“Adebayor is certain to get stick from Arsenal fans on Sunday”


Emmanuel Adebayor - Tottenham Hotspur News

Harry Redknapp knows Emmanuel Adebayor will get stick from Arsenal fans, but says it’s unfair.

“Emmanuel Adebayor is certain to get stick from Arsenal fans on Sunday at White Hart Lane,” he said in his column for The Sun.

“Because of the rivalry between Tottenham and the Gunners and because he used to play for them, I would not expect them to greet him with a cheery wave.

“But the level of abuse and the nature of it is something that concerns me, not just in this one game but with the viciousness with which some fans behave these days and consider it acceptable because football is ‘passionate’. What cobblers.”

Redknapp even insists that Adebayor’s full pitch length celebration two years ago was not that bad.

“Adebayor sent Arsenal fans wild with rage for scoring against his old club two years ago now,” he added.

“He ran the length of the pitch and slid on his knees in front of them in a gesture that was provocative. He apologised but what did he do that was so wrong? He had taken dogs’ abuse from the Arsenal fans all afternoon and then reacted. Scoring the goal was an immediate outlet of his frustration.

“In the end he had to say sorry. But I for one hope that he scores a couple of goals against Arsenal on Sunday.

“I won’t need to talk to him before the game to keep a lid on his emotions.

“I get sick and tired of hearing that professional footballers must be exactly that and simply take the abuse they get in the name of ‘the game’ and that when they snap as human beings and react they are instantly condemned.”

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  1. The onus is on the clubs & the FA to stamp this out by putting more stricter & harsher measures in place. Such people do not deserve to share sprting privaleges in society

  2. This guy really needs to shut the fuck up, when Adebayor played for Arsenal, Sp*rs fans would chant songs about his mother being a whore and his father washing elephants… why then do you sit there and accuse the arsenal fans of being out of hand when Adebayor did nothing to deserve respect. If he wanted to leave the club peacefully then I don't think any fans would have been angry but the way he left made arsenal fans mad. you dont have to look far to see past arsenal players being cheered for when they come back to arsenal, just look at henry (im not comparing their skills or talent but their attitude). Oh and what about Sol Campbell? he left sp*rs for arsenal in a similar situation but did the sp*rs fans take the high road? did they say, "good on you and take care"? or did they call him a traitor and some even worse names? I personally hate when fans yell or chant bad things to players because its wrong no matter who the player is but to say that arsenal were out of hand is a bit too harsh considering that up until last year sp*rs fans were doing the same thing to adebayor, i can understand that hes your player now and you want to protect him but hes not a child, he fucked up and now he has to live with the consequences of his actions

    • Live with the consequences of his actions? He's on £170,000 per week! I don't think he's going to lose any sleep over anything Arsenal or Spurs fans chant towards him. As for Scumball, he strung Spurs along for 18 months continually stating in interviews that he would be signing a new contract and that he wasn't going anywhere. Spurs even (mistakenly) turned down a british record bid of £15m for him from manure based on his assurances. He then left for our fiercest rivals on a free transfer – my blood still boils!!! You got £25m for Adebayor, hardly comparable really is it?

  3. If you take away the banter and rivalry at football you will have no atomosphere at the grounds and the game we love will die. Lets be fair the way half the players behave sometimes they deserve abuse, the way they show no loyality to the club that pays their wages, refusing to play because "their head is not right" while picking up £50k plus per week. Shit the more i think about it, the more i think we dont give them enough abuse.

  4. If MFA is asking me to shut the f… up then he is shortsigted, as my comments are aimed at all fans that behave in this manner & not specific to Arsenal fans.

  5. MFA, he is going to chew your crappy defence up on Sunday good luck mate.

    We are far superior

    If we beat Liverpool 4-0 and they comfortably beat you at your ground then I really fear for you and anything less than losing by a 3 goal score line will be a great result for you lot

  6. Er, calm down everybody, the point is that the level of abuse, and the nature of it, is sometimes beyond the pale, something few would disagree with.

    Jay, let me take you up on a couple of points. First let me clarify that I am a spurs fan, however, football is not that simple. If you watched the Arse V Pool game you would have seen an Arse team with a horrendous amount of injuries, some suspensions and a team full of kids. And yet, Pool did not score until they had a man advantage and even then they were fortunate with two incorrect offside calls and an own goal. Your goading might have more weight if it was of some substance. Liverpool are a poor team and they were very lucky.

  7. Sunday’s game is likely to be tight. I think we should be more concerned about RVP than they should about Ade, he’s far more consistent. Ade seems like he’s trying to make peace with Arsenal, there’s little knowing what frame of mind he may turn up in. There are plenty reasons to be positive though: We’ve won the last 7games King has played in; We’re at home; fatigue, they will probably play their first team tonight, we won’t tomorrow; Our injuries are clearing up (Sandro) and we're coming into form; we have Parker and the leadership/mentality he brings with him (he’s what Arse are crying out for).

    Not sure how being favourites will affect us. Huge game!


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