Anyone know an electrician? Asking for a friend… Daniel Levy

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

The Sun have reported that an online recruitment agency is advertising for 10 electricians to start working short notice on a large commercial project in North London, which we’re told is the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Tottenham announced last Monday that stadium delays were forcing them to move fixtures from their brand new 62,000 seat stadium over to last season’s home, Wembley.

Games against Fulham, Liverpool, and Cardiff are set for the national stadium turf, but the matches beyond October 15 are still TBC.

One match in particular, a game against the champions Manchester City, is due to be played on the same day as a pre-booked NFL match at Wembley.

If Spurs’ stadium isn’t ready by the end of October, Tottenham could be forced to find a third home ground for the season, as efforts to reverse or reschedule have been rebuffed by the Premier League.

The latest development sees an online recruitment agency advertising for ten electricians to work on the new site for the next three months, which would take Spurs over the October deadline.

Mauricio Pochettino has ruled out the search for a third stadium, implying that any and every measure will be carried out to ensure a game at Wembley if necessary.

“If our stadium is not ready we need to find a way to play at Wembley because three stadiums in one season would be too much.

“Maybe the day after the NFL game the pitch is not in the best condition. But we need to make the effort and try to play in the end because maybe to find another date would be difficult.

“We all feel disappointed with the announcement from the club this week. I feel so sorry for myself, first of all, for players, fans, everyone.

“I feel sorry for the chairman [Daniel Levy]. He tried with everyone to arrive on time, he made a massive effort, I feel it every day.”

Where Tottenham will be playing each game this season remains to be seen, but what’s sure is that the new stadium won’t be finished for a while.

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  1. “Maybe the day after the NFL game the pitch is not in the best condition.”

    Really? And why we have retractable pitch? It should be perfect the next day! Strange comment by Poch.

  2. I thought the league did NOT allow yet another “home” field during a season?

    I saw Guardiola’s statement about not wanting to play 4 of the last 5 games away for City.

    Who is the final arbiter of this “situation”? Can the PL force City to play the game, that is in dispute for the location, in their stadium?


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