Alderweireld hints that unhappy team-mate could be the cause of unrest rumours

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Tottenham defender Toby Alderweireld has rejected suggestions that the players are unhappy with Jose Mourinho’s tactics and insisted that they are enjoying working with the new Spurs boss.

Mourinho replaced Mauricio Pochettino at the helm back in November and while results initially improved under Portuguese, some poor performances over recent weeks have raised question marks over the side.

The Sun reported a couple of days ago that many Spurs stars were unhappy with the old fashioned tactics employed by the new Tottenham head coach and believed that the side has regressed since the 56-year-old arrived a couple of months ago.

Alderweireld, who signed a new three and a half year deal with the club last month, has insisted that the reports of unrest are false and that the players are completely behind Mourinho.

The defender also suggested that perhaps it was an unhappy player who had leaked false reports of squad unrest.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, Alderweireld said, “I can say with my hand on my heart there’s no negativity.

“We have an unbelievable group. I think we have such nice guys. Maybe we are too nice, you know? That’s maybe the problem! But no, everyone is very happy with the manager, the way we train.

“I think we’ve been so consistent the last four or five years, so it’s a little bit human sometimes to drop a little bit.

“Not that you want to drop or anything like that. But sometimes it doesn’t go your way and we have to find a way to get back to our level. But on the other hand I think we are fifth [sic] now so we’re not doing so bad.

“It’s the next step that this club has taken whereby if you are fifth [sic] everyone is not happy, so that’s positive as well.

“So again, no negativity. I don’t know where that’s come from. Maybe there’s a player that’s not happy and maybe he wants to say something, it’s all possible. But from 99% I’m telling you we’re happy with the group.”

Spurs Web Opinion

It is pretty obvious that he is hinting at Rose being the player who leaked the negative story. In fairness, it was clear that the left back was behind the report as soon as it appeared in the Sun as we know he is not shy of leaking stories to the publication. It is clear at this point that Rose has become a negative influence on the squad. If he refuses to leave, I wouldn’t be opposed to the club paying out his contract.

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  1. IF it IS Danny Rose then he needs to be either A) Sacked B) sent to the U-23 squad C) have contract paid off and got out of the club. He definitely cannot continue to be part of the squad if he is even partways stirring the crud!
    IF not him then the Club has a leak in the offices somewhere. No club can properly be secure as is always the case and such behaviour only leads to rumbling under cover of these situations. It also is not helpful that the ragtops that employ such dumb journos ONLY are ever interested in creating mayhem, but that is the price of democracy.
    JM is doing a pretty decent job in this writer’s humble opinion. Aurier is finally getting into his stride, his crosses are pretty damn good; Lo Celso is 100% the right person to take over in midfield and MoM v Norwich simply by his industry alone; Loura is getting his patterns right; Son is just plain good(!) defence is coming together, Tango is a real gem, much better than Rose already, generally the club sure is getting the Mourinho way into focus.
    To finish, Rose must either go, be relegated to the U-23s. or sacked (but his registration kept back with Spurs for the rest of the season).


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