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Emmanuel Adebayor believes Harry Redknapp is the man to revive his career after joining Tottenham from Manchester City.

The striker crossed the Arsenal-Tottenham divide on Thursday, with a stop in the north in the middle, as Redknapp moved to boost his striking ranks.

“I’ve been through a lot of difficult moments,” he told Spurs TV Online.

“Harry Redknapp is a great manager and a great person. As a footballer it is really important to work with a person who really understands you, which is the key for me and he’s one of the few who really understands me which is good for me.

“There’s a lot of good players here and I’m here to do my job, score goals, play football, enjoy myself once again on the pitch.

“I’m in a club where everyone has confidence in me, everyone trusts me, everyone knows what I am capable of doing, which is important for me, and it’s up to me to show them that they are not wrong.”

As a former Gunner, Adebayor has never been popular with the Spurs fans and, during a loan spell with Read Madrid last season, was the subject of some offensive chanting from them during a Champions League game between the two sides.

Anti-racism group Kick It Out condemned the songs, but Adebayor insists all the ill-feeling is in the past.

He added: “You have to be strong to decide to come to Tottenham, I played for three and a half years for Arsenal and there’s a lot of rivalry between Tottenham and Arsenal.

“All I want is to play football and to enjoy myself and today I’m a Tottenham footballer, what I have to do is enjoy myself on and off the pitch.

“For me, the past is the past, I’m looking forward to the future.

“Tottenham have always been a good club. I know a lot of the players and I have a lot of friends here, so when I got the call to come and join the club and to help the club achieve what they want to achieve, I quickly said yes.”

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  1. You can’t kill the guy. The rivalry is between the fans. If neither club employed any players then where is the football where is the rivalry? If Manny Adebayor does his job and scores goals for us then who can argue? Currently there is a crop if players at our club being paid vast amounts of money with the very same job description as Adebayor and they’re not fulfilling that description and yet still they’re being paid. Which other industry do you know whereby you still get paid even if you don’t do your job? All that aside though the bottom line is that if Adebayor does his job as well as he did for the old enemy then great. Remember this faithful, players come and go but we’ve been here for over one hundred and twenty five years so the rivalry will still go on and it doesn’t matter who scores our goals as long as they’re doing it for us and against them. LILLYWHITETILIDIE.

  2. This is great business: we have removed Keano’s wages & replaced them with Adebayor’s wage. Even if we are £20k pw down- this would represent amazing value- since Ade is IDEAL for spurs. A player who will be 1st choice for sure if he plays with right spirit.


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