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Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti admitted that Tottenham played well after watching his side lose 2-1 at the Lane.

He told ESPN: “The title is still in our hands, we don’t have to be afraid, we just have to look to the next game against Stoke.

“I don’t think the players were nervous, we knew how important this game was. We didn’t do so good but Tottenham played very well, at the same level as they did against Arsenal.

“We were a little bit down, but this is football.”

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  1. This was a far better performance the the Arse game. We looked like scoring whenever we went forward and kept possession well. Just wish we hadn't conceded in the dying minutes again! COYS!!!

  2. To the ungracious gooners who kept writing us off and leaving infantile comments on different sites,and since Wednesday evening have gone to ground,where are you now.One of your number even said we could,nt win against champions league opposition,well we have beaten two champions league teams in the last couple of days.It is,nt easy to get there but if we do i can see no reason why we cant progress in time,, after all the goons were not that great in the early years,and they were shown up against Barcelona.

  3. Delighted about the great victory but somewhat disappointed that we did not score more goals with all those easy chances we had. A team of Spurs’ calibre should not miss such easy scoring chances. At this crucial stage, it is not sufficient to win but we must also aim at a good goal difference as it could be the determining factor in the end. Defoe must learn the chipping technique when he has only the goalkeeper to beat. He tends to shoot straight at the goalkeeper most of the time.
    We now have enough confidence to beat Man U.

  4. Some please explain how we didnt win that 5 or 6-1.
    We murdered Chelski all over the park and im loving the Hudd and Modric partnership in the middle. Not so sure if i would pick Palacios against Man Utd cos Hudd and Modric have been immense against the Arse and Plastic Blues.
    Once again another electric atmosphere today and we have to make sure as Yids that we do exactly the same when Bolton visit town.
    As for Bale!! Well i can only assume he's on bloody drugs cos i have never seen a fitter player as him in football. The kid can run 24/7 up and down that wing and as far as im concerned he's a far better player than Lennon cos he can cross the ball. Well done boys, you have made us all proud of you again after last Sunday.

  5. This week we have taken 6 points that no-one (if we're completely honest) thought we would. For a long time I have said that i'd be happy to take 2 points away from these three fixtures but after the way we've played this week there's no reason why we can't go up to Man U full of fight and bag another 3. 4th place is ours now.

  6. I think that without Crouch we keep the ball on the ground without using the long ball in our attacks ( up to 80%) as we did when Crouch was playing. Also we keep now better position as we defend and we shouldn’t forget the excellent form of Gomes. His saves gave the team a lot of confidence. Also the terrific form of Bale but also of Dawson played a big role as well the team efforts of almost all players. Still unbelievable how we lost to Portsmouth in such a crucial game. The problem is that the players can’t lift themselves to the level we’ve watched in the last two games when they play inferior teams.

  7. A week in football is a long time or so I have heard it said, this last week gone will live long in the memory, lose to pompey in a semi cup final on Sunday beat Arsenal on Wednesday and spank Chelsea on Saturday and still the week isn’t up. All my gooner mates were giving it loads on Sunday when pompey done us things said like “we don’t have the minerals”, “Champions League wannabes” well we won’t say anything except on the pitch we know we been good enough for a while just been lacking a little self belief and maybe a little concentration at key times against teams not chasing much but that aside any team knowing they have to play us must be worried. Especially after what we did to Chelsea today, easily that should have been five or six one. I watched the highlights on MOTD and I have to say John Terry is without doubt the dirtiest player in the league. Last week very easily he couldve broke James Milner’s leg, today same thing with JD and even more worryingly is he is going to the world cup finals. We England have as good a chance as any of the favourites to go all the way but I fear we will blow it with John Terry making challenges like the two I just mentioned. The guy is a liability PLEASE Fabio if there is an alternative please use that instead, I am forty two years old and sick of hearing about 66 and if John Terry blows it for us. Has no one else not noticed that if we had not let wolves do the double on us taken the full three points against Everton when JD missed the penalty that we would be well out of sight in the race for fourth place maybe even challenging for third? Spilt milk an all that. Lillywhitetilidie.

  8. If JD had made that penalty, Hudd had converted his, and we did the double over Wolves, we would have had an extra 10 points, and be in with a shout of the title! More consistent form across the board, and keeping the ball on the deck will serve us well next year, not matter how we finish up the season.

  9. I am Spurs through and through for almost 50 yrs, But that word "IF" is best explained by saying that "if my aunt had balls she would have been my uncle"
    Missed penalties, injuries, bad refereeing decisions thats football and the same for all teams. After last Sundays disappointment against Pompey the team has starting to shown the right spirit, self belief and determination, and even if we don't get 4th spot this season we still would have a good season which can be built on.

  10. Spurs are a great side and can finish top next season if they learn to play consistently and improve on their finishing. They squander far too many easy scoring chances as they did against Chelsea.. With more consistency, they could even have finished top this season. I still cannot get over their defeat by Pompey in such a vital game but it has only galvanised them to win two key matches. With this momemtum, they can beat Man U and City.

  11. Don't care where we will finish at the end of the season. I only care about team spirits. I care that the player develop winning mentality and give their bests. It is so important that next season, we keep all important players and by a few world class players to improve the team regardless of where we finish this season. I can't wait to see Bale and Lennon in the same team. gotta be awesome. Hudd is superb, I like him.

  12. Brilliant wins against the scum who think they own the right to win. The thing that i have noticed is the spirit within. Just look at how all the players rally round to pat on the back, players like brilliant Dawson when he makes an important challenge or block and SPIDERMAN GOMES, when he makes an important save, and all the others, MODS, THE HUDD, AND BALE, what a player…!!. We keep this up, and we'll win the league..!!


  13. I honestly thought that we would get a pasting from Chelsea considering their current goal scoring form and motivation to win the title at the moment. Not knowing the result I tuned into MOTD last night fully expecting the worst and couldn't believe what I saw. My beloved Spurs were rampant, tore into the top side in the premiership, played great, composed, flowing and attacking football and didn't let up the whole game. The energy and self belief was in such abundance that they seemed unstoppable. It could so easily have been 5 or 6-1. What a performance. It's been a long time coming and I feel immensly proud of our team this morning.


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