Adebayor’s Fawlty aim in Basel proves costly


After half an hour of last Thursday’s game you’d have been surprised that we’d be able to run what appeared to be a rampant FC Basel team so close, in the end though despite the injuries, the lack of pace, width, quality up front and Belgian centre-backs it was only the ‘lottery of penalties’ that kept us from the semi-finals. Except that it’s not a lottery in our case, we are just perennially shit at them and going down once we reached the end of extra time should’ve surprised no-one who has paid any attention at all to our record with spot-kicks, whether they be in normal time or no, in the 21st century.

Having said that, Adebayor’s comedy run-up has raised the ineptness bar.

We achieved our third 2-2 draw in a row thanks to a much better shackling of the Basel front three, some smart finishing from Dempsey and a strangely cautious approach from the home side who never attempted to take the game by the scruff of the neck, but instead seemed content to sit back and wait for events to unfold.

This fatalistic approach meant that Dempsey’s late equaliser seemed to knock the belief out of them and it looked like we were heading into injury and possibly extra time with some possibly decisive momentum before Vertonghen’s mistimed tackle on Streller saw us down to ten men and on the back foot from then on. Some stoic and committed defending just delayed the inevitable.

There were good performances from Walker, Holtby, Parker, Adebayor, Sigurdsson and one should include Dempsey for his goals despite his lack of pace and wooden first touch. Dawson, Huddlestone and Carroll all stood up and were counted during extra time, Villas-Boas will have learnt a lot about his players from this game.

Another two goals conceded though and another one from a corner (one that should’ve been a goal-kick by the way). That’s four games in a row where we’ve conceded from corners. There is a malaise at the back that needs remedying if we’re going to achieve anything in the remainder of the season. In these games I personally think that not playing Lloris has been a mistake, Friedel could’ve done better with both Frei and Dragovic’s goals in the two legs. In general we’re giving the ball away too much and letting players in behind us too often. Better decision making on the ball is needed plus a way to force some width into this team.

So we’re not going to Amsterdam then. A week and a bit to gather ourselves, gird the loins, get some players back, refocus and all sorts of other clichés before it’s back to domestic action and Man City. Easy.

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  1. "Good performance from Adebayor" you say. His touch and shooting are dire and his application is virtually nil.
    My view is that Levy should terminate his contract and pay him up. He's hardly likely to get a club that he considers good enough for him after all. Somehow restore Defoe's self belief and break the bank to gey a top class striker to go with him, not some bargain basement Peterbourgh reserve.

  2. Massive lifelong Tottenham fan from Cape Town here, Adebayor 2011/12 = Awesome. Adebayor 2012/13 = Not so much. He's still getting goals, but compared to last season where he was playing for a permamant place in the team and buyout of his contract, he just seems to have taken his foot off of the gas since. It is really difficult to watch especially as we know how good he is. We definitely missed Bale last night, he injects so much pace into our counter attack. Basel were ripe for the taking but no-one seems to go for the trhough ball or run into space. Basel are good, they are, but compared to us they should never have won, especially not at WHL, that 2 all draw however was testament to side that lacks big names but plays with heart. I have always and will always say, that you just can't buy heart, and they played with bucket loads. I agree though, the extra time play just delayed the inevitable. We just didn't look like we wanted it enough, and that cost us. I do agree about Friedl though, and as much as I love him and all that he has done for the club over the years, he just didn't have the same spring in his step as Sommer did. That kid was all over and up for the game, not that Friedl wasn't, he just looked like an old guy playing a young mans game. Pity, this team really had all the quality to go all the way. We just need to find more in our firepower than Bale, we need to have some sort of answer or depth when he isn't available. Nonehtless, still a proud fan regardless. Well done boys, chin up, rest up and lets hit Man CIty where it hurts. SPUUUUURS!

    • Well – gratifying the support is unwavering but maybe all those miles away in Cape Town is having a detrimental effect on your eyesight as regards to the Addy man – or – as the preselective text or whatever it is on my phone refers to him – Thaddybollocks. I didnt think Adebayor was awesome last year but he was more purposeful. This year, lethargic would be praise for him – he has looked disinterested , lazy , an abysmal first touch allayed with hardly any goals. Not glowing. Yesterday, sure , he put in a little more effort – but in all the wrong places – he was hardly ever in the penalty area and when he was , he was woeful.
      I agree with you – without pace and width we looked half the team and as for Friedel well – I find it hard to criticise him but he lacks the mobility now and, also, the defence are more accustomed to Lloris coming out for the ball more now rather than standing on his goal line. Why Spurs didnt buy a striker in January perhaps only Levy knows – and an attacking / creative midfielder to replace the craft and guile of Modric and Van der Vaart.

  3. How can anyone say he put on a good effort? The only one on the pitch who moved less was Friedel. He's lazy, selfish and just plain poor. Of I was one of the other 9 near death at the end of that game, I'd have throttled h in the dressing room.

  4. Adebayor was a joke last, night slow, lumbering around looking uninterested, and not careing about the team at all.
    MR LEVY please get him out of the club as soon as you can,befoe his attitude spreads through the whole team.

  5. Ade-Poor has missed many key goals this season that ANY average center forward would have scored –
    Spurs need to promote their scoring under 21 forward to 1st team & demote Ade-poor to "A" team as I feel not good enough for reserves to have any chance at Top 4 finish


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