Adebayor: I keep Tottenham in my heart more than Arsenal


Emmanuel Adebayor - Tottenham Hotspur News

Whatever many of us thought last summer about Emmanuel Adebayor joining us on loan despite his Arsenal connection, there is no doubt that he won the hearts and respect of all Spurs fans.

It’s refreshing to hear Adebayor speaking so highly of Tottenham and the fact that he holds us closer in his heart than he does for those lot over the road.  Adebayor has spoken of his desire to remain at Tottenham next season and hopefully play for us in the Champions League.

Adebayor’s future at Manchester City is over, the stumbling block is his £170,000 a week wages which is around £100,000 over our wage cap.  But if anyone can agree a deal then Daniel Levy can work his magic to keep the Togo striker at the Lane for another season at least.

He netted 18 times last season for us and it’s great to hear him say how much he has appreciated the support of the Spurs faithful.

Whatever happens, Adebayor has earned our respect.

‘I don’t know yet whether I’ll be here or not next year but my first choice now would be to stay at Tottenham,’ Adebayor told the Evening Standard.

‘I am not going to go on my knees and beg anyone; this is for others to sort out.

‘If a deal can be done, then fine. I would love to play for Tottenham. If not, then trust me: I will keep Tottenham in my heart.’

‘I am a former Arsenal player, too, but everyone knows how that ended. I know north London very well, my home is here and I have had a fantastic year.

‘I am a huge fan of Tottenham now and I love the club. If I am not at the club in the future, I will be following their games and wishing them luck. I played at Arsenal for three years but today I keep Tottenham in my heart more than Arsenal, even though I haven’t played here for as long.

‘I have played in the Champions League for Monaco, Arsenal and Real Madrid and I’d love to play there for Tottenham, too, but it’s not only my choice. The fans have been incredible towards me, always showing their support, and hopefully I’ll be in the competition next year. We will see what happens.

‘I have great relationships here, with the manager Harry Redknapp, too. People have said certain things about our rapport but we’ve never had an argument. Since I’ve been at Tottenham, everything I’ve done has been to make the club go further. We were fourth and now we will see where we are going to finish next season.’

He added: ‘Our target was to finish in the top four and today we are fourth but while I will not be harsh, we could have done better.

‘We played some great football but there was a point where a bit of tiredness kicked in, and there were injuries to important players, like Aaron Lennon.

‘But I can still say we were successful. We finished above Chelsea and Liverpool and we were very close to finishing ahead of Arsenal, and for the first time in many years, we can see that Spurs are closing the gap on Arsenal.

‘I don’t know yet where I will be next season but the target has to be to make progress every year. Tottenham were fifth the season before this one, fourth this season, so it is time to try for the top three next year.

‘I believe Tottenham are going to become a bigger club, one of the main contenders, but to do that, they have to be in the Champions League. When you are in that competition, you can afford to buy some players and it helps the club. Hopefully Spurs will be there.’

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  1. Ha ha ha!!! He also kissed Arsenal badge when he played for Arsenal didnt he? Spurs welcome to keep him forever, we'll be very happy for you!!

    • Oh dear,the travellers are getting all uppity again about big Ade,instead of being on here stinking the place out,shouldn't you all be celebrating in your caravans about finishing one point above the spuds?? A stadium almost twice as big,and all the revenue that brings and you finished one pojnt ahead,you must be proud:) COYS!

      • Sounds like your a little bitter fella and the answer is yes i am very proud of my club and am happy to admit it.
        You however are disappointed with how your season has ended and find comfort in slating your nearest and dearest, are you sure you don't have a little soft stop for Arsenal XXXX

    • That was years ago, hes talking about now spurs play the more attractive football and his attitude is great atthe lane.

  2. As Dave said sign him up spurs and you will live to regret it, as he has had the one good year that he seems to manage at all clubs. He is a money grabber and will let you down.

  3. This guy kisses ass where ever he goes and he isnt even a spurs player. If he gets a better offer for example PSG he’ll go. The guys a mercenary and spurs would be better off with a proper striker who could put 20 a season in. Giroud would be a much better signing but no CL and you might not even get this parasite.

  4. i love spurs

    i love spurs

    im a multi millionaire and never need work again.

    i could take a paycut and find a home with fans who like me

    but!!!!!! im actually a hypocritical mercenary and was set for life over the road before i acted like a tinpot dictator of small african nation and they had to get shot of me….

    great player but a big fat zero on the personality front. i think he even believes the slop that comes from his mouth…

    i do not deny that as a player, i would want him but as a man,he couldnt be in a nicer place.

    ron, a reasonable and honest arsenal fan.


    i know most responses will have 4 letters but ‘truth’ has 5 letters.

  5. If Southend offered him 200k a week, you would find Southend in his heart! His wallet is even closer to his heart. This guy is a joker, and could not care less about any Team. The sooner you wise up the better.

  6. Even Spurs fans must realise that Adebayor holds anyone who is likely to give him a lot of money ” in his heart”. I mean, come on…Is this serious? Give that bloke a few quid and a badge and he will kiss it.

    • funny how thats all you got now though isnt it your trophy is now only to finish above us and you tell yourselves that thats good enough now but deep down you know your gutted you cant win trophies anymore so you make yourself feel better by telling yourself 3rd and above tottenham is satisfactory 7 years and counting son

  7. Spurs are mugs if they fall for this one. I seem to remember him saying the exact same thing when his loan to Real Madrid ended.

    He’s always mentioning Arsenal and has never got over us getting rid of him. He’s flitted between three clubs since then and has professed his love for them when it’s been convenient for him. 2 of those 3 clubs don’t want him (City & Real) and Spurs would be mad to take him on.

    As alf @6:31 said spurs have had a decent year out of him and best get shot before he reverts to type.

    That said though I’d, obviously, love to see Spurs make another mistake on an ex-Arsenal player.

    • Because Gallas isn't exactly what you've been missing since we signed him. Experience, leadership, and someone who can competently defend.

  8. work for the sake of it do you Ron??You work just for the love of it?? Oh Ron there's you with a name that sounds like you were born in the fifties and you sound like a kid from Mumbai,there's you thinking you were clever and here's you sounding like a moron??
    Oh Ron,big fat Ron,you need to take a reality check with your vitriol,take your wife out spoil her,sometimes the harvester just don't cut it boy.Leave the Sun alone and get yourself an education.Then you won't sound like a kid from Mumbai:)

  9. Adebayor and even the law of averages couldn’t help Spurtz finish above Arsenal. A 13 point lead blown, wow Adebayor you really helped out your new found cash bearers! Mind the gap!

  10. Ha Ha I would love Tottenham finishing third. No seriously I really would as it would mean we are looking down at them from first or second. .. ADe is a good footballer, but mostly an idiot everthing he says will comeback to haunt him . We hate him fora reason. I am among the fans who did not dislike ADe when he was sold … Until THAT game that is . The guy has no lojalty and no class. .. SIGN HIM UP and meet his wage demands he is your best player by far anyway.

  11. Ade the famous football whore! If spurs signed him on, then …ha ha ha haha!!!!! the whore finally found his prostitute match!!

  12. Levy should do something smart like offer him 1m cash & 70k a week Man city dont want him so dont think that there would be a massive price say city want 10m give him the other 1m or 2m and we have got him for 12m. Bargain in todays over inflated prices but signing a player who has done well in the premiership.

  13. work for the sake of it do you Ron??You work just for the love of it?? Oh Ron there's you with a name that sounds like you were born in the fifties and you sound like a kid from Mumbai,there's you thinking you were clever and here's you sounding like a moron??

  14. Gooner twats, you’re a one man team. Without Percy you’d be bottom half of the table. You wouldn’t have been happy with finishing 3rd not too long ago but times have changed and its a measure of how far you’ve fallen when finishing above Spurs is somekind of an achievement for you again. Nasri said it best! Ouch!!

    • Basher,

      Every year you spuds say the same thing. Without fabregas, without nasri, without Henri…etc etc etc. Funny how we still finish above you.

    • Wasn't this the player that only a couple of seasons ago you were singing a song about him and his dad being elephant cleaners.

      You're just deluded two faced hypocrites !!!!

  15. Of course the lad is now loyal to S*urs. No other club wants him. If you lot don’t want him where is he going to go. It’s a primative form of begging. “Sign me cause I love you and your in my heart” lol.

    Still it’s going to be hard for you to attract players with no CL if Chelsea beat Bayern, so I wouldn’t burn your already smouldering bridges yet. On the bright side (more for the rest of the league)Harry will be available to ruin another season for you with his tactical nouse. All in all it’s great to be a gooner.

  16. Ha ha ha! Listen to all the scummy little goners having a strop! This has really hurt you all hasn't it? get a fucking life you tossers.

  17. ever noticed how ugly arsenal fans are. I live next to the emirates and I can tell you that they wash in domestos every day.

  18. I love the arse-nil lot. Their forums are full of rumours about Percy leaving so they come here and piss on ours. You're stadium is almost twice as big as ours, you probably earn twice the revenue in sponsorships, tickets and merchandise and yet you can only finish 1 point ahead of the Spuds? What ARE you bragging about exactly? That you finished above us? And what? United and City fiinshed above YOU. We should be a mid-table team but we're improving each season. When Percy realises what a joke your club is and moves on, YOU will be the mid-table team.

  19. I would love to keep Adebayor for next season but the only thing that would put me off is his wage requests and the fact that hes not really an out and out finisher.

  20. Arsenal fans are so cocky, they are hurting inside aren't they about Ade preferring spurs.


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