Why Adebayor is the perfect signing for Tottenham


Emmanuel Adebayor is a handful. Back in September 2007 he broke our brittle N17 hearts with a brilliant goal at the Lane that would later be voted Goal of the Season by Match of the Day.

A Gooner gets GotS? At WHL? We rightly thought he was a FC.

But that was then. Since, he’s proven himself to be, well, a footballer. There’s less treachery in politics and more honour in a gang of Foot Locker looters.

Emma, as no one will ever call him, soon showed exactly how much he cared about our muggy little mates down the Seven Sisters Road with a goal celebration for Man City which still brings a smile to the face of every Spurs fan.

We don’t have to care about what he was, just what he can do for us now. Just like with William Gallas, George Graham and David Bentley.

More than that, we need a tough striker. Drogba would have been interesting, but that’s not happening. As it stands, we’ve got arguably the best midfield in the Premiership and more creative types than Shoreditch. Even if Mod the God jogs on to the rarefied air of west London we’re still left with Bale, Lennon, RVDV, Sandro et al to set up the strikers and nab the odd goal for themselves. Hell, RVDV was our top scorer last year, but he’s a little prone to knocks and clearly more an attacking midfielder than an out and out centre-forward.

The merits and drawbacks of Crouch, Defoe and Pav are a matter for another time, but last year, they didn’t deliver in the Premier league. Cup success can be fun, but we can only progress as a club by getting into the Champions League regularly.

So more than anything we need someone new who can mix it up with defenders and score goals. We’ve been a stylish team since before Harry spat his first quip to an eager reporter and will remain so, but beauty isn’t everything. Just ask Peter Beardsley.

Adebayor may be mercenary, but we don’t have to like him, just cheer when he scores.

By Lou Thomas – You can follow Lou on Twitter at http://twitter.com/london_lou

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  1. Good article. "More creative types than Shoreditch". Nice. I think he'll be a brilliant signing – just what we need.

    And while I'd also like to see to Hulk, Falcao (can't happen now), Llorente or Rossi turn up… our strikers CAN'T be as bad as last season. If Defoe and Ade can get 15+ each and Pav gets 10+, we're in much better shape.

    Don't put the poor lad with George Graham though, give him a chance!

  2. It would be better to get someone in for the long term who cares about the club, rather than a temporary fix. Why did Spurs not go for Shay Given instead of Friedel? Krancjar last night showed why Harry has got it so wrong refusing to pick him last season. Krancjar is a class footballer and I cannot believe he was not mentioned in your article.

    • I agree, should of gone for Ben Foster or Shay Given although Given spent a year on the bench but looks to be in form now though.

  3. sorry to go off kilter, but krancjar was playing hearts last night. it was training ground stuff.
    put him in the mix against united and see how he fares. he'd be overrun all game.
    this is why it's essential we keep modric if we want to compete.

    ps. adebayor would be a great short term fix, with view to getting a lone style striker in in January. Llorente seems to fit the bill perfectly.

  4. @Steve… Krancj was poor last night. Really didn’t get involved that much. Lost possession numerous times and simply can’t tackle/track back.

  5. Nice article, the guy is class despite his so called wayward behaviour, he will add yet another dimension to a very talented squad. Cav, you must be either very young or an Arsenal fan because both clubs have been trading each others player for decades. Sol Campbell, Pat Jennings, Jimmy Robertson, Willie Young and a few others have left Spurs to join Arsenal and we have done the same. No big deal if the player brought in can do the business, just look at the job William Gallas did for Spurs last year despite all the shit being said about him prior to him joining us. Class speaks for itself mate get a life.

  6. Kranjcar was sloppy last night. Didn’t impose himself on the game, started show boating after 30mins and given the amount of time & space he was allowed he really should have made a massive impression. Livermore out played him, was more committed, hungry and in my opinion embarrassed his more experienced team mate.


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