“Another bang average season” – Former Spurs midfielder blasts team after defeat to Palace

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

Tottenham Hotspur have been knocked out of both domestic cup competitions within the space of four days, ending the club’s realistic chances of finishing the season with silverware.

While Tottenham bowed out of the Carabao Cup at the semi-final stage on penalties, a weakened side was brushed aside by Crystal Palace in the fourth round of the FA Cup yesterday afternoon.

Some fans took to social media to voice their frustration at what looks like another trophyless season for the club, which now nearly extends to an eleven-year period.

Pochettino came out fighting in his post-match press conference and insisted that retaining a Champions League spot was more important than getting their hands on silverware.

By the looks of it, former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara certainly disagreed with that assessment as he went on a rant after the defeat to Palace about how Spurs are having a bang average season.

If anything, it is refreshing to see a former player give an honest assessment rather than worrying about upsetting the club and jeopardising any chance of future work within their hospitality areas.

However, the midfielder seemed to gather himself a few hours later and provided a much more sober assessment.

Truth to be told, O’Hara was hardly the only one to have lost his cool after the Palace display with many Spurs fans reacting in a similar manner.

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  1. Poch isn’t “building” for long-term or anything else. His much vaunted philosophy is based on so-called “Universal Energy”: “Nothing happens for causality. It is always a consequence of something else.” So, why even plan to win a game by introducing special tactics or using the best resources you have on any particular day, when the outcome is all based on this nebulous “energy”?

  2. Stupid comments ..and by an ex-player who should know better.
    Having been a supporter for 55 years, I am fully aware of what a ‘bang average
    season’ is for Tottenham! In between trophies I’ve known quite a few of them over the years.
    But I do not consider lying 3rd in the Premiership in January and in the last 16 of the Champions
    League, despite mega-rich teams all around us, despite countless awful injuries and having to put up with fact that for two seasons we have had NO home, a ‘bang average season’!!
    Nor do I consider ANY of the past 3 or 4 seasons to be ‘bang average, either’!
    It is a cringe making ignorant remark which does no justice to what Poch and this squad have done
    at Tottenham over recent years! We may not have won anything, but we’re better than many Spurs
    sides who HAVE won things in the past, and we have regained respect throughout the football world.
    What do people want?? ..when we’re thwarted in our ambitions at every turn by outrageous fortune?
    It WILL change, and we will get the tangible success our performances over 4 years deserve, but comments like O’Hara’s might make Poch think ‘is it really worth it?’. Because if HE leaves, key players will follow ..and then people like O’Hara and the many ungrateful fans will all be wishing forlornly they had this type of ‘bang average season’ once again!

    • That’s the problem – key players leaving. Why would you stay when you know your manager and the hierarchy aren’t trying to win, citing top 4 as the ultimate goal. Dear Oh Dear – “There used to be a football club over there!”

      • Of course they’re TRYING to win! Did you see the 2nd half against Palace??
        Just what do you expect with so many injuries and two games a week since the start of December? When the occasional squad player steps in to the team because of the odd injured, or rested, player it doesn’t affect our team much, but when there are countless injury and tiredness problems, especially with key games coming up in the PL and CL, you have to risk effectively a makeshift team! And many came up short, despite trying their hardest. Top 4 is not the ultimate goal, either! It’s about cementing a base for success to follow, especially once we’ve bedded in at our new ground. But top 4 is also a necessity for us! How can you even say that our manager and hierarchy aren’t trying to win??? Have you seen how many games in all competitions we’ve ‘won’ over the past 4 seasons? Every game is taken one at a time and on its merits and circumstances. I love that revitalised ‘football club over there’! Because I recall too many dark, laughable, embarrassing and unambitious times at the club that ‘used to be there’!

  3. Lack of a forward has cost us Lorentee is not the answer,crap display versus CP,
    We are three players short and need to spend some money a new ground is good but useless
    without a decent team

  4. everyone is entitled to an opinion but everyone seems to be blaming Poch who I think has been totally let down by a chairman who pretends to be ambitious but really isn’t . Yes he’s building a new stadium because that brings in money, refuses to spend big on players and everyone was optimistic about his decision making after the third part of the season but not surprisingly this is a long season and the only way to get success is a strong squad which he didn’t strengthen and still shows no sign of a signature in January which bye the way should have been done early January not after being knocked out of 2 competitions. We are headed the way Arsenal did with a nice stadium, no trophies but keep getting us in the top 4 Poch. That’s not where we should be! Also we had a great commercial opportunity with Pulisic a young player ith great potential but more than that if Levy wants to make money- links to the USA market, merchandise and closer to his ambitions with the NFL of using theUS market for revenue. Don’t get it !!

    • Top Four is about providing a solid base for success, especially as we enter our new stadium after two years of clear disadvantage. We cannot expect, along with the injuries we’ve had at critical times, to win FA Cups and League Cups as well challenge for the league and CL. But of course we’re trying to win things, and will always aim to! Did we look like a team that was trying to ‘throw’ the Palace game? I know exactly what Poch means, and what he’s aiming for. And don’t believe for one minute that Levy is thwarting Poch at every turn in the transfer market. Poch has carte blanche at Spurs to pretty much do what he wants, and if he wants a player then Levy will try his utmost to get him, if that player is available, wants to come to Spurs, and is not at an over-inflated price (unless of course he’s young enough with Poch being able to improve him). I trust Poch and Levy, and I appreciate this 4 year journey. Trophy success will surely follow if we maintain this this path, and no one more than me wants to see Lloris/Kane lift the FA Cup at Wembley. But deviate from the path we’re on and we might go back to the days when (yes) we win the odd domestic cup, yet become Spursy in the PL and with no CL challenge.


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