£9million summer Keane Spurs exit?


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Tottenham striker Robbie Keane is being linked with a summer switch to Aston Villa.

The Republic of Ireland striker is currently on loan at Celtic, who want to sign the 29-year-old on a permanent deal, but cannot afford his wages of around £65,000 a week.

Spurs coach Joe Jordan has previously stated that Keane will return to the club in the summer, but Villa look set to test Harry Redknapp’s resolve with a £9million offer.

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  1. I still belive that if Defoe hadn’t injured himself we would never had brought him back. Any way it would be a dream move for him, he used to support the villa as a school boy…blah blah. I also saw that his missus wants to move to the states

  2. A trip to the U.S.,a bit of glamour!I hope it happens.Keane’s decline is something sad that I think the less it is talked about the better.The point is he no longer fits into Spurs
    future.Keane had hoped that he would be on the train for more glamorous places leaving those at WHL behind at the station.I think the reverse is true.Spurs have moved on and left Keane behind.Why this has happenned ids difficult to fathom.
    I believe it is because Keane is so swollen headed that he has not felt the neccesity to apply himself.He fails to realise that at 29 he has to work twice as hard to maintain let alone improve his skills as a striker.

  3. I think Keane has always been a little overrated but having said that he is still a pretty good player. As some of you have mentioned, Spurs has moved on but Keane has remained where he has always been. He’s a top 7-8 player but Spurs is now a top 4 team


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