A letter to the ‘Poch Out’ brigade

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Dear the Poch Out brigade,

Tottenham Hotspur made it back-to-back defeats in the Premier League last night as they lost 2-0 to bitter London rivals Chelsea.

Not only did this end any hope of a title challenge, but it has also called into question whether Spurs will even finish in the top four.

This in turn has prompted a good few comments on our recent articles with some fans claiming that Pochettino should be fired for not knowing how to win trophies.

There have also been cries to have Daniel Levy removed as chairman due to his unwillingness to spend money.

In my opinion, both of these ideas are utterly ridiculous. Pochettino has been at the club for five years now, and has taken Tottenham to the next level in their progression. He has transformed the team from a squad of the edge of top four finishes, to one that is consistently in the Champions League.

What this has led to is greed among fans. It’s as if some people want to see the same lightening fast rise as Manchester City had, despite the fact Tottenham are doing it with no money, compared to the bottomless pit of City’s bank account.

Building anything from the ground up takes time, and you are bound to suffer set backs. For too long Spurs rattled through new managers without a care in the world, and now the club has found a diamond, some fans want him gone because he isn’t delivering instant success.

I’m afraid that isn’t how it works. Pochettino should be given all the time he is willing to give to get the team winning trophies.

As for Daniel Levy, he runs the club like a business, which may not set the pulses racing when it comes to transfers, but it does keep things ticking over and prevent the club from falling into debt.

Levy has overseen an incredible stadium build, albeit delayed, but he has put his heart and soul into progressing the club forward.

The funds clearly aren’t thereto spend at the moment, but you need only look through our current squad to see that he is willing to spend when the right players come along.

Davinson Sanchez, over £40m. Sonny, over £20m. Lamela, £30m. Plus the fact he has been signing up a lot of the big players on bumper new deals.

It seems as if all fans do nowadays is complain. How about we sit back and enjoy the progression and the wonderful team that we have, instead of pointing fingers and demanding sackings every time someone has a bad game.

Support the team, otherwise you are part of the problem.

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  1. Totally agree with you, Seb. I am a Spurs supporter since the mid 1950s.

    To John Bateman….I’m not sure MoPo can really assess whether a player will be off form before a match – some players have been superb in one game and not look so good 3 days later. Our squad depth is not great in terms of replacing a first selection usually (like Kane or Dele) with someone else. Laet’s face it…Llorente (even though he did fairly well while Kane was injured) is something of a lumbering horse, isn’t he? Maybe he has always been a lumbering horse…I don’t know.

  2. I think the real problem is that people like you consider yourselves as Spurs fans while you should be supporting a club like Millwall.
    Because your ambition with Spurs it matches the ambitions of a fan of a club like Millwall.

    If owners like Levy and Co don’t have ambitions to win titles and trophies with a popular London football club like Spurs and they don’t want to spend a small portion of their huge property to achieve such target, they shouldn’t buy a club like Spurs.
    Only the owners determine the destiny of a football club.

    You don’t achieve glory when you compare a current situation with a previous worst one but when you set a certain target and you do your best to achieve it.

    No football club worldwide ever needed to build a bigger stadium first in order to win titles and trophies.

  3. ‘Spurs now need someone to take us to the next level’. Who do you have in mind?

    We’re now competing every season against clubs at the sharp end of every competition with vastly more spending power than Spurs.

    Clubs who have effectively written off hundreds of £millions in wasted transfer fees over recent seasons, only one of which can win each competition.

    Many of these clubs have bigger home grounds than Tottenham and have traditionally captured greater revenue.

    I can’t see how a change of manager would do us any good at all.

    We aren’t (yet) able to compete with Liverpool, ManC, ManU or Chelsea money-wise the transfer market, so why would a chequebook manager do us any good?

    Poch to me seems to be the perfect manager for where we are now.

    – he’s great with youth
    – he’s careful with money, or at least seems to make shrewd acquisitions (Sanchez, Moura)
    – he’s happy to coach and improve his squad
    – he’s fostered a fantastic club/team spirit and the players believe in him
    – he’s universally liked by the media and hugely respected by rivals
    – he has a great relationship with the Chairman
    – he’s tactically astute (not in every single match) and this has won us games
    – he believes in the vision of growing something special at Spurs and is in it for the long haul.

    Yes the last two results have been poor and players looked jaded, but a change of manager would be a stupid thing to do in my opinion.

    Now let’s beat Arsenal and get back on another winning streak.



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