Alli’s cheat reputation amongst officials


Mark Halsey, the former Premier League referee, fears Dele Alli now has a reputation as a cheat among match officials in the top tier of English football, and he has suggested that the England star could receive special treatment from referees due to his past success in winning decisions due to simulation.

The Hertfordshire Official writing in a column for Yahoo Sport,suggested Dele’s past offences are now coming back to haunt him, even though he (Halsey) believes referees should judge each incident on its merits.

“Dele Alli has developed a reputation for being a diver and it will be hard for him to shake that tag with Premier League match officials”: said Halsey

He added:”While referees should assess each decision on the evidence before them, they are fully aware of players who have conned their way to penalty decisions in the past and Alli’s reputation now goes before him, with the consequences evident in the last few days.

Alli was booked for simulation for the fourth time in Sunday’s 2-2 draw with Anfield and Halsey believes Jon Moss was perhaps influenced by the midfielder’s reputation. He said:”Alli was cautioned for simulation once again as he fell in the box against Liverpool at Anfield on Sunday and while I would not criticise referee Jon Moss in his decision to award a yellow card for the incident, I suspect the identity of the player involved played a part in his final decision.

He added: “It could be argued that Alli did not dive or try to deceive the officials as he fell in the box during the second half of the game at Anfield and that his momentum contributed to his fall when he lost his balance, yet when you have a reputation for diving, the benefit of the doubt that a majority of  players are given is taken away and that is the position Alli finds himself in now.

Halsey also suggested that Dele should’ve been awarded a penalty in last weeks victory over Manchester United but this time referee Andre Marriner may too have been influenced by the former MK Dons stars reputation: “He should have been awarded a penalty for a challenge in last week’s Premier League game against Manchester United at Wembley after a challenge from Antonio Valencia, but Andre Marriner did not give the decision and again, I would suggest it may be because Alli was the player involved.

Halsey added: “When a referee has been bitten by a player successfully duping him into making a decision, he will not forget that incident and Alli is now in a position that makes it hard for him to get marginal decisions from Premier League officials.That is a big problem for him and Tottenham, but he has helped to create this problem for himself”.

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  1. Sadly this is the case for Ali now, largely the author of his own misfortune. At least he didn’t have any histrionics when the penalty was not given (Man U) nor the when he got the yellow card at Anfield. But it will take a long time to change these perceptions.

    All skillful players run the risk of being labelled divers anyway; remember what defenders got away with in the case of Ginola? Dele’s problem is that he is a bit of a chancer; a cheeky player who can do skillful touches that most English players cannot replicate. It’s part of what can yet make him an exceptional player – eventually.

    Spurs fans will remember Bayo Akinfenwa of Wycombe Wanderers. Because of his size he sledom get’s the benefit of the doubt from referees, yet he is at League 2 level very subtle and keeps his cool. If Dele follows his example, he can rise above this and make opposing fans froth at the mouth!

  2. Yet more spurs bashing. Don’t like diving and it has come back to haunt Dele but to single him out is totally unfair. Over the course of many seasons I’ve seen diving from big name players from other teams, especially the so called big four, to cheat their way to a win when it isn’t going their way, but those players are described as “class” or “genius”. But then most of this country “supports” either red or blue anyway. Heaven forbid that another team should tread on their toes.


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