A look back at the 4-0 Real Madrid hammering


To say that didn’t go quite as well as expected is probably understating the case a tad. If it could go wrong, it did. Is that an example of Crouch’s Law? It should be if it isn’t.

Injuries, incompetence and stupidity all played their part in this shocker. The sticking plasters started to peel off the patched up team even before kick off when Lennon pulled out, with a ‘sore throat’ apparently. His replacement, Jenas, was closest to the free as a bird Adebayor when he headed in direct from a corner after only 4 minutes. What seemed the worst possible start got even poorer ten minutes later when Crouch decided to make a tough task impossible by getting himself sent off for two unnecessary and more or less identical late challenges on the home team’s full backs. They both made the most of it but who can blame them? The ref was buying everything from anyone wearing white.

We held out for the rest of the half, Van der Vaart had a half chance and Bale a good one, and were looking ok in the second until we defended a quick corner really sloppily. We fell asleep and Adebayor took advantage of the absent defence to head his second. He was again given the freedom of the six yard box. The proverbial wheels fell off after that as the frustration that Madrid and their fans were starting to exhibit was replaced with the knowledge that the opportunity was now in front of them to finish off the tie there and then. First Di Maria fired an unstoppable shot into the top corner and then Gomes let an eminently stoppable one from Ronaldo squirm under his body. Bale, Gallas and Corluka all took knocks and we finished the match wondering how much worse it was going to get rather than trying to get at least one goal to pin our WHL hopes to.

We were supposed to have grown up in this competition. The rabbit in the headlights first half performances against Young Boys and Inter were a thing of the past. But no. The composure, poise and discipline we needed to give ourselves a chance in this game were completely missing. Crouch’s sending off was just ridiculous. A suicidal and imbecilic act. Shortly after he’d been dismissed, Van der Vaart was booked for booting the ball away at a free-kick, again a show of indiscipline, this time from one of our leaders on the field and one of the few with experience at this level.

For the first time this season we brought our Premier League form into the Champions League. There was no zip, pace, creativity or imagination and almost no threat up front. We weren’t even set up to give our best. Modric started on the left and Bale on the right with the overawed Jenas and the overwhelmed Sandro in the middle. The sudden absence of Lennon was no reason to put out an imbalanced midfield. Bringing on Defoe for Van der Vaart was odd too given his form, confidence and size. The fact that we ended up with Assou-Ekotto, a man more left sided than Karl Marx, playing at right back summed it all up.

Yesterday we called for the team to make themselves and us proud. ‘For Harry, Redknapp and St Luka’ and all that. Instead we got something timid, ragged and disorganised with Madrid becoming the fifth team this season to stick four past us. The occasion seemed too much for our players. All you ask for in the first leg of European ties is that you do enough to give yourselves a chance in the second. Largely through our own making, we ended up being not very close.


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  1. we’ve been found out, Last few games haven’t beaten West Ham Wolves Wigan and Blackpool, what did you expect? We can’t score and can’t defend

    And Inter were also shown to be poor last night. We’ve played crap teams in this champions league.

    How many red cards this year? Inter Fulham Newcastle, Villa, Madrid?

    How many times we been hammered? Inter, Fulham, Young Boys, Blackpool

  2. everyone has said and covered the facts on jenas , he shouldnt be mentioned in the same breath as real footballers, ive honestly never seen such a poor performance from a so called international, . nationally he has been ignored and he says he can stil get into the team lool,

    but again he has cost rednapp respect as many supporters dont think rednapp has a clue and from the beginning of the year we can c y, infact from november we can c y,

    spurs have played real badly

    its not knee jerk, its facts , madrid won lastnite cos they were well prepared by their manager, we lost and lost badly becos of our poor prep, again due to manager! its like using cheap tyres and getin a blow out,

    if he was a politician we wud expect his resignation lool, as his constituents have lost faith long time ago, NOW PLEEESE JENAS GO!

  3. A very honest account of how the match unfolded,not being nasty or anything what does Jenas give to the team? cause he done sweet fa last night!we were the masters of or own destruction,no passing!continousley giving the ball away and playing right into the hands of Madrid,all but 3 of them goals could of been prevented! Di Marias goal was simply stunning even I applauded it great finish!and now are injury list is even longer,with all our players on loan maybe resigning from the reserve leauge was a big mistake cause players like walker bostock obika to name but a few would be pushing for the 1st team instead of helping other teams!Harry get Walker back from Villa cause we need him!

  4. A ‘deja vu’ story. There seems to be something wrong with our team or with our Manager who does not seem to be able to select, position and substitute players properly. What Crouch did is awful for a footballer of his experience.

  5. Can't blame Jenas (I agree he's terrible and was terrible last night), but so was Modric, and VDV, all were played out of position.
    Would it have been different if we had Bentley and Naughton? Then at least we'd have our shape.
    Let alone a world class forward

  6. Some very naive football cost us very dearly last night. The ref set his stall out very early on when he booked crouch the first was harsh I think and maybe a strong talking to would maybe have been more correct at that early stage. The second yellow you can’t argue with, what does kind of stick in your throat a bit is seeing opposition players celebrating the sending off of another player. Last night was maybe a bridge too far. May have been different with a few more bodies to choose from but injuries have taken their toll and as noted in an earlier comment we have not played well for quite some time now and on the back of our last six games it’s very hard to see quite how we’re going to finish fourth again when we still have to play Chelsea Arsenal Man City and Liverpool? To be fair our position in the league flatters us because others have faltered at the same time as we’ve dropped points but there is an outside chance of us getting fourth but it is only an outside chance now what with our remaining fixtures and our current injury crisis and our strikers not performing and our defence not defending. We’ll see where we are after the Birmingham game. Lillywhitetilidie.

  7. Redknapp doesn't have a clue and only took us from bottom of the league to QF of the champions league. Crouch is useless and only scored the goal at City to put us in to the competition, then scored the hat trick to put us into the group stages and scored the winner at Milan to put us into the QF.

    We conquered both Milans, and went further than Arsenal. It was a nightmare performance last night but it's hardly been a campaign filled with doom-and-gloom.

  8. you lot are a joke. What did you expect? This is Real Madrid, we were always going to get a hammering. I was actually quite proud of how we never gave up despite impossible odds stacking up against them. Thank you Spurs, it has been a wonderful ride. lets win next week and go out of a high, the Lane will be rocking. We should celebrate this season but instead you small minded fanatics who cant face reality will moan some more and compalain that we didnt win. Really poor show.

    • Couldn't agree with you more. Compared to what we have had to put up with for the last twenty years, it's been a great season..

      Now for the first time this season, we are facing a match where we have nothing to lose. Perhaps this is the time to try something different. Our biggest problem this season is that we have had strikers who couldn't score in a brothel full of blind nymphomaniacs. Why not try Bale as a striker? I have an idea that this lad has talents that we haven't even begun to discover.

      • Re Bale as forward – i can kick teh ball better with my nob than he can with his right foot
        What about Dos Santos as a forward

        • GDS record is 22 goals in 140 matches. That works out at about six goals per PL season. Bale scores more than that with his left foot. Put your knob away.I think Bale's left foot is the better option.

    • you're quite the pessimist to think we would get thrashed from the start. I actually believed, considering the circumstances, that we could advance to the semis. We don't need fans like you to belittle the club with your inferiority complex

  9. Nothing odd about bringing on Defoe for VdV, it had to be done. VdV is slow and not much taller than Defoe. I don’t think he’s ever won a header that he’s been challenged for. There was no way he’d put pressure on any defense as a lone striker.

    At least Defoe has some speed. In the end it didn’t matter as the ball was never up there anyway.

  10. barry fannylow ( real name John Julius Norwich) drinks in the same boozer as me and has got it truly correct, yeah we played crap sides.
    By the way I was at the bernabau last night and san Siro is much better even if thats crap as well.I really felt like clumping a spick last night to be honest cos they are fucking full of themselves.

  11. If it's true and some of are fans did racially abuse Adebayor then do me a favour FUCK OFF and support and a different team and stop embarrassing Spurs you fucking muppets

  12. The Real debacle was another reminder to Spurs , and other Premieship clubs , of how the ability to pass and move AND close down opposition is so much part of Spanish football now and has put their game way ahead of our own furious paced version . The worrying thing is that we at Spurs are one of the least techinically able amongst the " contenders" in the Premiership and our efforts to close opponents down is abysmal – further more , when faced with teams ( like Wigan , Bolton , Balckpool etc ) who set out to cramp our style we have no answer whatsoever – unless teams give us space to play, we are hopeless. We are easily bullied and the complete lack of learning how to cope with crowded midfields and close attention when we have the ball from our day to day training is very apparent.- it just does not get worked on .
    There are too many lightweights in the Spurs team – we need more steel and midfield physical presence allied with pace . We have no leaders in our team – Lennon was plainly over-awed – scared if you like, and there was no big player(s) to instill confidence and desire.

    • With regards to how poor we have been, I don't think people realise how important Big Tom is to us. You can see the game against Young Boys if you want an example. He makes us tick. He gets the ball out to the flanks quickly to put our wingers one on one with their fullbacks. He's a bettter player than Charlie Adam, and it was he that negated our own closing down, by his vision and quick distribution, that served Blackpool so well against us.

  13. There is a lot of nonsense being said on here. We made some bad errors, but weren't that bad.
    The lennon incident was a bit of bad luck, or poor planning from Harry's part. Lennon and Jenas surely were not supposed to be marking Ade.
    Bale should play on the left, not right.
    We were sloppy for the second.
    The third, a beast, but di maria got that space to shoot while bale was off the pitch.
    The forth happened immediately after corluka's injury, with Benoit (who along with dawson i thought was excellent) moving away from where the goal was scored to the other flank.
    These are the minor details (granted there were alot of them here) that games, particularly at this level, can hing upon.

    The whole thing is just very disappointing that we didn't give a good account of ourselves or get a change to properly test ourselves. Crouch clealy lost his brain.

  14. plonker doesnt have a brain but you dont need a brain to score at san siro and thats why we went madrid cos of plonker, lets not forget that. we need to out jenas i think but dont think huddlestone is better than him, both are good but not great and jenas can't defend. huddlestones too slow, he got torn afuckin part gainst inter at san siro i n the first 40 mins.


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