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Tottenham Hotspur capped off the Barclays Asia Trophy with a fantastic 3 – 0 win against Hull City.

Prior to kick-off, a moment of silence was held for Sir Bobby Robson who sadly passed away today. All the players were wearing black arm bands in his honour. 

The weather in China was extremely humid due to some rain earlier in the day but luckily for the players, the pitch was in good shape.

The first 10 minutes witnessed both teams sizing each other up, with the play tending to be somewhat untidy.  Spurs then managed to control the ball and tactically inch their way towards Hull’s box. As ever, Defoe was looking sharp managing to break through the offside trap on occasion.  Personally, I wasn’t sure about Lennon’s performance. There were many opportunities where he could have easily crossed the ball to an open forward, but instead he chose to cut right and attempt to find an opening without success most of the time.

Luka Modric played on the left wing, masterminding the flow of the ball while cutting through the middle. The little man is a delight to watch and oozes world class skill. He provided a wonderful long ball to Keane who used his chest to bring the ball down to his feet, and then shot at goal instantly scoring our first.

The boys continued to strategically hold the ball until the 2nd half.  Hull managed to have a few good looks at goal but nothing really materialized.  We were confident in the midfield effectively tiring our opponents.  By the time they had any chances at Gomez, their attempts were somewhat disoriented.

At the start of the second half, the Tigers picked up the pace but were no match for Palacios and the Spurs defense. We might have been a little off the mark here and there but overall, Hudd & Corluka did a great job in protecting the box from intruders. Assou-Ekotto and Chimbonda also performed solidly supporting our centre backs and midfield.

In the 69th minute, Huddlestone delivered a long pass to Defoe who brilliantly placed the ball at his feet before being taken down by Warner, Hull’s keeper. The referee called a penalty setting up Keano’s 2nd goal of the match.

Kyle Naughton, who came on earlier for Jenas, would go on to set up Aaron Lennon with a perfectly curved cross for a tap on goal, NUMERO TRES! I am really impressed with this young lad and I hope we will see more of him during the season.

Keane was rightfully declared man of the match as he captained the team to a well deserved victory. Harry was there to present him with the champagne to celebrate. Next stop: Hong Kong! 

Starting XI – Gomes, Chimbonda (Hutton – subbed in 77th), Assou-Ekotto, Corluka, Huddlestone, Lennon, Jenas (Naughton – subbed in 62nd), Palacios (Livermore – subbed in 83rd), Modric, Keane, Defoe.

By Wahab Alghanim

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  1. Just wondered if anyone noticed that Keane did not looktoo bothered or shouldI say was displaying distain and disinterest when he scored and after the cup was received he seemed unhappy he is usually very passionate and expressive when he scores or we win I wonder whether he is expecting to get his walking papers soon

  2. Also the team looked to be more congratulating to Modric on the podium… am I just overly suspiciousoris there an undercurrent relating to the swopping of favour between these two players and the rest of the squad I know it sounds crazy but if you watch the game.. you might notice the same??

  3. keane scored a great goal…..something wrong..(in his opinion)
    he was happy and dancing not long ago…liverpool dream u turn may have affected his sense of achievement

  4. all pointless quotes, the real season starts at home to the scouse, i’m sure keane will have lots more fire in his belly then!! Have to remember these are only fitness matches, prep for the season which i think will start well for once have a good feeling.

  5. Exactly, this is a pre-season friendly. Keane knows too well that a good pre-season, as Spurs have almost every year, means nothing. He would look like a right [email protected] if he went mental and started jumping over advertising hoardings to join the fans.

    He did look downbeat after the game, but so did Harry in the interview. It is more a case of knowing this is just a curtain-raiser with the real work still to come. It was also tiredness, they worked their socks off all game.

    Great two games, as meaningless as they are to the season-opener. Playing as a team, cover in most positions and strikeforce playing well. Naughton and Livermore look like they should be given a chance this year. We really need to start giving our young players a chance, or we will get an (underdeserved) tag as destroying young players’ careers (Dos Santos, Taraabt, Bale, etc).

  6. To be fair Spurs were the better side- Modric for me was MOTM. Keane’s 1st was more down to goalkeeping ineptness rather than a wonderful strike- although the control in the build up was fantastic. 1st half we did not have our strongest 11 out- which I was a little shocked about. 2nd half we gave a really good go at you. To no avail. your 2nd goal was somewhat against the run of play. I think if the header from Kilbane had gone in- rather than being tipped over brilliantly by Gomes we may have held out a lot onger. The 2nd goal killed us off and the 3rd was a little harsh to be fair. All in all a good PR excercise for the Tigers and the PL as a whole. Spurs were the best side out there by far. deserved to win- but 3-0 flattered a little. Hope you do well- I can see you being in the top 5 (Arsenal being below you also!) Good luck next season- see you in a couple of weeks at the KC….

  7. FYI Alan I know the season hasn’t started yet… I asked the question to get an idea of how other spurs fans felt about the game and a player who is pivotal to the spurs camp,so no need to hiss like a school girl Son!!

  8. Agreed Darren I’m really impressed with Naughton already and looking forward to Livermore getting blooded in the Prem and wanna see how the Hudd will be used this season. I reckon playing out in the Far Eastern weather is great for getting the boys fit and ready for the 16th

  9. In the conditions I thought Spurs showed quality,supporting the man on the ball and putting together a good pre season display.Getting the understanding right is what this is all about plus I was impressed with Gomes who with nothing to do suddenly pulled off two outstanding saves to kill off Hulls best period of the game.To say 3-0 flattered Spurs I find interesting as I thought it should have been 3-0 at half time.Good start.

  10. two games played and the lads show their fighting spirit. willing to chase every ball in humide condition as if they’re telling harry that they are worthy for the first eleven in upcoming season cos every position is there to fight for. things are looking good.

  11. Spurs fan.
    In reference to the first post on here – 0 – Do remember a certain legend in world football died earlier in the day. Think that might explain the player you mention probaly choose to act in a more discreet manor.

    RIP Bobby and Come on your Spurs for the new season!

  12. To O —– it was hardly like winning the FA cup was it? Did you really expect everyone to run amok? The enthusiasm was shown on the pitch in play not afterwards and as a pre-season “friendly” that is what we expect isn’t it? A little more enthusiasm from Jenas wouldn’t go amiss either!!

  13. hey all,

    definitely just a preseason match and nothing for us to determine our season by… but honestly, it was a great display by the boys. keane seems to enjoy playing in an understated role and i’m beginning to believe it is working. he played well yesterday, although it’s just not the keano we’re used to. do you think harry prefers him in this quiet role? Tiger Phil: Modric was the man of the match for me, but Keane did play really well, just under the radar.


  14. To anyone thinking Keane is leaving this season, I think you can safely say it is not going to happen, not for the time being anyway…Just a thought, if he did, who the hell would take over as Captain, its hard to see any contenders apart from Woodgate and King, and they seem likely to miss the first few weeks of the season. I recorded the Asia Cup game and watched it after work last night, and I have to say I was quite impressed with our passing and movement, though I was very underwhelmed by Hull, they were extremely poor, and if they intend staying in the PL this season will need a massive improvement. Noticed someone on this thread singing Chimbonda’s praises, I thought he had an awful game, looked slow and kept giving the ball and free kicks away….Overall not a bad performance, Modric and Keane were excellent, but I just have this feeling that Keane and Defoe are not too “pally” with each other, maybe thats why on a competetive basis, they cant play together!

  15. Could be Phil,Sir Bobby was one of the greats but that doesnt explain why Keano handed the cup around like it was a tin pot although none of them seemed that fussed, I guess its all conjecture can’t wait to see the line up for the start of the season


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