‘Absolutely disgraceful’ – Some Spurs fans react to transfer window activity

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Some Spurs fans have taken to Twitter to vent their anger as Spurs become set to be the only Premier League side not to have made a summer signing.

Despite looking like Daniel Levy was set to sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa a deal was blocked by the new Villa owners who said the player was no longer for sale.

Danny Rose and Toby Alderweireld have been linked with moves away from Spurs throughout the summer.

However, a switch to Manchester United for Alderweireld never materialised but Rose could still be in line for a move abroad.

Spurs fans had a central midfielder, backup striker and a defender on their wishlist but were granted none of them.

Here are some of our favourite reactions.


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    • But even if they’d have signed Grealish he would have only been a squad player. Don’t forget everybody was dancing with joy back in 2013 when Spurs made all those signings with the Bale money. Only Eriksen proved to be any good. Most new signing disappoint. Look at all the dodgy signings for big money Man Utd have made in the last few years

  1. Those few so called supporters who moaned and groaned do not speak for the masses. They are the few who are all too easily led by the bullshit in the media.

  2. Levy has to go he is a liar and a joke, Spurs are the laughing stock of the premier league.
    Ambitious club, new stadium, no signings once again and cannot sell the players that are not good enough, because the Levy puts too higher price on them, but is only willing to pay peanuts for the players he wants, and we know what’s when he has done this over the past few seasons, Spurs get players that no other club wants, good work Levy!!!! Levy please go ASAP

    • If you want Levy to go ASAP, you’ll have to find over a BILLION pounds! Start looking down the back of your sofa! LOL. The only way Levy will leave is if ENIC decide to sell the club and that will cost a lot more than a BILLION pounds. You’d better start saving! LOL.

  3. Our season could be over by the end of September if Kane gets injured on Saturday.I think that Poch will be sacked by December if we are in the bottom half of the league and deservedly so.Another Levy puppet.But I wish them good luck and live in eternal hope that Moura is the back up we need.

    • What the hell are you on about! Have you watched Spurs, the last few seasons, in what world are they going to have become that bad, that they will be in the bottom half and Poch will be sacked by december. You are talking crap! We aren’t going to turn in to a bad team over night because we haven’t signed a new player, how ridiculous!

  4. This is really sickening. Only extensions for Eriksen, Alderweireld, Jan and Dembele can take the slimey shine off this dogshit transfer window.

  5. I think it’s a disgrace that we have a handful of so-called Spurs fans whose pleasure in the game seems to be to criticize their own team and it’s management. we have a very strong well-developed team with very little need for new acquisitions. (Yet) – inevitably everyone needs some change. Looking forward to an exciting season. suggest the whiners transfer their loyalty to Liverpool. Klopp is a whiner like they are.

  6. I think everybody needs to calm down a bit! If Alderweirald stays that will be like a major signing for me. Kane could have easily gone but he’s signed and committed to the club as have other key players so all is not lost. I do agree we need a striker to back Kane up and hopefully we’ll get a high ranking one soon instead of wasting money on gambles! The same squad finished 3rd last season and now hopefully we have Toby back and available, let’s hope he signs a new contract between now and January!

  7. Not sure what people are getting wound up about. Levy’s only got one interest, the new stadium. He proves every year he will do what he wants no matter what and his ego will never change that.
    Poch suckered into a new deal with apparent promises and got nothing.
    Things are never going to change, Levy has no interest in the fans or improving the squad to challenge for silverware as long as he is remembered for his nice shiny stadium.
    Poch sat in press conference clearly fuming behind the eyes and saying what he’s been told to keep Levy happy.
    The question is if Levy has the guts to stand up and admit his style of negotiating by going in with insulting offers and overly complex payment methods have come back to bite him if we do not make the CL this season
    He now cannot back down and pay up the monies being asked, as if he does it for one player, then every other chairman that does not like doing business with him will hold him to ransom.
    Until Enic are gone things will never changed and it’s all down to years of Levy’s style of dealing.
    Unless Moura proves to be the player we hope and Lamella finally finds the form we bought him for we’re going to remain to drop points when teams park the bus and we just pass the ball sideways. #Toughseasonahead

    • LOL. So Pochettino was “suckered into a new deal”. Don’t make me laugh. He’s a clever man (unlike you!). He knows what Levy’s like after working for him for 4 years. Pochettino signed a new 5 year deal because of the 60% increase in his salary (plus bonuses). He will earn at least £.5m per year. How much do you earn?

  8. I sometimes wonder whether some of the muppets who moan about the lack of transfer activity have any idea what a good signing really is: Poch, Kane, Son, Sanchez, Lamela, and Luke Amos have all signed new contracts – they seem to me like good signings. Let’s wait and see whether some of the “exciting” newcomers at other clubs turn out to be Agueros or Bonys. And as for Levy, £18m for Kevin Wimmer – I rest my case.

  9. This close season has been a major letdown. After the Leicester game Poch’s now is the time to be brave rant/veiled threat at Levy has come back to bite him on the backside with his presser earlier saying I’m very happy with my squad blah blah.
    It’s not about spunking money left right and centre it’s about tweaking the squad and keeping the other first team/squad players on their toes so they don’t get too comfy! So if Kane,Son,Alli go through a dry phase or get injured where’s the player to replace them? We are pinning our hopes on untested academy players or hoping the usual suspects don’t get injured! It’s a joke sorry

  10. To all the Levy lovers,do you not think that the squad lacks quality in depth? Should Kane,Eriksen Jan and the likes suffer long term injuries the cover is wafer thin. Even before the season starts we have 5/6 players out injured,Sonny is away shortly after the first game or two further depleting the squad. Having to rely on Sissoko and Llorente to step in and perform is a disturbing thought!

  11. For the last couple of transfer windows the only cover we needed was a good back up striker for kane and the only players we have been linked to are defenders and midfielders.If we had gone all out and just signed a striker,i would have been happy.What a shambles.

  12. generally clubs buy players because they have sold one of their starting eleven, or need squad depth, tottenham are fortunate to retain their current players which are good enough to finish 3rd in the league – besides is having a new stadium not enough motivation??

  13. the problem isn’t Danny levy it’s you sheeple hiding behind your silly keyboards telling everyone how meaningless your life has been. this people feed off misery and are loving it. Been a spurs supporter not a fan for 40 yrs,players in or not coys till I die.

  14. Anyone can criticise. It is easier than saying well done. Daniel Levy deserves to be congratulated. He is the longest serving chairman in the Premier League and under his reign, Tottenham Hotspur is the envy of most clubs. He has brought stability, profitability, attractiveness and success to a team that in past times was deep in the doldrums. He has appointed a manager who is as astute as they come and who he has allowed to implement his own philosophy. He has ruled over the construction of a fantastic stadium and training facilities and has increased employee numbers and local facilities in the process. He is successful because he does things well. Have some faith and respect in the man and to you doubters, stop being so negative.

  15. i think it’s disgraceful that we give so much attention to the whiners and complainers. Given we haven’t lost Toby or Dembele; it’s a great transfer window. We are strengthened by potentiak banner years coming up for Moura & Lamela. With settled injury status – same for Winks & Waynama. Amos and Walker- Peters poised to step up. Many positives Looking forward to an exciting and successful season. The only real negative is the deleterious effect of having so many players being used up in the WC jingoistic games. Hopefully they will all be recovered soon.

  16. Yes the squad were good enough to finish 2nd & 3rd. But i have been waiting over 40 years to finish 1st. Hopefully more than once, so we need 1 or 2 top quality players for that final leap. But dont buy mediocrity if no top class available. Thats whats needed & rivals keep adding

  17. Yes the squad were good enough to finish 2nd & 3rd. But i have been waiting over 40 years to finish 1st. Hopefully more than once, so we need 1 or 2 top quality players for that final leap. But dont buy mediocrity if no top class available. Thats whats needed & rivals keep adding players

  18. Maybe when Poch said “be brave” maybe this is what he meant. This squad very capable to finish first anyway. On our day we are unbeatable!

  19. No big deal for me. So much nonsense in the media about clubs having a good or bad window. No one can tell until the season has started.

    Fit Winks = new signing
    Fit Alderweireld = new signing
    Fit Lamela = new signing
    Fit Wanyama = new signing
    Moura in team = new signing
    Rose in team = new signing

    That’s 5 or 6 players who hardly played last season, all good premiership quality, creates competition, options and allows for rest/rotation. Fantastic of another youth player comes in too – maybe Amos, CCV or KWP.

    Would have been nice to get in a proven second striker but we’ll cope – we scored loads when Kane was out injured last season.

    I think we’ll be competetive on all fronts again. COYS

  20. People slating Levy, have ahort memories, before he took over as chairman, we had sugar and were going no where! Since Levy took over we have steadily progressed and become a top 4 club. I have supported Spurs for 30 years and havent seen anything close to to what we have now since venables was the manager. We are moving to a great new stadium, have an amazing squad and an amzing manager, who keeps getting us top 4, lets just look at the positives. Cast ypur minds back to the dark days, thus is a great time to be a dputs fan, trust me!

  21. Commenters; How many of you run a multi million pound company? How many of you run a football club? How many of you have coached at this level? I’m guessing none, so shut up or please go away and comment on one of the daily rags where you can really get your moron on-!!
    On a positive note getting another season out of Dembele and Alderweireld could be considered signings in themselves. So I’ll leave it to the people who know and not try to have “My Opinion” unless it is informed. TITD!

  22. So all these players are certain to stay fit not likely on there injury history, how many managers has levy gone through . If where that good we don’t need to buy anyone , remind me did we win the treble last season or am I missing something.this squad has come up short on the big days I.e. Juventus @ Wembley, cup semi final against Utd, Chelsea the year before, to say this team and squad does’nt need improvement is hiding behind the truth Enic won’t invest in top quality players because they won’t pay the fees or wages simple.the bullshit spin will dribble out over the next few days. We tried hard,transfers have gone threw the roof “it’s ok once your screwing some other club”. Or the truth is where skint from building stadium , if so we’re the on same road as ARSENAL went only difference they had years of champions league revenue don’t bank on us doing that. Final point if Enic where to sell up for a billion or whatever figure do you think Danny boy and joe would care about the club give me a break pockets bulging all the way to the Bahamas . This is nothing more than a long term investment and when joe decides to cash in and say bye bye suckers.

  23. Come on, Lamela is shit. When he’s not injured he’s a ball hog at best and rarely adds anything to Spurs momentum. Most important is not getting rid of Alderweireld. If they sell him to MC it’s going to be one of the stupidest moves ever for a Premier League club.


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