A memorable journey or a wasted once-in-a-lifetime chance? – My thoughts after Madrid

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

It is exactly 24-hours since I arrived at Seven Sisters station to attend the screening event at the new stadium; time to reflect on one of the worst nights of my life.

Tottenham Hotspur have been on an incredible journey this season, from within touching distance of group stage elimination to the heights of the final.

Spurs came through as underdogs time and time again, beating Borussia Dortmund, Man City, and Ajax on the route to the final.

And, who should they meet there but a fellow Premier League team. A team they had gone toe-to-toe with twice already this season, narrowly losing both times.

Unfortunately, Liverpool completed the hat-trick, and sadly, at the moment at least, the journey does little to ease my pain.

No matter how much you over-achieve to reach a final, and no matter whether you are favourites or underdogs as we were, it still stings beyond belief to fall at the final hurdle.

For me, the worst part is that Liverpool played poorly. Once grabbing the early freak penalty, they defended for their lives, limiting attacks to the odd breakaway.

Unfortunately, on the night, Spurs were equally disappointing. After all the preparation, trials, and tribulations, it seemed as if the squad had nothing left to give.

They dominated possession, but lacked the final touch, the killer instinct, the injection of pace and drive.

I can’t say that I believe we deserved to lose, as I think neither team showed enough to lift the trophy in those 90 minutes, and that’s what hurts the most. The what could have been.

Who knows when the club will be back in that kind of position. Who knows if this crop of players will ever lift a major trophy. Who knows when Spurs as a club will next get their hands on silverware.

The journey will live with me forever, but, unfortunately, without a happy ending. A memorable journey or a wasted chance, I can’t help but feel it is a bit of both, and I will forever look back on this Champions League season with a strange mixture of fondness and resentment.

Still, we got here together. And, if we are to make it here again, we do that together too.

Come on you Spurs.

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  1. I feel the same way, I am 63, I may not get another opportunity to watch us in a a CL Final. Still hopeful though!

  2. I think that sums up a lot of Spurs fans feelings pretty nicely. I agree it was a mixture of both, a memorable journey, but a case of what if. In my opinion Liverpool were there for the taking.

    Poch made a huge mistake by starting Kane and leaving Moura on the bench, which played right into Liverpool’s hands. Even then we dominated the second half and I honestly felt we were going to equalise, like we did up at Anfield, but alas it was not to be.

    So fair play to Liverpool, they certainly deserved some tangible reward for an outstanding season and they got it, but it was hardly deserved on the night.

  3. You just think, had we spent a bit of money, kept Dembele and let him go on a free, played Moura from the start. Clearly Poch got it wrong. Kane was another anonymous and half an hour at the end would have been more sensible. I hope he can mend it with Moura who must be gutted after his hat trick to get us there. Son, Eriksen, Alli had been miles below standard for weeks. The squad just isn’t big enough. So many injury prone players, not good enough now, where we are, like Lamela, Wanyama, Aurier. Dier, Trippier just not good enough. We must invest on big players in this window. Any Eriksen money must be used. With 3 or 4 very top level players, we can try and compete with the elite. If we buy £20-25m players we might as well not bother. I think Pochettino is bored of buying potential players. He wants to compete with Man City and Liverpool. The league games show we can’t currently. They have both bought some of the best players in their position. We need another striker, more creativity. Dele Alli must improve. He has been dreadful this season. I feel for Sissoko. He has been brilliant. Not sure why he was pointing. It was pretty dumb, but harsh. The long break never seems to help us. We were dire after the one in March. Hope we can learn and start winning finals and semi finals, and certainly start them better. At that level, you can’t keep coming back.


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