£20m Wanyama bid rejected by Saints

Image: SpursWeb

Tottenham’s hopes of signing Southampton midfielder Victor Wanyama look to have ended after it was reported that we have had a £20million bid rejected.

Earlier today Zenit midfielder Axel Witsel confirmed that he would not be moving during the current transfer window and now it appears that Tottenham have now missed out on two potential targets in a matter of hours.

Wanyama left the United Kingdom on Tuesday morning to join up with the Kenya national team ahead of their fixtures against Zambia and Equatorial Guinea.

Sunday Times sports journalist Duncan Castle just Tweeted the following:

Who will we turn to next? Time is certainly running out for Daniel Levy and co to deliver or it’s going to be a long season for us Spurs fans.

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  1. poor old spurs, once again Levy thinking he can stroll up late and pick off wo he wants. The days of Tottenham being on e of the big clubs died 50 years ago. Sure they are a bigger club than Southampton with bigger support and a bigger history and tahts where it ends. Tottenham could big a great club again when the new stadium is built and players want to play for them. They are one of th only clubs who consistantly make new players worse. Years of failure overnd over again, the fans deserve better. Other true football supporters just love the fact that its going to haen again.

    • Stumpey…suits you as you are obviously retarded…being the thirteenth richest club according to Forbes..the leading authority on such matters,and bearing in mind half you staff have come to us from your piss poor non league team….and forth twice and fifth other times whilst competing with petrodollar teams likeMan City and Chavskiin the biggest league in the world is hardly small u fxxkin brainless moron.

  2. No way we were ever going to get Wanyama. We can`t dictate to Southampton like before as they are too big to accept our bids. Now we only rely on dirty tricks and tapping up. Embarrassing ;(

  3. Saints sources saying that Spurs offered less than saints bought Wanyama for (£11m) and the offer came in weeks ago. WBA chairman has also confirmed Spurs bid was way below valuation and came in mid August.

    I’m a saints fan with no grudge to Spurs – but I have to say Levy’s tactics are piss poor. It’s clear they have offered insulting deals and then waited until towards the end of the window (leaked to the media) to try and unsettle and force club to sell. Then come back in with a improved offer late in the day. It didn’t work at all and has left a really sour taste in the mouth – who wants to do business with a guy like that? It’s disrespectful despite what club is involved.


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