Gareth: What is going on?!


All things considered, the summer of 2013 has been a successful transfer window for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. We have dared, and we have done, and done early might I add.

Purchases of established, top class players, including Midfield Maestro Paulinho, Mr Goals Soldado, and New Vieira Capoue, have all been strong, assertive moves in the transfer market.

So why do I still have that feeling of unwrapping a birthday present which isn’t exactly what I wanted? Why do I still have that slightly tumbly feeling of driving over a bridge at high speed?

I suspect it comes down to a couple of related issues. Firstly, what exactly is going on with Gareth, and secondly, will we strengthen further and in what circumstances will this come about?

On the subject of Bale to Real Madrid / Man Utd / Anyone, the whole episode is beginning to strike me as very curious indeed. Naturally media interpretation makes understanding exactly what is happening, very difficult indeed. Sales, ratings and readers are their business – sensationalistic intrigue and discord are their tools by which to achieve their aims.

So, as lawyers are wont to do, I consider the evidence to try and deduce a conclusion.

• Real Madrid have fully declared an interest in signing Gareth Bale.

• Tottenham are understood to have fixed a price for Gareth Bale (exact figure unknown, but reckoned to be a world record transfer fee).

• Real Madrid (or anyone else), have not, at the time of writing, submitted a formal transfer bid which is equal to this fixed price.

• Gareth Bale is suffering from an injury. This is the reason he has not played for Tottenham or Wales in the last couple of months.

• Gareth Bale has not stated his intentions or opinions on any potential transfer to anyone.

• Gareth Bale is still paid by Tottenham Hotspur. He is still contractually engaged in their service. He remains, at the time of writing, a Tottenham Hotspur player.

So there we have it. Everything else is ultimately just media spin. We can surmise that Gareth probably does want to leave for Real Madrid, but do we honestly think that a guy from the valleys, who has a young family settled in London, and who a few months ago was talking about being raring to go for the next season AT TOTTENHAM, do we honestly think that he is now so incensed with his treatment by Tottenham in not agreeing to Real Madrid’s demands to release him for a sum that they are prepared to pay, rather than a sum that Tottenham deem acceptable, that he is refusing to train and play with the team?!

Does that honestly sound remotely like the humble guy, who lest we forget at 24 is little more than a kid really, who always spoke with humility and praise for his teammates when all around him were proclaiming his individual genius?

I don’t believe so. It just doesn’t really track. Yes Real Madrid are one of the biggest and best teams in the world, but Tottenham are clearly on the up and up. It’s an exciting time at the lane, and Gareth knows how values he is there.

I consider it incredibly unlikely that his feelings in this matter realistically stretch to anything more than “Yes, I would like to go to Real Madrid if they make the right offer for you to accept for me Daniel, and I completely understand you need me to be replaced first.”

Gareth Bale seems in all occasions I’ve had to observe him through interview, to be a genuine, reasonable, intelligent guy, and I do not believe for a second that another season at Tottenham is in any way something he would be so adverse to, as the media would have us believe.

So, if Real Madrid, or whomever, do not submit a bid equal to the fixed price set down by Tottenham, then I would fully expect to see Gareth as enthusiastic as ever in a Tottenham shirt as soon as his injury is healed.

If however, he does end up going, then the question becomes who else are Tottenham going to sign? This again fills me with some feeling of anguish and trepidation as this transfer window has been a nearly window for many clubs, and in some instances Spurs are no exception.

David Villa-  signed sealed and delivered…yeah, right up until the point he signed with another club.

Christian Benteke – in the bag…yeah, right up until he jumped out of the bag to sign an extended contract with Aston Villa.

Willian – Freaking medical completed, before turning arse about face and walking down into the local attacking midfielder outlet store down the road.

So I admit I am somewhat sceptical about current report concerning the signing of Erik Lamela. In all honesty I haven’t seen enough of this kid to know if he’s worth the money, but I have faith in those who do know and understand football better than I, and so consider it an exciting possibility.

Hopefully another signing or two as well, perhaps Chiriches in defence might go through- who knows!

But, if we don’t sign anyone else then Gareth will stay, you can bet your bottom dollar on that! Because there is simply no point taking two steps forward and what amounts to three steps back.

The way forward is very promising, but Gareth hasn’t gone yet, and if he stays, then it could be very successful as well.

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. A good summary and likely to be pretty accurate. I suspect though that it’s not that the fee isn’t agreed, it’s that Spurs are asking to see the money guaranteed, and RM don’t have it, being allegedly E600m in debt and allegedly not yet having paid for Modric. If the deal does not go through though, Bale will be affected (who could not be) and it will be RM’s fault. Spurs should make a formal complaint to FIFA.

  2. I would rather know nothing for the last month than have to listen to SSN scum spinning crap about Bale every five minutes…. The media are a disgrace! I just want Monday the 2nd of September to come and go, with or without Bale… let's just get on with our season……

    • You can call sky what you want! The fact is, they are ONLY reporting the news their sources provide them with!

      If you really want to blame someone for this saga, or all the confusion surrounding it, it might be worth growing a pair, taking your head OUT of the sand and directing your frustrations at the man who is REALLY behind all of this uncertainty….Gareth Bale!!!!

  3. There has been no actual facts in this whole 'saga'. It's always 'we believe' or 'a close source has told us'. Even Sky Sports News have acted like sometabloid mess. Roll on September 2nd and then we can all concentrate on the footy.

  4. basically transfers where done and dusted about 5-10years ago.. there was speculation but non of this crazy 2nd cousin removed tells sister in law who then intrusts this very accurate statement with SSN that GB is eating paella for tea therefor must be spanish bound. it is basically to keep the money being plowed into SKYBET… which is the most profitable sister company within SKY. This potential new suitor is just to keep people backing different clubs for his where abouts. The media driven bullshit keeps SKY making more and more money. This is why things are DONE DEALS……… whoops maybe not. as you plough your hard earned money on GB going to madrid its a done deal a no brainer….. only for this mystery second suitor so we know think ooooooh man utd… put my 2nd months wages on then… only for him to stay put… which i gaurantee isnt getting that much backing when it comes to gambling punters.
    You only have to check there transfer specials on there site.. there is sooo many in a field that not many other bookys even take bets on…..

  5. Yes, there is a lot of bull going round and it was good of you to post true facts. BUT there is another fact, you have ignired, that is, GB attended the Wales friendly match and ws openly on show supporitng his team, but he is nowhere to be seen during Tottenhams matches, infact he was in Spain for the seasons first White Hart Lane match. that tells you something surely?


  7. Good article and well put. This is all assuming that these facts are all the facts. They are only the ones that we know of in the public domain. Behind the scenes I suspect it is a bit more complicated and I am sure RM have bullied their way in places.

    If he stays then great, good work Levy. If he goes we move on to a very exciting season!

  8. A reasonable assessment of where we stand bar a couple of amendments (lawyers like amendments – it keeps the clock ticking). The Bale injury is likely to be long cleared up and he is inevitably being wrapped in cotton wool pending the deal being done (even RM are not so stupid as to buy damaged goods). Secondly, I suspect the "yes, I would like to go to RM" conversation will have been conducted in slightly more robust terms, probably via Bale's agent i.e. "he's loved his time at Spurs but he's got his heart set on it and nothing you can say, do or pay will change his mind". I agree though that the histrionics of "Bale Furious Over Delay" etc. have been entirely cooked up by the journos who have got to say something to justify their misaerable existence given the protracted nature of the deal. It is of course telling that the two parties who have steadfastly declined to say anything during the course of this saga are………..Bale and Tottenham in the guise of Daniel Levy who is a past master at this game. Witness the Berbatov, Keane and Modric deals.

  9. What COMPLETE and UTTER NONSENSE!!! Wake up and smell the coffee guys; Gareth Bale WANTS to leave but is being too much of a coward to come out and say it!!!

    It's a tactic Berbatov also used if you remember, so why some of you are coming out with this RUBBISH about ' Gareth Bale is suffering from an injury. This is the reason he has not played for Tottenham or Wales in the last couple of months.' Or 'Gareth Bale has not stated his intentions or opinions on any potential transfer to anyone' is anyones guess.

    The simple fact is the Welshman is doing the same thing he saw Berbatov and Modric do before him, and HAS gone on strike!!!!

    The ONLY reason he has not come out and said he wants to leave is so he can cover his OWN arse should the deal not go through!

    Gareth Bale is a DISGRACE!!! His, and his agents, actions have been nothing short of scandalous and as a Spurs supporter I would be more than happy if he never wore the shirt again!

    The pictures of him running around in his pink gear, with a big smile on his face, when he should be at training speaks volumes for the amount of affection/respect he has for the club and it's supporters.

    Nothing is wrong with wanting to move clubs, but there is a way to go about doing so, without skipping training, and leaking your desire to move, to 'sources' ( like a coward, to cover your back).

    If Gareth Bale is SO furious, why doesn't he hand in a transfer request?
    Because he wants it ALL his own way. A move to Madrid AND a 'loyalty' bonus. Why he thinks he deserves a loyalty bonus after instructing his agent to openly flirt with RM on Marca Tv, feigning injury and skipping training is beyond me. But greed knows no bounds. Step forward the REAL GB!!!

    • OK I'll concede the skipped training because the club have now confirmed it. Not the Sun or SKY Sports or whoever. Everthing else stands though.

    • I think you are being unfair to the player himself.. He may be a fantastic football player, but he's probably not a buisnessman. Once Real Madrid started tapping him up I'm sure he was told what to do by his agents and was naieve enough to think it would all be ok. The fact is he signed a four year deal just last year and having 'taken the king's shilling' he's finding out the hard way that he made a commitment that Spurs are not going to let him break except on their terms. The villains here are the agents trying to make a fast buck and the totally unprofessional behaviour of Real Madrid and their cronies. Gareth is caught in the middle. I would have hoped his family would have helped him understand the realities better than they have, but maybe they aren't much wiser.

      • You don't have to be a businessman to understand your OWN mind. If Gareth wanted to stay he would of said/ indicated so LONG before now.

        I could tell from the kit launch that all was OBVIOUSLY not well. You just have to look at his 'face like thunder' to see that. Do you think that Bale has spent the whole summer oblivious to the speculation surrounding him?

        Do you think that Spurs were unwilling to reward GB with a new contract again this summer bearing in mind the inevitable interest we were going to receive for the player, or his superb displays last season?

        Gareth strikes me as a lot of things BUT stupid isn't one of them!

        Remember it is the PLAYER who instructs the agent and NOT the other way around! GB tells Barnett what he wants and Barnett goes about getting it.

  10. PS. Glenn, if you believe Bale is genuinely injured, you'll believe anything, my friend! Gareth is acting as if he thinks the the fans are silly enough NOT to be able to decipher the messages he is CLEARLY sending with regards to his desires for the future. And from reading your well-written but EXTREMELY misguided article, his ploy seems to have won the minds of some! You can continue to make excuses for Gareth for as long as you want but if Bale stays at Spurs it will be because Levy has FORCED him to, NOT because he wants to.

    5 steps for a Star player to secure a transfer from his current club:

    1.Give your agent the green light to flirt openly with potential suitors.

    2. Stay quiet and do not make any public statements . Do NOT update your twitter account. You would want to imply anything other than 'you haven't heard that from me'.

    3. Feign injury.

    4. Leak your displeasure at your position, at your current club to various media outlets via sources.

    5. Skip training/ Go on strike.

    …You don't have to be a rocket scientist, guys!

  11. @Ramos43

    Firstly there's no need to shout mate but ignoring that where on earth did you get the idea that he's demanded a loyalty bonus and a move to RM ? It's obvious to everyone that he wants to join RM but can you come up with a direct and attributable quote on that or did you read it in the Sun, Daily Star or some other rag ? And who has said he has skipped training ? Certainly nobody at Spurs or Bale himself. Where was that, on SKY Sports ? Do you seriously believe everything you read or hear ? As I said above, neither Tottenham or Bale have said anything to anybody throughout this saga. How about a cup of coffee for you ? You take sugar with that ?

    • Perhaps you missed AVB's last press conference when he said GB has 'not been training with rest of the players', but I did not.

      The ONLY reason an unhappy player would fail to hand in a transfer resquest is through FEAR of losing a hefty loyalty bonus. A loyalty bonus can ONLY be claimed IF the player is sold WITHOUT handing in a transfer request!!! Do you imagine the bonus in Bales contract is high, or not, given the players value to the club? Think about it…

      I don't need to read the Sun etc to understand that this saga has gone on too long WITHOUT Bale saying anything to be just tabloid garbage. I also don't need to see I'm breathing in oxygen to know its there!!!

      If it is so 'obvious' that he wants to leave for Madrid, why does the author of this article seem to believe that potential for this just to be one big misunderstanding.


      PS. Capitals in my posts are purely to emphasise or highlight particular words…And as far as your offer of coffee is concerned, I'm MORE of a tea man, myself…. 4 sugars will do nicely!

  12. translate, please ,this message , it's very important , thank you very much .

    -à messieurs joe lewis , daniel levy , et andré villas-boas , respectivements propriétaire ,président ,manager du club .

    -le prix du transfert de votre joyau gareth bale , était fixé à juste titre à 120 millions.
    payable à une seule fois cash ,le salaire du joueur fixé à 10 millions d'euros par an .

    -le real de madrid , vous propose comme dernière offre :

    de payer le prix du transfert du joueur de 87 millions à 99 millions d'euros , payable en plusieurs fois , étalé sur plusieurs années??? quelles garanties vous avez : connaissant la crise économique terrible qui sévit en espagne ??? ils veulent " vous roulez dans la farine ".

    -concernant le salaire du joueur ,ils proposent un salaire compris entre 5 et 9 millions ???

    -c'est une plaisanterie ,une véritable catastrophe ….arreter tout absolument.

    -de plus le joueur , gareth bale risque d'avoir de gros problème avec cristiano ronaldo ,
    (connaissant le caractère du joueur ,et son égo ), il lui a voler la vedette …,il a la meme
    façon de jouer ,il joue au meme poste que cristiano ronaldo : ailier , il est fort probable que
    cela ne se passe pas bien avec cristiano ronaldo .

    – si l' affaire se fait ???!!! , ça serait vraiment une très mauvaise affaire pour le club et le joueur .

    – en vérité , la seule solution : le seul club qui serait parfait pour tottenham fc et gareth
    bale :est le paris saint germain et surtout pas le real de madrid et encore moins
    manchester united fc ou manchester city ( des concurrents directs pour le titre de champions d'angleterre et la qualification de fait en ligue des champions : qui est à votre porté )

    – le paris saint germain , un club plein d' avenir ( à l' image de son championnat : as
    monaco , om ,…etc) , qui joue la ligue des champions pour la gagner .

    – le paris saint germain , qui est respectueux et généreux avec les dirigeants et les joueurs avec lesquels ils travaillent ; ou le joueur gareth bale aura un environnement
    idéal pour s' épanouir et progresser .

    -le paris saint germain , qui dispose des fonds nécessaires pour payer le transfert du joueur et le salaire du joueur ,à sa juste valeur .

    – enfin la ville : paris qui n'a pas d' équivalent dans le monde .


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