17 years on and Sol Campbell is still an embarrassment

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

We all hate Sol Campbell, you only have to say his name to a Spurs fan and the reply will be “Judas” or met with some more colourful language.

We all know he’s an embarrassment but the video he has posted on social media ahead of a charity match between Real Madrid and the scum is absolutely cringeworthy.

When you see the video, it justifies the fact why the man is constantly unsuccessful in his attempts to try and land a managerial job in the professional game in England, despite him claiming he is “one of the greatest minds in football.”

Despite the fact it has been nearly 17 years since he did the dirty on us after promising that he would sign a new deal, only to walk out on a free transfer to join the dirty south London lot and pocket a huge signing on fee will never rest easy with Spurs fans. Time will never heal what he did.

Although we can take some consolation that he continues to be an absolute joke of a human being.

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  1. What an absolute tool. Wonder what our club legends think of this Grade A Bell seriously I mean who behaves like that other than a kid bragging in the playground…..ArSol. His behaviour matches his persona bet Wrighty thinks he’s a knob classless just like Jason Cundy, absolutely no need you can have banter and bragging rights and exercise with a degree of restraint its just not British!

  2. Only this twat could try to act cool and hide behind trying to be a bit of a dude, whilst acting like he’s smacked off his nut but probably only just off the sugar on his corn flakes. Sol. Thankyou we did “ENJOY ENJOY ENJOY”
    I bet he’d give a great half time team talk LMFAO!!!!


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