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Just 24 hours before kick-off the Spurs online ticket office overview of the ground looks like it’s sponsored by Homebase, with green and orange blocks as far as the eye can see. That’s not good news.

You might have seen the stories about the club dishing out tickets to firefighters, council staff and local traders affected by this summer’s disturbances. Well not only is that a fantastic gesture of goodwill from the club, nodoubt aimed at enhancing community links, but I’m sure in the back of Daniel Levy’s mind it was a good way to put bums on otherwise empty seats.

One problem that we have at the Lane is that our electric blue seats are very unforgiving on the TV. We all know that the Emirates has been half-empty for the past six weeks, but cleverly, the Scum hierachy have made their seats a subtle shade of claret which blends in only too well to the shirts and faces of those unfortunate enough to be in attendance.

Citeh have wised-up to this too, with their sky blue shirts merging into the plastic seats so well that had you not scoured the internet, you might not know that they have seen more than 5,000 tickets go unsold for their first two home CL games.

No, we at Spurs are far too honest for all this skulduggery, and the price for this might be personal embarrassment in the face of rival fans, should we not pack into the Lane for our home games, nomatter how meagre the opposition.

Unless you had Irish blood running through your veins – or at least Irish booze – then Shamrock Rovers at the Lane was the coldest ticket in town.

Hundreds were up for grabs on the ticket exchange, hundreds more dished out to work colleagues, friends and family and thousands more left on the key table at home while the owner found better things to do. If you think this is bad, wait for PAOK in November.

After stuffing ourselves silly on the rich and tasty diet of Champions League football just months ago, it is perhaps understandable that the offer of Europa League fare is at best unappetising, and at worst downright unpalatable.

But we are Tottenham Hotspur supporters. This is what we do. We support the club and we support the players. There are tens of thousands of Spurs fans dotted around the world who would give almost anything to be able to go to a competitive Spurs game.

If members of LA Spurs can forego half a day’s pay to head to a bar to watch it together at noon, or far-flung Yids in China can set their alarms for 3am to watch it with the sound down while their children sleep nearby, surely you can hop on a bus/tube/segway/camel and get yourself to the Lane to watch it with your own eyes in the company of thousands of other hardcore fans.

Here’s 10 good reasons why we should get ourselves down the Lane tomorrow night.

1.) To witness the continuing growth in stature of promising players like Tom Carroll, Andros Townsend and Jake Livermore.
2.) To hear Pete Abbott stumble horrendously over the pronounciation of the Kazan left-winger.
3.) To either boo Obafemi Martins for scoring against us for fun while with the Barcodes, or cheer him for inflicting Carling Cup Final defeat on The Scum. Haven’t decided yet.
4.) To take advantage of the unusual extra leg-room in the Park Lane.
5.) To rejoice in the fact that the last time we entertained Russian visitors at the Lane Gilberto and Gomes managed to concede perhaps the worst goal ever seen.
6.) To make the club look better to those Citeh and Scum fans who have been on the end of ribbing for all their empty seats at big games.
7.) It’s an 8.05pm kick-off which means at least an extra 20 minutes in the pub after work.
8.) It’s a good chance to come up with and deploy terrace songs for some of our fringe players.
9.) The queues for the gents will be much shorter than usual.
10.) You’ll get five loyalty points.

See you there!

By Alex Hoad

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