Adebayor demands £5m to walk away

Image: SpursWeb

Emmanuel Adebayor is dragging his feet to leave Tottenham Hotspur by demanding that the club pay up his contract in full which is worth £5million to cancel his contract.

The striker has been linked with both Aston Villa and West Ham United and according to Sky Sports reporter Andy Burton who claims he spoke to Adebayor on the phone and the outcome was that he wants to move to West Ham United.

Spurs have already tried to negotiate with Adebayor to cancel his contract but he wants his £100,000-a-week paid up in full which is hardly surprising given his track record.

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  1. this will be his last year on big wages because no one will touch him after this . Let him have his last year doing nothing is what i would do if i were DL . Do NOT pay him off .

  2. Of course we mustn't forget Ade's Togo "charidees"and "commitments"to his family members!I believe he bought his brother a house then turned up to see it being sub let by his brother!5 year deal Daniel,great business on Rednap's advice no doubt.

  3. What a greedy waste of space you are, you could piss off with our blessing to west ham as I am sure we would give the bus fair but to request we give you £5m so you can negotiate a deal as a free agent for a couple of seasons beggars believe you are a greedy sod.

    Can only hope you rot at home and no one with a brain will want to sign you ever again when you contract runs out when you could take £2m and get on with your life rather than be that nasty smell that hangs around


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