Has Alli lost his appetite?

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Seventh was probably not the Brave New World Mauricio Pochettino was contemplating when he came up with the title of his autobiography-diary writes Martin Samuel in The Daily Mail.

The article says, that apart from a little blip at the start of this campaign when the table was barely formed, it is our lowest league position since October 2015.

Samuel does say he imagines it will be temporary, with us having too many good players to be falling long.However he does say we need Dele Alli; and, increasingly, he is deserting us.

The article adds He is young, and young players can lose form however he does say what is most troubling about Alli this season is the inconsistency, saying he rises to the occasion against Real Madrid and then slinks into anonymity in a mundane league fixture.

The article adds how Pochettino discusses Alli in his book, writing of being concerned by the avatar picture on his WhatsApp page, which depicts a young man surrounded by enemies.

‘People who all want a piece of him,’ :Pochettino notes. ‘The danger remains, as is often the case, that he will forget what has got him to this point. I have had to repeat to him this season.

‘The other risk is whether those around him know how to treat a top-level professional. I often think about the WhatsApp photo. John McDermott (the head of Spurs’ academy) says that when the trough is full, the pigs come from all over to feed.

‘The coach used to be the dominant voice but now the player listens to so many others, especially those who promise the world.’

The article adds that Alli’s decision to search for a new agent this season makes him particularly vulnerable to ambitious sales pitches and says what 21-year-old would not find appealing talk of moves to the biggest clubs in Europe, and freedom from the restraints of our well know wage structure?

It does say that Pochettino’s thoughts seem particularly apt given what he has seen of Alli this season however the article does add that these printed opinions relate to the previous campaign, when Alli’s form was strong.

It concludes by saying Pochettino sounds like a man who knows what is coming and knows the consequences of just one underwhelming season, and with the choices being placed before Alli, whether genuine or not, Tottenham must be in the Champions League next season.

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  1. Ali’s a big game player as he showed agains Real. He will have to find ways of making himself ‘go for it’ against lesser opposition. It’s strange when you find that you can really pull out the stops when you have the biggest challenges but let lesser opposition get away.

  2. Yeah i would lose my appetite as well if i was earning all that money on a weekly basis doing what i love

    Maybe a bit of tough love is needed for him as well as others like ericksson drop them to the bench or squad for a game or two get the hunger back.


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