Tottenham’s Pre-season Transfers – Needed

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The transfer window is in full swing, and for once, Spurs are ahead of the curve. Wanyama, and Janssen, have filled two important holes in midfield, and attack. And with Georges-Kevin Nkoudou on the way to White Hart Lane as well (as reported by The Independent), it seems that all that is left for Spurs is to sell some of the deadwood, make sure that all the new players are well integrated into the sqaud, and have bought into Pochettino’s vision for the club. This is especially true for both Janssen and Wanyama, as they will in all probability play the first game of the season. However, do Spurs need any other signings, or is this current team ready for Champions League football?

A replacement for Toby Alderweireld is needed. Right now, we have Dier, but it is always better to have a direct replacement for him. Cameron Carter-Vickers has been earmarked for the future, but may not be ready right now(Although with Pochettino, one can never be sure.) The bigger question is if we need another central midfielder, a cover for Moussa Dembele. Wanyama is a great CDM, but he will not get forward as Dembele can. Ryan Mason is nowhere near as able, and nor is Tom Carroll. Personally, I feel that Christian Erikson will be a really good fit in this position. I know he can’t defend, but is great at unlocking defences with through balls, and long balls. All he needs is time on the ball, and players who make runs behind(cue Dele Alli). It is a situation much like Santi Cazarola at Arsenal , and we all know how well that turned out. It will also mean that a proper winger can take Erikson’s position, maybe Chadli, or Son Hueng Min. Even Pritchard may get a chance at playing in Erikson’s position. However, this solution may not work, or may not be in Pochettino’s plan, so he may be looking for another player.

I’m shocked that no team has enquired over Idriss Gana Gueye. He was one of Aston Villa’s best player, and made the second most tackles, and interceptions last season. He may not be great fit for Spurs now, but I wish that they had at least considered him before moving for Wanyama.
For once, this has been a great pre-season. It seems that no player wants to leave, so Tottenham fans are not too worried about their best players being poached from better (richer) teams. I guess that Pochettino must be given credit for that. He seems to have great man-management skills, and has made this team into one big family. Meanwhile,he, Levy, and Paul Mitchell have moved swiftly to plug in gaps in the squad, and are making sure that the club is ready for a much sterner season ahead.

Looking to the immediate future, Spurs play Juventus and Atletico Madrid in the International Champion’s Cup – Melbourne Leg. With eleven untried players, it will be interesting to see if there are any stars in the making in this squad. It seems that every season, our manager unearths at least two new gems from the academy. I do hope that that’s the case this season as well.

The Tottenham players who played in the Euros need ample rest before they get back to training.. Maybe the likes of Kane, and Alli will not play the first match, but you can be sure that Alderweireld, Wimmer, Walker and Dier will start. So lets hope that these guys are sufficiently rested, and ready for the new season.

Lastly, it seems that it is the end of the road with Clinton N’Jie. He is really close to making a move back to France (albeit on loan). Its sad, as I feel that he was never given a proper chance. But maybe, he just wasn’t working hard enough, or didn’t have the right attitude. For Pochettino, that’s much worse that a few bad performances. Either way, its unlikely he will be seen in a Spurs shirt anytime soon.

As a Spurs fan, I feel that all is going according to plan. Can’t wait for the first game on August 13. Here’s hoping to a great new season.

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  1. You think a replacement for Toby is needed – what does Poch think? I don't know how many times it has been said – Poch likes a small squad and versatile players. So what would best fit a small squad with versatile players?

    Dier can, if an injury did put Toby out, return to centre-half, and Wanyama can cover for him – pretty damned good cover, if you ask me! Or Wanyama, himself, can play centre-half with Dier retaining his midfield role. If this putative injury occurred after Jan's return Wimmer could cover. Ben Davies' can play centre-half. And CCV is training with the first team squad – if Poch thinks he is ready he'll use him. See, versatile players providing options without increasing the size of the small squad – and that's what and why Poch has said he wants.

    Alternatively, we could go out and buy cover for Toby, adding to the wage bill. And maybe Toby never gets injured. Maybe this player never gets game time. Maybe he consequently creates a bad atmosphere. Because, y'know, that is exactly why Poch wants a small squad with versatile players – because team-spirit is so important and something he has built into this squad.

    So, never mind what fretting fans meeting trouble halfway want, what does Poch want?

    P.s. Didn't read any further because I've read the exact same thing on several sites and it is starting to annoy me. If Poch thinks it is a problem he will do something about it. If not, he won't.

    • What like last season, where we relied solely on about 11/12 players. When they lost form, suspended or were injured we fell apart.
      Our squad is no where near good enough for a successful season, we need to invest in some quality instead of just relying on potential


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