A fan’s view of the shocking Ajax hooliganism last night

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

As a 22-year-old Tottenham fan, I haven’t had many dealings with football hooliganism in my time loving and watching the sport.

I have witnessed the odd piece of tension between rival fans, particularly during London derbies, but this has never gone beyond a minor scrap.

What I witnessed last night outside the Spurs stadium shocked me, and disappointed me.

I had expected it to be a fun and friendly affair between the two sets of fans, particularly as both clubs have overachieved to reach the semis, and have a number of player links between the squads.

However, the reality was anything but friendly. As I walked down the High Street from Seven Sisters, a convoy of police vans rattled past with their sirens blaring.

As I neared the ground, it became apparent that the police were having to shepherd Ajax supporters around the back roads towards the away end, although there didn’t appear to be anything over the top from these fans.

However, as I neared the entrance to the stadium, it became clear that another set of away supporters were causing trouble down one of the side streets leading to the West stand.

I saw glass bottles thrown from Ajax fans towards groups of Tottenham supporters trying to make their way into the stadium, including children.

I also saw Ajax fans breaking bits of concrete and brick off a nearby wall to throw at their rival fans.

I am sure that there were also Spurs fans overstepping the mark, but what I witnessed wasn’t about football, and I can’t believe it still has a place in the game.

I would hope that travelling Tottenham fans going to Ajax will be loud and proud in voice, without having to resort to violence and pathetic actions to be heard.

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