10 reasons why the Real Madrid tie is not over


White Hart Lane

So if heroes were needed for the first leg then it’s miracle workers we need to find a few of for the return. Real Madrid are due at White Hart Lane on Wednesday evening and will be confident that a 4-0 lead is probably enough to see them into the semi finals.

Nothing went right for us at the Bernabeu what with Little and Large’s early disappearances from the fray and the general lack lustre efforts by those who remained on the field. We seemed nervous and tentative from the start and by the end were verging on the punch drunk. We were taken aback by the home side’s pressing from the word go and never got into anything that could be called our ‘stride’.

This time though, things should be different. In most respects the pressure’s off. We don’t have a game at the weekend so we can just go for it and see what happens. The players have no reason to leave anything on the pitch; they should be drained when they return to the dressing room. If nothing else they should be reminded that the fans will each have spent fifty quid and upward for their tickets and so deserve to see the players give their all.

Where do our hopes lie? How can we possibly win? Ten reasons why it’s not over –

1 – Complacency. If any team is going to believe that they only need to turn up to win it’s one with Ronaldo and Mourinho involved surely?

2 – Yellow cards. Real still have Ronaldo, Sergio Ramos, Ricardo Carvalho, Ángel Di María and Raúl Albiol only one game away from suspension. Surely this is a game in which to rest these players and keep them out of the firing line.

3 – Red cards. Pepe will be missing from the visitors line up

4 – They have been beaten 4-0 in the UK not that long ago, by Liverpool in November 2009. If the Scousers can do it…

5 – They’ve already been beaten 5-0 this season. Okay, it was Barcelona, but they were only a Bendtner sidefoot away from going out of the competition themselves so are no great shakes either if you think about it.

6 – They play Barcelona in the league at the weekend then in the cup next week. Surely after the embarrassment of the defeat mentioned in 5, they will again be resting players eager for revenge and the others will already have one eye on Saturday.

7 – Bottle. Look at Rory McIlroy. There’s no point leading by four if you haven’t got the balls to see it through.

8 – Fitness. Our side is getting stronger. Gareth Bale looked more like his old self on Saturday and there’s no doubt that Modric plays better with big Tom alongside him.

9 – Aaron Lennon will not only be virus free, he’ll be ready to prove the doubters wrong. Or as Azza would say judging by his tweet of last week ‘I will proove 2 doze hu sA I av no bottL 4 d fyt, dat thyre fools’.

10 – One day a team will come back from four down in the Moneybags League, why shouldn’t it be us?

We’ve never beaten a Spanish team at White Hart Lane. Now’s the time to do it in style. COYS.


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  1. Geat article had me reading till the end….lets hope, because thats all we really have. Agree with Hud back it makes Mods look like a more threatening attacker. Bale is looking like his usual self and Lennon will leave fire behind him as he belts down that right flank on Wednesdasy ( Assuming he’s ok that is :-) )

  2. I think there is a real chance of a 4-0 win on Wednesday. I just dont think it will be us that gets it! Lets face it, Mourinho knows what he is doing. I’m sure we’ll start like a house on fire, but as soon as they get one on the break, which is inevitable, it will knock the stuffing out of us.

    I’d tell the lads just to forget the scoreline, go out there and enjoy their day in the sun. Play it like a normal game, if we win 2-1 then great, it would be a fantastic achievement. But if we start chasing crazy comebacks it could be humiliating. We dont want to be remembered as the team that lost 10-0 on aggregate.

    I know people want to believe and to go down fighting, but forget what the bookies say, the real odds of Spurs turning this around are probably a million to 1. If RM keep their heads, keep 11 players on the pitch and play to even 75% of their potential, there is absolutely no chance whatsoever. Apologies for being defeatest, but I just dont want it all to end in humiliation. Any kind of win would be a lovely ending to whats been a fun first go at the CL.

    ps Harry – drop Gomes. He has been poor this season, retaining him in the team for a game like this sends out all the wrong signals

  3. Only one slight problem,I cant see Real Madrid not scoring.Theyve scored 115 goals so far this season in all competitions at over 2.5 per game.But stranger things have happened.

  4. Mate, You’re optimism is infectious. You’ve cheered me up. Thanks. Keep the faith fellow Yids. We haven’t given anyone a spanking this season in a Wigan stylee, so now’s the time! COYS!

  5. Are u guys nuts it's not same real madrid team from 2009, number they much better players now and number 2 it's jose mourinho in charge who is probably the best manager in the world if u can win the champions league with 2 different team.

    Also it's a big if, if they drop few of there players but I don't see that happening

      • yes we are! Only Spurs fans can think we'll beat Real Madrid 4-0! We can't keep a clean sheet against Stoke – but then, they do have Jones and Etherington – lucky we've only got, Adebayor, Kaka, Ronaldo, Di Maria ….. etc etc to worry about… not being a pessimist though… i fully expect us to be out of the competition by Thursday, but I'll enjoy this game in isolation and hope for a win on the night!

  6. Do we want to turn this over? the dream is fun, but I dont want to throw away another league game trying to beat Barca in the next round. Seriously, I wouldnt mind making it 3-0, or 4-1 but I would rather go out in this round as we will not beat Barca, not without a better striker.

    I agree with the comment above about trying to score 4, we risk conceding 6. Mourinho is not stupid, I am not a footy manager and I would have done the same. Teams lose to us by trying to avoid losing. They beat us when they attack, until we fix that attacking teams will ALWAYS turn us over, or it will end up being 4-4 or another ridiculous scoreline. 4th may not be silver ware, but a few years of qualifying for the CL will save our future.

  7. Well I can think of more than 10 reasons why the Real Madrid tie IS over:

    1. It's Jose Mourinho and he HAS been to white hart lane and never lost there while managing Chelsea
    2. Even if Ronaldo doesn't play, they still have some of the best players in the world. We didnt even see Higuain play last week
    3. They will be playing with posession and defensively. "If we don't get the ball, we can't score" is what Jose will be telling Los Blancos.
    4. We have no Crouch who has been one of our top goal scorers in the Champions League.
    5. Harry will probably play Defoe up front and he's hardly the goal scoring machine Ramos, Albiol, Marcelo and Carvalho will be fearing.
    6. We can't even beat West Ham or Wigan at home
    7. Huddlestone's only just returned from injury so won't be the threat he used to be.
    8. We still have some of our best players injured – Kaboul, King, Kranjcar, Corluka and Lennon is still recovering
    9. Ref's will always favour the big clubs – expect lots of bad decisions coming our way and it's not like the Spanners need much persuasion to go down after a tackle.
    10. I have been correct about most champions league results this season : )

    I'll be happy if we score a goal though to be honest.

    • We did beat a Jose and Chelsea at WHL on the 5th of November 2006. I saw it with my own eyes.

      But anyone who thinks there's even the remotest possibility of going through this tie is clearly an idiot. 1-0 Madrid or 1-1.

  8. Teams lose to us by trying to avoid defeat but those who attack win? I’d say its the complete opposite! Teams who don’t want to lose stifle us and pack the midfield and defence and we can’t break them down! Teams who try to attack leave space and play a high defensive line and we use our pace and normally win! The difference with Real and Man U and Barca is they are winners, with outstanding players and managers and are just plain better than us! Go all out Spurs, attack, work you’re arses off, play with heart and leave a bit of yourselves on the pitch and us fans can’t ask for anymore! COYS!!

  9. I really think we can do it,1 or 2 goals in first half hour should be easy,theyll start to panic,i want all out attack,their defence wasnt tested last week and i dont reckon its too difficult to get past them,im sure they will score but who cares,lets get 30 attempts on goal and slot 6 in!!

    • Crikey! Did this really need a 'thumbs down' from someone!?
      What's wrong with some cheery blind optimism!?!?!?
      Cheer up!

  10. I believe we can beat them at the Lane… I’m just not so sure about the score. My gut tells me they will score 1 as that is all they have to do, and we aren’t playing anyone… it’s Real Madrid. They have the guns to make that happen.

    Would be great if we can pull it off. I hope you’ll all post replies here telling me “we told you so”!


  11. We are all hoping for a miracle. I'll be happy if they just play well. Beating them by any score is a good enough achievement. We will finish 4th this season and we will be back in the CL next season. And i'm sure we would have a stronger and more matured squad then. I'm just dreaming of next year!

  12. geezer who doesnt want us to go through coz it'll mean we can't concentrate on a league game due to the barca semi..hilarious.
    6-1 tonight greatest comeback since the Battle of Britain.


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