Agent claims Spurs have bid for striker


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Yannick Djalo’s agent has claimed that Tottenham and Newcastle have both made bids for the Sporting Lisbon player.

The 24-year-old came through the ranks at the Portuguese club and caught the eye with some impressive displays last season.

“Sporting will let him leave for a fee in the region of €7-8 million,” His agent Lionel da Silva told Record.

“The offers we have in our hands, from Tottenham and Newcastle, are over the €5 million mark.

“Therefore, given the difference at stake, I believe this matter will be solved quickly. We have been much more distant before.”

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  1. Just sat and watched urugauy and I have said on this site again and again that harry should push and push daniel levy to sign diego forlan. I don’t care if he is 31 41 or 51 he is a world class striker who for at least 3-4 years would be a top player for our club. For me he has everything pace,he can hold the ball up,run the forward line on his own and also and most importantly scores goals for fun! Everytime I watch him he screams a typical spurs striker to me, he has the swagger andfl should be playing champions league football with us! COYS

    • I second that…. forlan is top class and would be the difference for us next season. that being said, i have grown to trust harry

    • Besides the omission of his free-kick taking abilities from your post, I Couldn't agree more.
      He's like a slightly more energetic version of Berbatov lol.
      Who knows, it might even re-ignite Keane's form.
      Keane's playmaking combined with Forlan's playmaking, plus Defoe's killer instinct in striking would resemble the high-quality Uruguayan strikeforce we've been watching in the world cup;

      Keane (Cavani), Forlan (Forlan), Defoe (Suarez).

      I can see it. Can you?

      • Did you not say that English football was on the decline because of all the foreign imports. Now you want 3 more to add to it. Not very consistent, are you?………CHECK YOUR EARLIER POST BUDDY!!!!!!
        This DaveYid is trying to confuse you spud fans, well he's not fooling me…….Regards……. LOL.

        • Coming from someone who supports a totally foreign team[name your English or even Briitsh regular first team player] you have got some neck coming on here with your comments.But never let it be said a gooner would allow truth,consistancy or what is right to get in the way of his point of view however twisted

          • You guys can't have it both ways,slagging off teams far superior to yours, foreign or otherwise and then copying us at the same time. Don't make me laugh, going on about consistency, the only thing you are consistent about is your inconsistency

  2. Must be another slow day on the gooner forums.
    We aint after this guy weve got players like him already.
    If were gonna buy 'another' striker hes gonna have to be a cut above the rest.

  3. Rather we bought Craig Bellamy from City

    Djalo is untested in England and Forlan was a flop.

    We need someone who can hit the ground running as we have big games straight away.


    • Your a moron, so Forlan being voted golden ball and best player of World Cup 2010, and joint top scorer isn't an indication of his world class then what is world cup, you should be made to eat your words, are you laughing now, I think not, sounds like your a man u fan, and judge Forlan purely on his failure at Man U. Sir Alex your god, even congratulated Forlan on his world cup, was confirmed by the player himself.
      Forlan and and Rooney wern't even in the same league when it came to the world cup, the same could be said for Ronaldo aswell, Rooney and Ronaldo were pathetic, Torres didn't play much part, Kaka was solid, Forlan out played all of them and there is no bigger stage then the world cup, you are biaest to Rooney as he is a legend in england, but it has to be said England is not one of the top national sides, every thing is relative, and there is football outside of England, Spain is equal to EPL, and Forlan was top scorer 2 seasons in a row, and with Spain winning the world cup, that really does show you

  5. Johnny your a fool, you play too much football manager, on the biggest stages forlan delivers, he pratically single handedly won the europa cup for Atletico and Uruaguay would of got knocked out ages ago if it wasnt for him, he plays with Aguero who he constantly outshines yet people like you with limited football knowledge would put Aguero over Forlan all day based on skill rather than performance. Rooney and Ronaldo both flop on big stages, Kaka has lost it, the only player who is a cut above is david villa, but Forlan is one of the top 5 strikers in the world without doubt, we wont get him but if we did then you would see this

  6. Oh brother, you just have to laugh at some of the players linked to us at the moment. Truth is though we do need a tweek here and there to make sure we maintain the good work we put in last season because with all that money that Citeh have its not going to be easy we need to get off to a flyer again first up Citeh. Diego Forlan hmmm bit of a conundrum I accept that he is the type of player we should be looking at the only real problem is how much is he gonna cost? Realistically if a deal could be done for say 12million then it could work because let’s face it there isn’t a sell on value there but if he contributes as he has been doing for club and country for say three years then its money well spent I say but I can’t see us getting him for that kind of money Mr Forlan has helped his stock to sky high levels with his showings in this world cup, which club wouldn’t want him? Maybe a player like Klaas Jan Huntelaar at say 15million could be an alternative given that he is younger and we have been linked in the past. But then we have five strikers oh brother I’m glad Harry’s in charge and not me. Lillywhitetilidie.

  7. Forlan > Huntelaar all day.

    I'd take Cavani over the Dutchman too. He hasn't shone too brightly in the world cup but there were sparks of genius from him against the Germans. If Man City are serious about signing Balotelli, Torres and Dzeko then you have to wonder where that leaves Tevez too. He'd be a real performer in our team if he is indeed deemed surplus to requirements.

    There's Luis Fabiano, Luis Suarez and Falcao too.. All of which look arguably like better options than Huntelaar.

    And if we're being really ridiculous then Ibrahimovic and Benzema have been relegated to fringe players… A bit too far though I think!


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