Liverpool vs Tottenham postponed


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The Premier League have confirmed that the game between Liverpool and Tottenham has been called off.

Liverpool requested earlier today that the match at Anfield on Sunday should be postponed for safety reasons.

A new date for the game has yet to be announced.


  • Howard Webb


    I was so looking forward to costing Spurs points with yet another dodgy decision that everyone bar me and my good mate Jeff Winter could tell was wrong and biased!

  • dave

    If my club was in the dire straights that Liverpool are in I wouldn’t want to play high flying Spurs either….*ussies!

  • mazzatron

    The pitch is actually fine and playable its the “surrounding areas” they are moaning about.

  • Kevin

    What a bunch of cowards. This game should definately have gone ahead.
    Gerard and Torres playing with injuries. Masch suspended and injured. Johnson injured.
    No I’m just a deluded Spurs fan.

  • Garry

    FCUK, i cant understand this, i’ve seen match in far worse condition than this, one of them italy v russia in the play off to world cup, and probably just ask pav how bad this condition? and he will lough down to his ass.
    also if FA concern about the safety of the fully fit fans that walk to the stadium on snail phase, why they didnt concern about our player safety and health on our last game again west ham a couple season ago, where the whole squad is tottaly sick and have to run for 90 mins
    they reject the our postpone request, and ask us to play the reserve team? then the hell play the liverpool game behind the close door then.

  • Mark

    Liverpool as a football club and their people in general are vile….

    Anfield is supposed to be decent, whatever happened to undersoil heating and there have been games in the 90s that have been worse and still gone ahead!!!

    Liverpool dodgying this as players are injured and unfit like Gerrard and Torres. A disgrace!

    • ThFc

      I think it's more a case of the safety of fans rather than the pitch being snowed in.

  • craig

    dissapointed the game is cancelled although gives lennon a chance to get fit for the game to give insua a nightmare.

  • Fitzy

    Liverpool bottled it. They don’t fancy it at all, at least until their results improve and they get their star men fit. Or maybe they want to strengthen their squad before they play us. Its a disgrace…..

  • Micheal

    Seriously This isn’t a stunt the Club doesent want to be responsible for the injury or worst case scenario someone dies you people thinking of it from one perspective A spurs Supporter

    Liverpool 18 titles
    5 European championships