's 2-1 win over the USA just showed that. He entered the game when everyone else was tired and was allowed acres of space and did the damage. However, in the group games, where Belgium monopolized possession he barely got a touch and was dropped by Wilmots. Bony is a similar case and spending 20m for either of them isn't particularly good business. That said, there is a very good target man who has always been amongst the goals who is set to leave Bayern Munich- yes Mario Mandzukic. He will cost around 25m, but it's totally worth it. He holds the ball up perfectly to allow the likes of Eriksen to get involved and put a decent ball in the box and he'll get on the end of it. He's also won the UCL with Bayern and the teams he's being linked with are Inter and Wolfsburg cannot offer him UCL football either and he seems to be inclined to a move. Why not allow him a chance to play in the PL? Defensively, keeping Lloris is priority. He's by far the best goalkeeper we can hope to have and he suits the tactics Poch will want to use. That said, if Lloris demands a move and he must leave, there are several quality goalkeepers available and while it would definitely make us a worse team, it won’t be the end of the world. In defence, I'm quite happy with our right backs, Walker is a very good player and has terrific pace essential to any high line, and gets forward well like Poch's full backs at Soton. Naughton when played at right back as seen towards the end of last season, is actually a pretty decent player and a good back up option. LB is our biggest problem. Personally, I'd let BAE go and if an offer in excess of 5m comes in, Rose should be sold too. It looks like we are set to sign Davies for 8m which is terrific business. However, if Swansea asks for more, we should pull the plug on the deal. The thing I like about Ben Davies is that he is first a defender, and a pretty able one and then an attacker, essentially what being a full back is all about. At 21, he is still young, and as far as quality goes, I see him as good as Shaw who joined Utd. for 30m. Poch worked wonders with his full backs Shaw in particular and Chambers and Clyne to a certain extent and i expect him to do the same again. However, if Swansea ask for more than 8m, we might as well look at Wolfburg's Ricardo Rodriguez who is one of the best LB's in world football today, or Daley Blind of Ajax- who gave us 2 of our best players- Eriksen and Vertonghen recently. Problem with Blind is that he's starting to play the Lahm style midfield role, so should we sign him, we'd probably need another LB, and I think Rojo could be the man for the job especially as he can play at CB as well. At CB, Vertonghen is a guaranteed starter and Chiriches will get several games too, however, both aren't the best aerially, so we will need another CB who will start most games. Lovren albeit usually featuring on the left side of centre half, dedicated to our SuperJan, would be a terrific signing. Poch knows him, and Lovren knows what Poch demands from his players. A CB pairing of Lovren and Jan would be terrific especially with Vlad there to cover should there be injuries and to play in cup and EL games and trust me we WILL have injuries. Other options are injured H.Moreno, Astori and Alderweireld. Kaboul should be sold, he isn’t the best defender and seems to be becoming worse by the game, he's the sort of defender who will look world class given his attributes(pace, power, height, tackling). That said, against a half decent striker who runs in behind he will look like a clown. Apparently Hull has offered 5m for captain Dawson, which is an offer we should probably accept. Dawson is a good defender against sides below the top 6, but he can’t deal with pacey strikers who run in behind. I love him, he's a terrific leader, always gives 100 %, but like Parker, it's probably time to say goodbye although I will miss him as much as I miss Bale, Luka, VDV and Ledley i.e. a lot. Rojo will be able to cover CB so that shouldn't be a problem especially as Kaboul was almost always injured. Fryers can get a PL loan too like Carroll, Pritchard and a couple of other young, impressive players. Dawson leaving would strip us off leadership, personally I'd make Hugo captain and Jan VC. To compensate for the loss of experience, we should definitely look at rumoured target and free agent Cambiasso who has won just about everything there is to win. As his performances for Inter last season suggests, he's still got it and will be a terrific mentor for likes of Nabil, Etienne and Mousa. He's a winner and having a winner in the squad often makes all the difference. Part 1 see next comment

    • Probably the most inteligent and knowledgeable fan on here, absolutely spot on !!

      Lukaku is not at Chelsea for exactly the reasons you give, he cannot hold the ball up well enough back to goal, in fact he is awful at it, and with regards to us and the way teams drop off, I also think you can say it is why Zamora, Pavyluchenko and co have struggled, goalscorers will always score goals, but when Tottenham have been forced into playing with forwards back to goal only the big will look comfortable, a certain Adebayor, .. Lineker wouldn't have scored in our team, but I didn't see anyone moaning when Pavyluchenko showed his real qaulity when Bale broke down the left and fired in a cross for him to bury..

      Play with no decent wingers and you are left with a man like Torres who is lost, or indeed a man like Soldado !

      Cheers Pal, it appears 2 of us know what we are talking about on here !

  6. Our midfield is crowded, and given Sandro's misdemeanour regarding Sherwood, I'd happily let him go for anything in excess of 12m. I loved Sandro ever since he joined us, always a beast on the field, but he seems to be getting overconfident and he always said he wanted to play in the Serie A. Anyway, I feel Capoue is a better player and a more complete defensive midfielder and given the chance, he will prove it once and for all, he was very good for Toulouse and started well for us until injuries derailed him. The one thing we've lacked in the last two seasons is a Luka Modric, and we most definitely have to try to get one in. Paulinho is a good player as his frequent selection for the selecao suggests, but to be fair, he's a square peg in a round hole. If someone is willing to pay over 15m, we should sell him and look at a Modric replacement. Pjanic is my favourite option, and we'll probably be looking at a hefty price tag to sign him especially as he just signed a new deal. However, I believe, like Lamela he is a Baldini signing for Roma so I'm not giving up hope yet. Strootman is another option I like, but like Pjanic will he leave Roma (a CL club with a fair few CMs) for a non-CL club? His injury is also a bit of a problem. For me, get a Modric replacement, and we will probably be back in the CL by this time next year if all fails, we should try Siggy or Holtby deeper. A lot of people want Eriksen back in the middle, but while I feel eventually his future will be central, why move him from the left if he was so prolific for us towards the end of last season from the left. Playing him on the left, allows him a bit more space especially if he is given the license to roam like Silva for ManC. Opposition teams are more worried about our natural playmaker that Eriksen can reek havoc all over the final third. He's a clever player and will cause overloads in positions to cause the opposition problems and he also runs a lot. He could play the sort of role Lallana played for Soton last season. I feel it's time to let Azza go, every season he offers the same 2-3 goals and 4-5 assists while helping back defensively. I like Azza, but he really signifies us. Threatening to be world class, but always a letdown. The position on the right should be entrusted completely to Lamela who I am confident will shine. We have plenty of evidence that he is a world class talent and has scored 15 goals in a top league, he was slow to get started at Roma too, and after all, Bale was slow to get started for us too. Under Pochettino's guidance and just having fellow Argentines in Poch, the staff and possibly cambiasso will do him a world of good. He is seemingly settling into life in London and has been training with River Plate so don’t be surprised if he Real Madrid make 50-60m offers for him next summer. I love Gylfi and Holtby, always give their all, and Chadli is pretty hardworking too. Holtby, Siggy along with Kane, Nabil(who I think will do very well next season and was unfairly criticised last season) are often training after hours, and I can see them reaping the benefits and Poch with his intense training methods and Bielsa schooled tactics will get the best out of these hardworking, and technically gifted, yet underperforming players. At striker, as I said, i don’t want Bony or Lukaku, Ade is far better than them when playing. However, as we don’t know which Ade we'll get, it would be prudent to sign another striker. If Soldado is sold (for no less than 15m) then we should look at Mandzukic, otherwise, Remy is good JDish, cheap option. On the left wing, had Jay Rod not been injured I would've liked us to chase him, but Konoplyanka with his 8m foreign release clause looks like a bargain to be honest. Assuming we get like 20m to spend net(we had like a negative 10 last season) then our business should ideally look like this:- Part 2 see last part in next comment

  7. Out:
    BAE- 2-3m ; Rose 5-6m; Daws- 5m; Kab 2-3m ; Sandro 10-15m, Paulinho-15-20m; Lennon 8-10m; Soldado -15m. Livermore sold 8m
    All prices are what I think we can realistically get and add up to like 75m if my maths is correct allowing us to spend like 90m
    In: Blind 12m/Davies 8m, Rojo6-8m; Lovren 10 -15m; Cambiasso- free; Pjanic/Moutinho/insert Modric replacement 20- 35m (depending on quality), Mandzukic- 25m (Or Remy (8m) if Modric replacement is 35m) and Konoplyanka(8m).
    Again, if my maths is correct, it should just fit in.
    I put in moutinho because Monaco's divorced owner was stripped off half his wealth and depending upon James and Falcao's future, may be possibility.
    My starting XI would look like:
    Walker Lovren Superjan Blind/Davies
    Pjanic/ insert luka replacement Dembele
    Lamela Eriksen (free role)
    Ade/ Mandzukic
    I see that as more than good enough for 4th or better and it's within our reach. We have EL and cup games plus there will be injuries to us majority of the squad. Holtby or Siggy could perhaps be tested in the Modric role
    – Sharky
    – Follow me on Twitter (@Belgian_Hotspur)
    – P.S Love this website
    Part 3 Last Comment


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