Jose Mourinho makes Netflix reveal

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Tottenham head coach Jose Mourinho has been wearing a microphone and filmed during large parts of his time at Spurs for Amazon’s All or Nothing upcoming documentary.

It is fair to say that Mourinho hasn’t been too keen with every bit of his work being filmed and recorded as he has hinted at the ridiculousness of the situation since taking over the North London job (Daily Mail).

The 56-year-old has now revealed that he will also be a part of a Netflix series which takes an inside look at coaching in different sports.

The Portuguese manager claimed that he had already completed filming for the series and joked that Amazon better not find out about his involvement with Netflix.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Mourinho said, “I’m doing also an episode for Netflix, it’s true. Eight coaches of eight different sports. I’ve filmed it already, I don’t know when it comes out. My part is done.

“I think it is NBA, F1, tennis, NFL, rugby. Not cricket! But Amazon guys, they cannot know!”

A report in The Sun last week revealed that the meeting in which Mauricio Pochettino was sacked by Daniel Levy has also been recorded for the upcoming Amazon series.

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Given how much of a roller coaster ride the season has already been for the club, it looks like the series is certainly going to have some explosive moments. However, having every single thing you do filmed for public consumption certainly isn’t the best environment for the players and the coaching staff to be working in.

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  1. It was classless of Levy to allow Amazon to film Poch’s sacking but would be even much more so if he allows them to air that meeting for the Amazon documentary! It’s disgusting how Poch was treated. And Levy has no effin’ common sense! How can he think that having Amazon recording everything all the time would be conducive to Poch turning things around when things had clearly started going stale from last winter (despite the amazing ride to the CL final)? And for what? For £8 million?! That’s so short-sighted! He tacked on pressures that the best Gaffer Spurs has had in the EPL era didn’t need when trying to deal with a project that had finally run its course and he certainly didn’t support him in the transfer market to refresh and reinvigorate the team when Poch was calling for it.

    Mourinho is just a train wreck waiting to happen. Someone please tell me how Mou and Levy are not eventually going to clash over resources and players needed?? And the new manager bounce lasted all of 3 games.

    Well done Levy. Well done. FFS!


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