‘Absolute liability’ – Some Spurs fans react to Serge Aurier mistake against Leicester

Image: SpursWeb

Spurs fans would have been forgiven for thinking that they had seen the back of Serge Aurier’s reckless defending after his vast improvements this season.

Despite the Lilywhites shelling out for a new right-back in the summer transfer window in the form of Matt Doherty, Aurier has upped his performance levels and claimed the first-choice right-back slot as his own.

A mixture of consistent and strong defending, as well as potent attacking and creativity, Aurier had been one of the success stories of the 2020/21 Tottenham season.

However, the Ivorian showed shades of his old self this afternoon against Leicester when he single-handedly handed the visitors a goal from nothing on the stroke of half-time.

With Fofana facing away from goal in the corner of the box and going nowhere, Aurier came hurtling in and crashed into the defender’s back, sending him down for a stonewall penalty. Some Spurs fans were understandably frustrated on Twitter at half-time.

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