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Worse than a PAOK in the eye with a sharp stick? Beware of bearing gifts to Greeks? A Greek Bale out? A Bassong not for Europe? Take your pick.

I’ll say it once more as I might not get a chance to say it again, but you play an understrength team and you know what you’ll get? That’s right, an understrength performance. It also helps if you introduce your teammates to each other before kick off as well. Seb meet William, William meet Charlie, Charlie meet this Greek bloke, actually you might as well not bother, he’ll be sneaking around behind you for the first 15 minutes where you can’t see him and then after that it’ll be too late and won’t matter.

Redknapp has always said he didn’t like this competition, tonight we paid good money watching him ensure that it didn’t bother him too much in the future.

Well done PAOK and your bare-chested deep voiced monotone tedious fans. I don’t think you’ll win the whole thing but I hope you do.


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  1. Harry needs to learn there are no easy games even on Mars the reason energy might be dear for us poor house holders but in Football it plenty full if you train hard ? We are facing Bolton next deperate and they will be very fit snappy and full of blocks elbows ( Davies) and we will have too score early and often too beat there High Tempo used by Getafe Palace Kilmarnock and the Greeks too shock football and make the bookmakers rich.

  2. One test of a great club is that it can take a defeat with grace. They deserved their win, they played with courage and tenacity. If it had been us we would have described it as one of our great nights. Well done PAOK!

  3. David I cant share you kind words i would love too and i was always gracious in defeat thta was till i learned High Tempo is not from those energy drinks.PAOK have won only once in five games lost two and drawn two scored 13 and conceded ten in a division not better than our first division except for one or two teams who would be bottom of our premiership. So you expect me to believe this team with ten men for 50 mins or so held out away from home against a very good attack in the second half without help. I wont and i cant congratulate Paok because unlike you i no what weaker teams are using too help them win games on paper they should lose and Paddy Kenny Kolo Toure two Dynamo Russian players in a famous draw at Utd 3-3 in the Champions league having led 3-0 at one stage failed drug tests for energy. drugs . They got banned for two games and fined because they both said they had chest colds for having Ephedrine in there bodys why i mentioned this game because it was identical to our game in everything bar thee 3-3 score a sending off blocks saves and they held on for a draw after Ferguson brought his big guns on. You cant trust games with this killer tempo . I only have too watch a game for five mins and i no the script if you look at the game again you will see Poak players chasing the ball all over the pitch and Spurs trying to avoid the snappy tackles flying in and causing us to lose the ball also fantastic blocks saves in the second half. This is the blue print for all the shocks in football and i no what too look for because i reported a team chasing us for fourth three seasons ago for lets say upping there tempo with something that was banned. So when we face a team on paper we should beat think again like i have too do are they using high Tempo to stop us from playing.?

    • Davspurs i am very disappointed as i saw such a big team as yours, playing like this… With fake red cards, imaginary penalties, no fair game, trying to blame others for its faults and whining for everything. Sorry if i don't get it right, my english are not so good, but you are accusing our team had taken energy drugs? If you do that's sooo sad man. Its not energy drinks, its something more powerful and stimulus and it called SOUL! You didnt have the soul to win the match and as i see now you dont have ether the pride and the balls to admit your defeat.

      • I can only tell you in English fuck the fuck off why are you not top of your league then you are not cheats just a Team using science too play at a very high manic snappy tempo well done . If you look very close you will see a good few of your players are not far of Skeletons and will soon disappear up there own arses.Ththe Greeks are full of giant killings like when Jason and his Arganougts fought them big birds and the big copper Soldier on the beach and the latest battle the Euro once again well done Davspurs E.D.F. energy watch

        • Yeah yeah, blah blah… Say whatever you want.You got a goal by an imaginary penalty from one of the worst referries in Europe and you still couldn't touch our nets.You just lost from a team with heart balls and soul and you can't live with it and don't forgot to mention and a team who's playing in a lesser league than the english…Take it like men and not childish as you allways do or suck it up.

          P.S. Ragetyping or kindda drunk…?

  4. dont worry guys….you are living the good days! it s not such abig deal that you lost your ticket for the next are champion chasers i hope.PAOK played better so he didnt count us as equal so you are busted!
    keep the ball low and think!learn something from the greeks at least!

    • Likos you should be asking why you have not won more games the way you played you are getting cheated in your league lazy bastards

  5. my mate who is a sleazy fucking bubble loved this game as hes a paok fan , his name is mavros constantinous. that said arry has to get the blame here, we could have won this cup.


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