A message to the Tottenham fan hypocrites

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Every football fan in the world wants loyalty from the players at their club, whether it’s through consistent effort on the pitch, or simply not leaving for another team.

Players are applauded for seeing out their careers as a ‘one club man’ and hounded for leaving a team for bigger and better opportunities.

I have no problem with this philosophy, as it is always nice to see a top player remain faithful to a team, especially the one that gave them their chance in the first place.

However, what I do not like is the hypocrites that linger within the fan base, a lot of whom are rising to their surface at Tottenham at the moment.

If you aren’t a fan of a player and you aren’t seeing the effort, or they aren’t up to the quality of the club, fine, voice your opinion.

But, let’s take Kieran Trippier. He managed to fight for his place under Pochettino, and eventually eased Kyle Walker out of the way for that first team spot.

He then proceeded to have a couple of stellar years in the position, being part of one of the best defences, as well as setting up a host of goals for Harry Kane.

As if this wasn’t enough, he then goes to the World Cup for England and gives us some of the best recent tournament memories.

But now that he has had one bad season, many of the fans want him out of the club? How can you demand loyalty from a player at their peak, when you are not loyal to a struggling player after years of good service?

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  1. I don’t think Trippier has a bad season but has had a few bad games. Sometimes Eriksen goes missing, Dele also. Kane doesn’t always have great games. This is the way of football. Give Trippier a break, he is a good player.

  2. Well said Seb! Some people are supporters, others are followers – there is a difference. Unfortunately we have long had a vociferous minority who love nothing more than to hound a player. A good example is Darren Anderton. Anyone who reads his biography cannot help but feel the pain such fans caused him over his injuries.

  3. Anderton was very likeable as well as being a great player, but he wasn’t known as ‘sick note’ for nothing.
    It was horribly frustrating seeing this player going missing with injury year after year. I remember he came back for England in the 1996 Euros, after an interminably long absence at Spurs, and then, after the tournament, promptly went back to missing most of the next season. Rotten luck for him, of course, although he was still being paid fully, financially poor for Spurs, and hugely frustrating for us fans. But you’re right, nastiness from the fans is no excuse.
    Trippier has been targeted by idiots, most of whom have probably never played football at any level in their lives. Lloris too has been targeted (rather than simply criticised). I personally don’t think Aurier or Wanyama bring much to our club, and I used to feel the same with Sissoko, although he’s proved us wrong. But you don’t keep doing what many of these fools are doing, ie hounding players that are simply off form or making the odd mistake, or making statements that wish them out of the club.

  4. Totally disagree about Trippier. He did not replace Walker. Pochettino left Walker out because Walker told him he wanted to leave. Trippier has not had 2 stellar seasons. He’s only played around 60 league games for starters. He had a decent season but struggled against top players and/or top teams. He is what he is – a decent reserve but nowhere near good enough for Tottenham or any side aiming for top 4. This season he has been consistently poor, at fault for many goals and has now become a liability. I support and back every player who crosses the white line wearing a cockerel but that does not mean to say they are good enough. Trippier is not strong enough defensively to play right back and is not quick or clever enough to play wing back. He is also flakey mentally. We need to get as much money for him as possible and buy a proper right back/wing back.

  5. Seb – just as a matter of interest can you explain which were Trippier’s two stellar seasons? In his 4 seasons he has started 6 games, 12 games, 24 games, 23 games. I’d say failed to break into team, failed to break into team until Walker decided to leave; decent season; poor to average season.

    • In that 12 game season he waited patiently for his chance, and when it came, he took it. Despite playing far fewer games that most RBs that year, he finished as the joint top defensive assist maker. A good season I would say. He then had a great season the year after, and anyone who claims otherwise wasn’t watching. Had a great World Cup and started this season strong, but now that he has drifted, people want a scapegoat. In reality, many of the players haven’t been good enough. No idea why he is singled out above the others.

  6. An assist maker hid his very clear defensive deficiencies which are now exploited by every team we play against. He has been completely found out. I notice now that his two ‘stellar’ seasons have turned into a good season (12 games!) and a great season. I was watching home and away and it most definitely wasn’t a great season. Great is so overused. You are as at fault as the people you question by going totally over the top. This year he has been our poorest first teamer. If Tottenham want to challenge there is absolutely no place for players like Trippier. If he was as good as you state every top team will be in for him. None of them will make a bid. When you play Tottenham you put a quick player on Trippier and boot it behind him. He is hopelessly exposed. Thankfully Poch realises as do the fans

  7. Not sure my reply was sent ……. the 12 game season saw him make a few assists but little sign of defensive stability – the key to being a fullback/wing back. He also tended to play in the ‘easier’ games. The next season he was decent but still displayed defensive frailties. Two ‘stellar’ seasons have at least been changed. You still maintain he had a ‘great’ season. Absolutely not. Great is the most overused word in sport and Trippier is utterly incapable of having a great season as he is simply nowhere near good enough. I’d challenge the World Cup campaign in which England lost every game they played against good sides. He scored a brilliant goal and this is what everyone remembers. I’d love Trippier to prove me wrong but he has been completely found out. Opposition managers simply put a fast and/or strong player on the left and pump the ball behind him. He cannot cope. Thankfully Poch has realised he is not up to it. Not one top club will come in for him sadly. If he has been the scapegoat it is simply because he has been our poorest player. I don’t think many fans were ever fooled by him btw


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