10 reasons why Spurs can beat Manchester United


Man United away this weekend, traditionally not a fixture that makes Spurs fans want to skip with joy. Here are ten reasons though why Saturday’s trip to Old Trafford isn’t the foregone conclusion everyone thinks it is.

1.    Confidence – three wins on the spin, we’re on a roll. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing next, they’re the just the Dereck Chisora to our David Haye.

2.    Goals – with 6 in 9 we have the country’s red-hot striker in Jermain Defoe. Plus: The wee man has scored winners at OT before, albeit for West Ham.

3.   Plan B – No I don’t mean the falsetto voiced retro soul crooner, I do mean the 2nd half formation with which we dug ourselves out of the poo last Sunday.

4.   The Wings – Vertonghen, Walker, Bale, Lennon. Need I say more? Anything outside the Brazilian runway of the Man U pitch will be ours. Feed the flanks and we will score.

5.   Fear – We won’t have any! Caulker, Vertonghen, Dembélé, Dempsey, Townsend, Sandro, Adebayor. None of these players have played in a Spurs side at Man United; none of them will suffer from any negative vibes bringing them down man. We’ve won the mental battle – we’re halfway there!

6.   Nothing to Lose – Even the most blinkered of Spurs fan expects nothing else but bad news come 7:30 on Saturday night. In Buddhist terms, lowering your expectations is the path to the removal of disappointment. Enlightenment beckons.

7.   The referee – It’s not Howard Webb. It’s not Mark Twattenburg. That’s a goal start in itself!

8.   Roberto Martinez – The Spaniard’s home-bias related outburst following his team’s gubbing there will have been noticed by Saturday’s man in the middle Chris Foy. Surely he’ll feel duty bound to prove him wrong and that must work in our favour as the Foyster surely won’t want to risk abusive texts being mistakenly sent once more to one of our cycling National Treasures?

9.   Tactical genius – In Andre Villas-Boas we have one. {{Citation needed}}.

10. Injuries. – For them: Vidic, out! Jones, out! Smalling, out! Young, out! Valencia, out! Rafael, (maybe) out! Rooney, (just back from) out!  And for us – Adebayor, Back!

3 points, here we come. COYS.


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  1. 9 reasons actually, because Chris Foy was the guy who cheated us against Stoke last year. Multiple handballs/penalties/fouls that didnt go out way!

    Hopefully because Spurs made such a fuss he'll give us some help (doubt it)

    Can't think of any referee that hasn't screwed us over

  2. Well said MF – btw do you start each day looking yourself in the mirror, telling yourself you're a winner and today is the first day of the rest of your life???

  3. very nice. i see this article in various forms each time we go there. points taken. 10 decent reasons why we will win. Sadly by the end of each rendition of this article and the following weekend, it is nil pwu (thats 0 points). We live in hope!

  4. If you toss a coin 49 times and always get tails, on the fiftieth toss it's still only 50/50 to get heads! I'm happy with those odds. Your point on many players not sharing our past defeats is well taken. I too am optimistic for if we take away 1 or 3 points it may mark the real turn in expectations that we need. COYS


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