10,000 beers per minute – the other impressive numbers behind the new Spurs stadium

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur fans don’t have much to celebrate at the moment, as their club has now lost four of the last five games, dropping 14 out of 15 points in the process.

The latest loss came against Liverpool, with a Sissoko miss and Lloris mistake clutching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Spurs fans luckily have the new stadium to look forward to, as the first ever competitive senior game is set to be held on Wednesday against Crystal Palace.

This will be the first chance the fans and players get to experience a full 62,000 plus seat capacity crowd, and the atmosphere should be electric.

Let’s check out some of the crazy numbers behind the new ground:

Max capacity – 62,062

Screens – The South stand hosts two big screens measuring 325 metres squared, the biggest in all of Western Europe.

Cash – No cash payments are accepted, but there are 878 payment points around the stadium.

Cost – The new stadium cost around £850 million.

Beer – The stadium can pour 10,000 beers per minute using the new ‘bottoms up’ tech.

Close – Those in the front row are only 7.9 metres from the playing surface.

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  1. So, they can server the whole stadium in 6 minutes? Whoop dee doo.

    How about getting ready to sign a few good players especially if Toby does leave.


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