“We are nowhere near getting Andy Carroll”


Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp has ruled out a move for Newcastle striker Andy Carroll.

Reports had claimed that Spurs were set to make a £30million move for the England international, but Redknapp has pointed to his valuation as a stumbling block.

“He’s a good player, he’s a handful, you’d like to have him in your team,” Redknapp said.

“But we are nowhere near getting Andy Carroll. How much is he? You are talking £30million to 40million.”

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  1. Thank god for that. I don’t want a scum bag like him sullying the beloved lilywhite shirt. Yeah sure, he’s a capable player, and couldn’t fail do to a better job than that useless clown crouch, but some things are more important than football and the thought of my hard earned money, that pays for my season ticket, subsequently paying his wages makes me feel sick. He’s a violent thug just the same as Barton. People should look past the football and more at the person, that way there wouldn’t be a place for people like Carroll, Barton, hadj diouf et al in the game at all.

  2. We’ve already got a clumsy fucker of a striker, we don’t need to pay over the odds for another one. Carthorse of a player, get a grip and get some proper class in.


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