A walk on the dark side?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Go on, admit it.

Since the Moneybags took over Chelsea and the blue side of Manchester, we’ve all cast envious glances and quietly seethed as one money is no object transfer followed another. We buy Ryan Nelson, City buy Sergio Aguero. Are we jealous. You bet we are.

Now we are well aware of the depth of feelings that Daniel Levy’s tight control of the purse strings generates amongst Spurs fans. With the income generated at WHL, we can’t compete with either the transfer fees or the wages on offer from the ‘Top 4’, and until WHL Mark 2 opens with its 60,000 capacity, we can only dream.

Or maybe not…..

Now, its highly unlikely that Levy would give up Spurs before the new ground is open, but what if somebody made ENIC an offer that just could not be refused ?

In recent years, we had had rumours that a Kuwaiti syndicate was about to buy the club, also some dude who owns an NFL franchise. There have been other rumours, but nothing concrete.

Its no secret that a high percentage of Spurs fans would like to see the back of Daniel Levy. But would it not be a case of the Devil you know is better than another Roman Abramovich taking over ?.

Look at the pond life that have followed Chelsea since the Russian took over. Chelsea only started in 2003 for many of them. Prior to that, and to quote our own Keith Burkinshaw in a slightly different context ‘There used to be a football club in there’.

Would the same thing happen in Tottenham under new ownership or is N17 too far into the jungle for the South of the River brigade who presently turn up at Stamford Bridge and ask ‘who are we playing today ?’ Do we want the same type of fan at our club ?

On the plus side we could attract the type of players we can’t or won’t afford at the moment The minus is we lose some of the identity built up over a long number of years and probably a lot of the noise on match day. There is more atmosphere on the moon than at Stamford Bridge.

Levy is obviously playing a delicate balancing act at the moment, trying to fund new arrivals, get rid of the deadwood and get the funding in place for the new ground without getting a call from the Bank Manager.

So, do we want a megabucks owner to take over our club are are we happy to let Daniel Levy fulfill his dream of the new stadium ?

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  1. The atmosphere has been dire for ages at WHL, apart from a few games a year against the 'a listers'. Against Everton in the cup last year I was told to sit down whilst straining to watch a corner by some codger behind me. I live in South London and make the long schlep regularly to be rewarded by such 'passion'. Part of the problem at Spurs is the lack of will to get behind the team; I don't think it would change if we got a sugar daddy.

  2. Nice to read such an intelligent article, just a shame it highlights the dilemma we face. To compete you have to become (more of) a comodity and less a football club in the sporting sense of the word.
    Unfortunately it feels like neither option is very nice.
    Depressed myslef writing this!!! COYS?

  3. We need a new megabucks owners that want to INVEST and we desperately need rid of our current owners (Joe 'megabucks' Lewis and ENIC + Chairman Levy needs to go) as they are only really interested is making money out of us hard pressed loyal fans.
    The financial balancing act at Spurs is far too risk adverse in recent years and it has cost us in many ways including extra CL revenue etc. In my opinion we are falling further and further behind on our rivals. We need owners of REAL AMBITION!

      • Even after how many years at Chelsea, if the Roman were to leave right now (I don't know, assassinated by a Putin stooge, for instance) what would Chelsea have to sustain them. They still don't have a new stadium. They still don't have the global fan-base. They have a team full of players they couldn't afford to pay. Therefore, they would very, very quickly drop back down in level. Much the same is true of Citeh. Spurs, on the other hand, because everything has been built organically and are run solely on revenues generated, the current steady, though not as fast as some folk demand, growth would continue.

        I don't know why it is so dificult for so many fans to understand. Most of Lewis money is tied up in assets. he doesn't literally have a couple of billion in notes stashed under his bed. Further – have you ever played brag? Lewis has about a sixth of the wealth that The Roman has, and about a twentieth of the Sheikh's wealth. If it was brag they would just bluff him to bankruptcy blind on the first hand. In terms of transfers, they would just put up the amount they were prepared to pay (without any accountability) and Lewis would spend all of his less money just to maintain the gap.

        Also, it's not entirely true that he hasn't spent any money. he just hasn't spend obscene amounts of money distorting the transfer market in order to buy trophies.

        Personally happier that what is left after ENIC leave is sustainable.

  4. The Levy/ENIC out brigade should remember, that for every Abramovic or Sheik Mansour, there are multiple Mike Ashley's and Carson Yeoung's out there as well. When ENIC hand over the reigns, there are no guarantees that the next owner will be an improvement…


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