What an evening in the cup


I arrived early on the coach and made my way with the Spurs entourage to our allocated places, then I made my way to the official hospitality lounge and chatted with various dignitaries and then did what I was paid to do.

As I wasn’t driving, I could have a few drinks, which could be dangerous when you’ve got a long night ahead of you, but then again I always know my limits (unlike some I’ve witnessed).

It was clear, and always has been, that this sort of match (unwanted League Cup game) wasn’t a high priority, it was used by many teams as an exercise for fringe players. Clubs like United, City, Chelsea etc., use it as a warm-up practice. But that didn’t mean that those players out there weren’t going for it, they were.

So here we were on a mild September’s evening, at a different home location, waiting to get revenge on those that had humiliated us in the league a few weeks earlier.

With the changes that Watford made it was evident that their thoughts of this competition were like most managers thoughts from the Premier League, “who gives a shit!”. Nevermind, we were of the same mind so that sort of equalised things out a bit. But that didn’t stop both teams having high expectations. In the second half – the first was of no great significance – Watford got their goal to send their supporters into raptures. The way they behaved, obviously they thought their one goal was enough to get their second humiliation over us. But we quickly equalised and then went one better. Now who is laughing… Our gestures went up towards the Watford end, and we were smug. That is until a few minutes before the final whistle went, up popped Spurs Oldboy Capoue to level. That’ll teach us to get too cocky.

As I was near the dugout, you could see that the coaching staff were furious. This wasn’t how the script was supposed to be. Even with all our changes, we were expected to win (of course we were!). As that famous old Spurs player once said, “you’ve won it once, now go back out there and win it again.” This time with penalties. And what did we do? Yes, we kicked butt and won a penalty shootout 4-2. That pissed off Watford… Of course, if we hadn’t achieved that, then we would have ended up with egg firmly on our faces.

So, that is that…

Watford supporters walked back to their transporters annoyed and angry, while we went back to our carriages feeling lucky and hopefully lessons learnt (no chance, especially in this competition). Spurs have bigger fish to fry. We are too big for piddly-shit.

So, this week is over (League Cup wise), the competition that saw Chelsea triumph over Liverpool, while Arsenal, West Ham, City… no, not United, went through. Their/ our fate for the next round will be decided on 29th September, Saturday at 9pm. Make sure you are tuned in to another exciting instalment of the league cup draw that no top Premier league manager gives a shit about.

Let us hope we get an average (or weaker) low league team so that we can beat, with all the changes that Pochettino will make for a competition he doesn’t rate highly. Of course, if we get to the final or semi-final then things might change and we might see this competition – only chance of winning something – in a different light. By then we should be in our new stadium with a possibility of a bit of silverware to help light up this stadium.

Aren’t we happy we are Spurs supporters, with everything that has been thrown at us? Shit sticks, but not if you are Teflon Spurs.

Now that home game at Milton Keynes is over our next match is away – a bit like our home/ away game at Milton Keynes – to Huddersfield. Confused…? You are a Spurs supporter and more confusion is ahead for us… at least for this season… but then again why settle for one difficulty when you can have years of it. What is next Daniel and Mauricio? (oh, really… that far up one’s jacksie!!).

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