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Peter Crouch

A truly stunning night in the San Siro (again) left the most decorated side in European history justly defeated by the Champions league upstarts Tottenham. From the kick off Spurs knocked the ball around with confidence and ability that belied their status as champions league newcomers. The willingness to attack was clear from the outset as the pace of the midfield combined with Crouch’s aerial presence had Milan pinned back for long periods. It was surreal to see Tottenham look the more assured team against such a powerful and decorated team as AC Milan.

The second half was much more contested as the hosts arose from their slumber with the emergence of Pato for the sadly one-paced Seedorf. In fact this was a prominent theme in the game; the ageing greats of world football unable to deal with the pace and industry of younger and more industrious players such as Palacios and Sandro. In a week which saw the great Brazilian Ronaldo retire due to the frustration of his body not meeting his demands perhaps some of the older Milan players were aggravated by their own ailing legs. This was most prominently seen with Gattuso who charged around aimlessly chasing Sandro, who despite being 12 years younger than him looked every part the more accomplished midfielder. This sense of anger again overflowed with a horrendous two footed lunge by Flamini on Corluka, which should surely have been a sending off. Milan’s aggression, coupled with their lacklustre first half performance, reflected the true feelings that they believed this would be an easy victory against a weakened lesser-known side.

However arrogance did not triumph over determination as wave after wave of red and black attacks were repelled by colossal defending and acrobatic goalkeeping from Gomes. With 10 minutes to go realistically any Spurs fan would have taken the 0-0 draw, but this Champions league campaign has had that touch of magic for Tottenham. Lennon jinked past Yepes and kept a cool head to roll the ball to Crouch who rounded off a momentous night for the club.

It seems that Harry has the ability to inspire the team on the big occasion, and much maligned players such as Crouch and Sandro were phenomenal against players who are bordering on legendary status for Milan. The other big positive is the effect a performance like this has on the squad, as even without key men we showed a great character that shows that this Tottenham team may be together for some time and is built on much more than star names such as Bale and Modric.

As a younger Tottenham fan (same age as Sandro- damn my failed career!) I had never experienced the famous Glory, glory European nights of old that I have read about. However the two nights in Milan have more than lived up to my expectations, and I hope it is the start of another period of Tottenham greatness. And who knows, I’m an eternal optimist, and I might just keep the28th of May clear in the diary just in case Wembley comes calling!

By Matthew Pavli

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  1. Even more proud than Lee above! Well done Spurs and well done to Harry for getting the tactics spot on! Immense performances from Sandro, Palacios and Gomes and the defence was as strong as I have seen it for a long time. Hope Charlie ain’t out for too long! COYS!

  2. 4 victories gound out in a row now with players misssing and this one tops the lot. Only a couple of weeks ago we were bemoaning our failure to sign a striker but if THE TEAM can continue to pull together and work their nuts off for each other like they have recently, who knows what the season will bring? What a great time to be a Spurs fan – it feels like we dont need to be scared of anyone in world football.

    Love the way that some of the players who have really stepped up are people who have had to wait so long for their chance or have had a rough time of it (Wilson, Sandro, Krank, Charlie, Woody).

    The dressing room must be a brilliant place to be and if there are any doubts about our manager and his tactical awwareness, they have been well and truly buried.

  3. All hail the good men of Spurs, not just the one’s that took the field but the management who played a good game. BTW just one thing – Crouch might be maligned (and to some degree deservedly so) but not so sure about putting Sandro in that same bucket. I hope he continues to improve. We could have a real gem here.

  4. For years i have listened to liverpool ,man utd and chelsea fans about how good they are .Would have added Arseanil to that but they have won nothing inthe past six years.I have been through the lean years i just hope and pray we have now turned the corner .Thanks lads for a stunning night and here's to many more to come.Spurs till i die.Harry for england manager no way more like King HARRY.

  5. In 40 years from now, people who are about the same age as I am now will be reminiscing about this season on blogs like this and will be talking, about two nights at the San Siro.

    It is hard to see how the season can get any better than this, but somehow or other, I think this team will continue to amaze me and fill me with pride. If the three games so far against the Milanese are the only highlights, then it has been a great season for me.

    MOTM? Yesterday, they were all heroes.

  6. A top night for spurs fans.All the team worked their socks off.The defence were immense,gallas and daws strong,gomes had his best game for a fair while,and the more i see of sandro-the better!. COYS!

  7. we could win the bloomin thing you know. the year ends in a 1 after all. and all without Bale! woodgate – great to see him back. daws, sandro, wilson, gallas, gomes – typical miserly Spurs defense lol! Modric – player of the season? what a ball to Lenno. Crouch is so suited to international / champs league football, but not the prem. Dont know why, but who cares when he scores 6 in 8 in the CL. Unbelievable. Wembley in May? You'd have to be madder than a Milanese midfielder to back against it.

  8. Shorn mate?

    Are you blind? Crouch had a good game. He was up on his own winning headers all day long. He held the ball up brilliantly. He was where he should be to score the tap in.

    What more could he have done?

  9. Whats with the sh**ty camera angles??? Half the time the ball wasn't even in the picture! Maybe Spurs were too fast for the sorry italians???

  10. Shorn, your bird said you were rubbish last night too (as usual apparently), and unlike crouch, never really score, not even a simple tap in. HaHa.

  11. can't believe that you didnt mention the geezer geezer of the match william gallas. i was in the fifty pound seats and had a glass partition blocking my view but saw enough of gallas to say that he was the soul of the team.
    rodney trotters goal was atap in and my missus who's an Inter supporter and Italian asked 2Is there something wrongg mentally with rodney"? She thinks he really is rodney. Not true that ringhio played crap , he was good ,Jordan must have opened his gob big time to have got the reaction he got from ringhio.the biggest wanker was flamini ,grease ball par exellence,he was on italian tv after as if he'd done nothing. gotta be hurt next time round at the lane.the support was shit by the way, saw no spurs fans in milan during the day while iwas at work just some would be neo lib wankers without their scarves on.wankers

    • You are the illiterate fool of the keyboards who cannot string a simple sentence together that makes sense. Be quiet, sit down and play with a bit of rope, maybe your mind can comprehend that.
      Don't strangle yourself to death though, because that would be a real shame……

      • Tez, you seriously need to chill your boots son. Stop spouting out the same old lines about peoples intellect and actually contribute towards the discussion for a change. You obviously have placed yourself on a higher ground interlectually but I'm yet to hear you make an intelligent point or construct a decent arguement against the people you deride as 'illiterate fools' etc. You really are making yourself look like a cock pal, so my advice to you would be to quit it for your own sake.

      • Isn't that more like your usual comment? You seem to think you are the only person on this site with a brain, yet you're probably the biggest moron on here.

  12. This sort of linguistic brilliance could only be described as revolutionary. Oi pav, I’ll trade you Michael Essien and a bottle of nandos hot sauce for the ability to inspire thousands of yids across the globe. COYS.

  13. fuck inspiring yids, spurs supporters yeh but not them, arse has got just as many yids as us anyway, this bizz bout spurs being a yid team is total bollocks, look at whu they are an east end side and where do yids come from, they come from places like the mile end road and bethnal green check that out
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