4-4-2, does it really work?


A lot has changed since AVB’s departure; we’re playing quicker, more attacking football, our results are picking up and there seems to be a far happier attitude amongst the fans, and all this seems to stem from one major change under Sherwood, the formation!

AVB’s philosophy of playing one up front left a drought of goals and the fans bored and frustrated in the stands; with the change of management so too has the formation. Sherwood’s new but old idea of playing 4-4-2 has brought a more open, expansive style of football to the lane which has been great at first.

But will it last? And more importantly will it get us that top 4 spot? Personally I doubt it, it’s alright playing 4-4-2 against the smaller clubs but when we play bigger sides I think we’ll struggle, it pains me to say it but when we played Arsenal in the cup this was a prime example of what can happen. We got overrun in the midfield and we come unstuck, teams like Arsenal, Man City, Chelsea, the teams we have to beat to get that top 4 place, will always overrun us in the midfield and subsequently beat us.

What let AVB down was his stubbornness to change the formation to suit the opponent, all I hope is that Sherwood doesn’t fall into the same trap and that he isn’t just playing 4-4-2 to pander to what the fans want!

One thing for sure it’s going to be an interesting end to a season full of ups and down!

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