Why Daniel Levy needs to appoint a top manager, and fast

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Recent events at the Lane have provided a reality check for Daniel Levy, Tim Sherwood and Spurs. The short term appointment of Tim Sherwood looks more short term each day. Whilst Sherwood’s passion and effort cannot be doubted, it’s clear he lacks the required experience we need.

Sherwood himself points to the Liverpool experience of appointing and sticking with Brendan Rogers after a mediocre first season. After finishing 7th last term the benefits are there for all to see. Liverpool now has a manager that is getting a great sum from the team than the parts combined. This is what Spurs needs to do urgently. This is what Spurs have failed to do for most years other than managers Jol and Redknapp

It’s urgent for a several reasons:

1 – The appointment of a top class manager could persuade key players to stay. After the high volume of players coming and going last season, most pundits recommend a more settled approach next year, bringing a smaller number of new players into the club. If we can’t keep our best players we could find ourselves overhauling the squad yet again

2 – We could lose top management targets. Remember Ancelotti? For months he was almost nailed on to take over from Harry, even referring to the Spurs role as one he’d welcome. What happens? The Harry saga dragged on. Ancelotti goes to PSG and we get AVB. This time round it could happen again with Manchester United – Moyes has to be in danger and if he leaves surely Old Trafford would be a greater draw for Top Managers like Van Gaal. This time let’s not mess about, let’s get Van Gaal now.

3 – The core foundations at Spurs are still solid. Despite all the turmoil we are on the same points total at this stage of the season under Harry 2 years ago and only 1 less than AVB last year. With a fairly easy last 8 games we can still finish with 70+ points. OK that’s not top four, but we are still close to the mix

4- Finances – Despite all the current discussion around the £100+ spent we finished the transfer windows with a healthy profit, the Defoe sale extended a transfer surplus to around £15-20m. Combine this with player sales that wouldn’t affect the core team – Holtby, Livermore, Capoue, Chadli and we could start the season with a surplus of £45-50m. If we sell 1 or 2 others and Levy adds to the Pot is very likely a new manager could have £60m to spend on 3 key players to strengthen us.

While not breaking into the top 4 – Under ENIC, Spurs have had their best run of league finishes in 25 years:

For those haters out there, have a good look at this graph before you slaughter the Club too much, all this rubbish spouted by self-promoting morons like Harry Hotspur doesn’t stand up when you look at the facts.

Levy’s policies are well known. We lack the financial muscle to compete with City, Chelsea, PSG, Real etc. so we have to buy younger players and develop them. A policy which has driven the club forward overall but a process which has bled over into manager selection with disastrous results. 8 managers (not including temporaries) during ENIC’s reign. Constant change, not good.

Sherwood, I hope will steer us to the end of the season and do himself credit. Using the experience to put himself in the shop window, the better we do the better next job he can get. His decision not to offer himself as a number two does surprise me, after all why hasn’t he taken a senior role at a smaller club before? We know he had offers. Surely it would be best for everyone for Levy to be open in his search, taking the pressure of Tim.

This is where we need to change approach. Time to go out and get the best possible coach we can and stick with them. In a top coach I don’t mean someone like Frank De Boer either. We have learned the hard way young promising managers successful in smaller leagues still provide risk, as do more experienced managers in better leagues – ie Juande Ramos. We need a manager that has won a major league in England, Spain, Germany or Italy.

It’s an unfortunate but true that our two most successful managers appointed in recent history were both crisis decisions – Jol and Redknapp. Each time we have sat down and planned it carefully – Hoddle, Santini, Ramos, and AVB its gone wrong. Time to change our approach.

From the outside Levy can appear to be the overriding personality at the club. Is that what you want from your Chairman? No I don’t think so. Levy needs to be brave and bring in a character just as big as he is and let him run the club while Levy can carry on doing what he does best – making money.  Let’s not miss the boat again. Van Gaal is clearly interested, Levy is a great negotiator, sorry Tim we can’t wait to see what might be we need to act now.

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  1. I agree totally there are too many haters we haven't done too badly over the last few years
    Not had the best of seasons but still doing ok get the manager sorted early and have a proper pre season

  2. I'd love him here but not a chance. The way we phaff about, Utd will sack Moyes and have LVG in place before we've typed his name on a bloody application form !!

  3. The should get Van Gaal's signature on the dotted line asap before the likes of Man Utd or some other top team decide that they want him. He has one of the best domestic track records. Get him to sign and back him all the way.

    • If Man Utd sack Moyes and they want Van Gaal, then Spurs don't stand a chance of getting him. He will go to Man Utd. They have over 3 times the revenue of Spurs.

  4. Good write , all for one harry had a football brain , and that’s all we ask , a manager with a footbal brain , moyes is going no where has he was hand picked bu sir fergien how ever we shud not drag our heels in appointing a top class manager ie the likes of van gaal , can u imagine the impact the impact this will have on our players , players that dream of playing for “bigger clubs” and in steps a man like van gaal a man that has been there , done that , which player will not follow or respect a man of this calibre.dream we can , however reailty we will leave in the hands of our money making machine , Mr Daniel levy

    • Spurs top players will always go to bigger clubs. All to do with money. Spurs can't afford £200k+ per week salaries.

  5. Sig…..what !!!! Ponce. HH is humorous and does post very enticing articles. He is also like the rest of us entitled to his opinion. The answers to our future is in Italy at the minute. A tactical wizard, proven experience in EPL, on the contrary, a CL winner and most recent a Europa as well. My optimum choice is Rafa Benitez. Please Levy , get him in ASAP.

  6. 1. Did you learn nothing from Bale, Berbatov, Modric or Carrick. If a player decides he wants to go to a bigger club he will go.

    3. If the core foundations are solid and we could still make top 4 with the easy run in and the manager we have got, what is the rationale for changing him. Who over the last 14 games has put us in that position.

    The change in approach we need is to do what Man U and the Arse have done. Stick with the bloke you have appointed.

    This is a very poorly reasoned article.

    • Good one wooks,we get van Gaal,unlikely,he does'nt get us in top four by Xmas ,out come the Spurs lynch mobs again.Stick out to seasons end and see what we've got.

  7. common sense article at last. unlikely to get as many points as hoped for tho cos think between tims selections tactics and end of season blues we will tail off. hopefully enough for united to climb above us along with everton. united finish 5th or 6th might save moyes, leave van gaal to us, and hopefully out of europa league for next year.

  8. I've been going through the Spurs team and it doesn't look good,
    Naughton, Rose, Walker, Dawson, Townsend, Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado, Lennon, Fryers, Sigurdsson and Kane all need to go, they aren't good enough to be playing for Spurs. When you think of all the players we've let go over the last few years it hits home how much the Spurs fans are being short changed. We really need to change the men at the top. LEVY OUT !!!! ENIC OUT !!!!


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