How much money did Alan Sugar make from Tottenham Hotspur?

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Love him or hate him Lord Alan Sugar can be hard to ignore. This week he decided to weigh into the discussion about the team performance this season.

With a long interview on the Talksport Breakfast show Sugar cast doubt on the Manager and team last week. I don’t think Sugar would know what a good manager is as he never managed to appoint one himself. So what did Sugar get from his time at Spurs?

I thought it may be interesting to look at Sir Alan’s performance whilst at Spurs. So here is how the team performed:

2000/2001 F.A. Carling Premiership 12th/20
1999/2000 F.A. Carling Premiership 10th/20
1998/1999 F.A. Carling Premiership 11th/20
1997/1998 F.A. Carling Premiership 14th/20
1996/1997 F.A. Carling Premiership 10th/20
1995/1996 F.A. Carling Premiership 8th/20
1994/1995 F.A. Carling Premiership 7th/22
1993/1994 F.A. Carling Premiership 15th/22
1992/1993 F.A. Carling Premier League 8th/22
1991/1992 Barclays First Division 15th/22
1990/1991 Barclays First Division 10th/20

AVB in his 1st Season managed something no manager could do under Sugar a top 5 spot.

Now let’s look at the manager’s Lord Sugar appointed while at Spurs:

Peter Shreeves, Doug Livermore, Ossie Ardiles, Gerry Francis, Christian Gross and George Graham. Oh Dear Oh Dear. Infact just reviewing that list gave me a slight headache, for many people dark dark days for the club.

Lord Sugar did have some great players at the club, but according to Wikipedia there was no love lost between them. Teddy Sheringham allegedly described Sugar as the reason he left the club and the easy going gentlemen that is Jurgen Klinsmann was said to have called Sugar “A man without honor” and “He only ever talks about money. He never talks about the game. I would say there is a big question mark over whether Sugar’s heart is in the club and in football. The big question is what he likes more, the business or the football?” Well I am not about to argue with him perhaps on this basis the best thing is to listen to what Sugar says about Spurs and then imagine the exact opposite is more likely to be correct.

But there is something amazing about Sugar and his time at Spurs. He appears to have made a significant profit selling Spurs to Lewis and Levy at ENIC. Share sales in 2000 for £21.9 (say the Telegraph) and the remaining shares for £25m in 2007(say the BBC) . Making an overall total of £46.9m.

Did Lord Sugar only guarantee the debts of the club and didn’t actually put any money in? If so that is true all that money was pure profit.

Some will say he saved the club, others will say he was at the front of a queue of people ready to step in.

On leaving the club in 2000 Sugar remarked that his time at the club had been “A waste of my life”. Well he wasn’t alone, as a season ticket holder then I can confirm it was a waste of my life too during those years
The lone highlight being George Graham leading the team to the League Cup in 1999 with a team that would make this current team and style that would make our current team look like Barcelona.

So all in all perhaps rather than publically comment on our team he should stick to something he can actually do well, which is sticking it to that slimebag Piers Morgan. As on the basis of his track record as Chairman at Spurs he has no clue about football.

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