Andy Gray says Spurs stadium move ‘doesn’t make sense’

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Former Everton striker Andy Gray has suggested that Tottenham should make the decision to stay at Wembley for the rest of the season. Speaking to beIN SPORTS, the pundit said that the club would be making a mistake by moving stadiums in the middle of the season as it could potentially derail their campaign.

The 63-year-old said he didn’t understand why Spurs are keen to move given that they are in the knockout stages of the Champions League and still in the title race. He further added that Spurs are already acclimatised to Wembley having played there for 18 months and will likely take some time to adjust to their new surroundings if and when they move.

“If I was at Tottenham now, I would make a decision. I’d want to stay at Wembley for the rest of the season,” Gray said. “You’re in the knockout stages of the Champions League, second in the Premier League. They’ve been there for 18 months.”

“Why would you want to go to a brand new stadium in the middle of the season, when you’re still in the knockout stages of the Champions League and you’re in with a chance of winning the league. Doesn’t make sense to me.”

Cardiff manager Neil Warnock claimed earlier in the week that the Premier League should enforce Tottenham to play the rest of their home games at Wembley in order to make sure Cardiff’s relegation rivals don’t get an unfair advantage.

The suggestion was shot down by Pochettino who has made it clear that the club will be moving into their 62,062 capacity stadium as soon as it is completed.

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  1. Poch is a realist, everything he’s done has been to winning the Premier League and progressing further and further.
    Him wanting to move into the new stadium asap is all about long term success over short term succes.
    Staying at Wembley may be better for our chances of winning the league this season, yet given our last season at WHL where we went unbeaten at home and now 18 months later we have started to adapt yet we’ve picked up a lot more points away from home than we have at home.
    If we can get used to our new home and make it a fortress and continue to pick up points away from home like we are doing we’ll be in with a great shout at winning the league

  2. Andy Gray obviously hasn’t visited the new stadium, if he had he would have a different opinion. I was one of the 6,000 invited to the open day and being someone who’s not easily impressed I was gobsmacked at what they’ve managed to achieve. The atmosphere that stadium will develop (especially the new Park lane end) will blow your mind. Wembley has been a handy stop gap but it still feels like an away ground and personally I cant wait to get out of there, the boost White Hart Lane 2.0 will give the business end of the season will be sensational.

  3. Well maybe this idiot should pay more attention, because we don’t actually have a good record at wembley. can hardly get worse. we have a better away record than home. anyone who doesn’t realize that we are underperforming at wembley doesn’t realize how truly good we are. we were undefeated at our last season in whl. we are underperforming at wembley. this guy is dumb

  4. I’m sure that money plays a significant part in this decision. We “pay to play” at Wembley…why move into our new stadium when it is complete rather than keep paying for Wembley? Something that Andy Gray knows insufficient data about in this decision.

    Spurs fans do NOT like the trip to Wembley (for the most part). The new stadium will have more atmosphere than Wembley does also.

  5. Who in their right mind actually takes the opinion of Andy Gray seriously? Let alone Neil Warnock.
    I can understand their point of view if Spurs were moving to Hackney Marshes to play their home matches but our magnificent new stadium is an entirely different World altogether which will undoubtedly generate an unbelievable atmosphere and lift the players, management and supporters enormously.
    The old WHL used to have that indescribable magic back in the day but our beautiful new stadium will be twice as vibrant/passionate and LOUD. Cant wait.

  6. The return to playing at WHL makes perfect sense to Spurs supporters; it only doesn’t make sense to a dumb fat Scot who used to work for the nastiest newspaper in the world. So what?


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